WhatsApp Brings The New Feature Stickers Sending


Similar chatting platforms have long given this features to their users and finally, WhatsApp has come up with the same. Frankly, WhatsApp is little late in rolling out this feature to its users but at least now the facilitating feature has finally come. They are just like the other messaging and chatting applications.You can send these cartoons and expressions stickers to your friends and can have lots and lots of fun.The only drawback that these stickers have is that they are not animated. Other social media and chatting platforms have the stickers which are animated and so they are more interesting. People were expecting this from WhatsApp as well.

WhatsApp Brings The New Feature Stickers Sending
WhatsApp Brings The New Feature Stickers Sending

Accessing these stickers is simple and easy. Just tap the emoji button (which is used to use the normal
emoji ) and you will get an option of stickers besides the GIFs and emoji. You will also see single pack
appearing which WhatsApp will show to display what is available on the store in the realm. From here,
you can download new stickers. If you want to use some stickers more than the other, there is an option of adding it to your favorites. Long press that particular emoji and you will be able to get that option of adding it to the favorites. Also, if you wish to get rid of any emoji, there is a delete option which you can get from my stickers tab.

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At the bottom of this very store, you will get an option saying ‘’Get More Stickers’’. At the contemporary time, there is no third party app that has collaborated with WhatsApp to bring more stickers. But there is a possibility this option would also be available in coming days and more variety of stickers would be available.


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