Google’s New Feature Is Enchanting For Kids

Google’s New Feature Is Enchanting For Kids

Little kids can now feel the magic which children of older generations felt when technology was not so prevalent. Google assistant has now added little golden story books and this is going the change the storytelling experience in a magical way. When Google introduced these books, it was well received as it was offering the stories to kids which this generation’s children had forgotten. One just needs to read out aloud and the sound effects will follow. The only thing to keep in mind is that the voice should be loud enough for Google to recognize it. Just say ‘High Google, read along Disney Stories’ and you will give your child the best experience which is a result the improved technology. We are sure that these musics and sound effects will make your child feel ecstatic. moreover , there is no great effort required to give this exciting experience to the children.

Google Enchanting For Kids
Google Enchanting For Kids

The most interesting part is that even if you pause while reading the stories, the music will not stop in a sudden manner. It will continue and this will keep the aura of the story intact in your child’s mind.  This feature is made with a technology that will be able to track where you are reading. Therefore, there is no room for skipping the part from the story.  With this feature, there is no chance of you skipping any part of the story even by mistake.

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Some of the stories that are available with this features are Micky’s Christmas Carol,  Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and many more. Kelsey Gliva, product marketing manager at Google said that Google always wants to make the routine life of the families better and hopefully this feature will help to do so.

Source: Verge


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