Google Testing News Results With No Snippets

Google Testing News Results With No Snippets

Snippets became a popular part of Google search engine lately. Google always tries something or the other to make things easier and more enjoyable for its users. There are several sister sites of Google available in the market that do not make any revenue at the end of the day. These sites houses lots of information and pieces of data in them. But in return, they do not get anything. So, the core team is trying out something new to make these parts wisely used and to earn at least some revenue from every sister company of Google.

The snippet is a piece of news or information shared about anything you were searching on the internet. Suppose you are searching for today’s weather and how the upcoming weather of the month will be in your locality. Now you will find a snippet at the beginning of the page that briefly describes what you are looking for. This will either solve your query and if not, you will click on the link and you are going to get the information from the website itself. This is an amazing feature and this will save a huge time of the person that is searching the information on the internet.

Current News result
Current News result

So who would be chosen as the top one on the search list and get a chance to be shown on this snippet thing? Well, the procedure is still unknown. But the most probable one and the most deserving one would be the top scorer on the SEO chart. SEO or the search engine optimization is a great thing. This SEO thing helps a website to reach its actual position. That means if you produce good content, you will be shown at the top position and if not, you are not going to get featured anyhow! So the website makers run to the SEO content writers to produce useful articles for their websites.

How to Get Your Website Ranked in Google News (Video Source: Neil Patel)

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When someone spends some time searching for a piece of information, he must get the correct information in a brief manner. The SEO contents are filled with useful information, bullet points showing what exactly the person is looking for. So search engines decide to upgrade those contents that are full of information and are reliable at the same time. These contents get a chance to be featured on the snippet list. This will give a wonderful business to the website and of course, help people finding what exactly they are looking for.

When the snippet thing was published for the first time, people got very much interested and it was very helpful. But Google suddenly terminated this thing and now nothing is showing at the snippet part. So the normal, old version of Google is back in form. The officials from Google end said that they run tests and trials every now and then and this snippet thing was also a part of these types of trials. They found out what they were looking for and they will do what is helpful for their users.

Results With No Snippets
Results With No Snippets

Google did one more thing. If the snippet carries the URL of the website, it started dropping the website from the search result. No matter how correct the information is on the website and no matter how effective the website is, they will drop it from the search engine results and not only from the first page; the website will vanish from the first 10 search pages. This is a huge thing and can make huge changes at the same time! Google is doing this purposely as these websites are doing regular business using Google platforms and on the other hand, Google itself is not earning or may be earning the least amount of revenue from most of the sister platforms.

Initially, techies thought that it was a bug and Google got attacked by some unwanted virus or something. But lately, Google published a statement where the company clearly depicted that they were running trials and they were satisfied with the results. Now the core team will decide what they want to do with the website and what kind of changes will be made is also something they’ll decide. So unless they publish another statement, nothing can be predicted or said about what exactly is going to happen with the news snippets.


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