Global Contest By Google To Develop Artificial Intelligence

Global Contest By Google To Develop Artificial Intelligence

A competition is being launched by Google to support the fool-proof development of Artificial Intelligence.  The competition is of the global level and is called Artificial Intelligence Impact Challenge.  This is organized by Google’s own charitable arm called  Google is looking forward to emboldening the Artificial Intelligence to the non-profits organizations, universities and other similar platforms that are non-corporate and do not rank under the corporate and profit-driven realm of the silicon valley. It will inform these organizations and have allocated funds of 25  million dollars, to change the best ideas into practical work forms.  Google will also be bestowing cloud resources for the projects. The grantees will be announced next year at Google’s i/O developer conference.

Developer Conference
Developer Conference

The best minds for Google will be fully capable of solving the troubles related to environmental science, wildlife conservation, and health sectors.  This very Artificial Intelligence is presently helping Google to, locate the locations of whales.  This helps them to manage the wildlife threats.  This will also help to reduce the forest fires and floods, as said by the company.

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The company has taken a pledge and has said that it will always use this Artificial Intelligence development will always swear by some ethical principles which in any way will not be avoided. Also, Google went on to say that no weaponry will be build using Artificial intelligence.  The widely accepted norms will not be violated under this project and will also remain under the boundaries of ‘’widely accepted principles of international law and human rights’’.  The company has proclaimed that all its projects in the Artificial  Intelligence will focus only and only on to gain social benefits. Let us see what future development would be done using this Google’s initiative.


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