Neighborly Local App By Google To Be Launched Soon In India

Google which is the biggest search engine has helped many of the users to get into the internet and thoroughly search through the users. The app has more than 1.5 million downloads already which is popular in some areas of Mumbai along with Jaipur, Vizag, Mysore, and Kochi.

With Human Interception Google Comes For The Neighborhood Friendly:

According to Ben Fohner, senior product manager with the Next Billion Users, he stated that the next generation people will love this app to find out various products and services through the information given by Google.

Since, India is one of the countries with religious fervor with people going for the celebration which can be either through the Janmashtami celebration or through RamNavmi where the procession takes place and people forget to get the route clear notice through the various diversion and route clear signals can be found by the app which is technological in every possible manner.

Neighborly Local App By Google
Neighborly Local App By Google (Image Source: Neighbourly)

The country is with the name of two popular cities which are the Delhi and Bangalore with the traffic updates along with the metro construction chaos to be justified through the app as it gives the real routes about clearance through traffic snarls.

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So, the neighborly app can be said one of the best in terms of research along with the testing and launching with keeping expansion and if it gets successful in India as it gets along then it can be launched in other countries as well.

Hopefully, Google has always stood over and above the expectation and with this feature based app it may again stand ahead of the competition!


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