There Could Be A Subscription Service By Google For Apps

Subscription Service By Google For Apps

Microsoft has a subscription service which facilitates its users to get access to the games that Microsoft offers. This service is called ‘Game Pass’. Now there is a possibility that Google also might come with a similar subscription service for its users. But it is not for games, this service is going to be for accessing apps on Google present on the play store. There will be some monthly charge that would be associated with this facility that Google is providing. Moreover, there is a possibility that one can access apps which are worth hundreds of dollars. This clearly indicates that this offer by Google is not going to be a raw deal. Moreover, the rumored name of this service has come up as ‘Play Paas‘ in the public domain.

Subscription Service By Google For Apps
Subscription Service By Google For Apps

The news or rumored news which is doing the rounds on the internet and on various social media platforms about this app service is not yet confirmed. When this service is coming and even it is coming or not is not yet finalized. So, users should not be too excited about it. We have got all the information about this services from reliable sites and sources who have themselves clearly mentioned that there is no solid proof that this service will go on floors.

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Moreover, what all one would be able to access using this service is also not yet confirmed. There could be a collection of games, apps and any other things. Most probably, it will give an advantage to people as it will allow users to access to premium games and apps as well. This service will be a cost-saving deal because one does not have to spend a lot of money to buy a single app. With subscription fees, one can get many premium apps and that too without paying for each and every app.


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