Apple’s Price Hike Strategy Is Paying Off

Apple’s Price Hike Strategy Is Paying Off

Apple ended its fourth fiscal quarter its smartphones division with a 29 percent increase. It met its
overall revenue with target $62.9 billion and more than the $ 52.5 billion in this quarter year. The fourth
quarter of Apple’s is ended in September, it means it only represented the first weeks of the launch of
new iPhone XS MAX and iPhone XS.

The one of the trillion dollar company introduced with its first smartphone for its initial price of $1,000
in 2017 with iPhone tenth anniversary, and the company continued its trend of very expensive phone in
this year like iPhone XR at $749, iPhone XS at $999, and iPhone XR Max at $1099. IPhone SE may be
cheaper than $399 after the announcement from the company.

Above Video Source:  Wall Street Journal

The Apple’s services division, which does include AppleCare, Apple Music and iCloud reached historic
revenue of $10 billion. The Ipads from Apple sales probably went down compared the last quarter
before in this week’s speech opening. Apart from this, the sales of MAC recorded with a unit of increase
with 42 percent after its new MacBook was announced in July.

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Now with Apple’s latest hardware has been announced in this week that it the high expensive price in
the market yet. The new sensible keyboards begin at $179. The traffics by the Trump administration will
make Apple merchandise together with Airports, Chargers, Apple watchers, iPods are more costly. The
company of Apple is now naturally forecasting a solid quarter holiday ahead, with the revenue of first
quarter it can be expected to be between $89 billion to $ 93 thousand million, as compared to $88.3
billion at this time from last year.


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