Youtube Bans Dangerous Challenges And Pranks

Bird Box

Youngsters spend most of their days on social media sites and hence they get attracted to different online pranks and challenges. Fulfilling these challenges will help them getting popular among their friends. Though it sounds fun and adds an extra kick, this is not at all safe for the kids! Hence Youtube has decided to ban on such challenges and pranks. No matter how exciting and wonderful the challenge is, if it ignites the safety of the children, the social media boards will not approve it. Hence the Youtube has decided to ban all of the pranks that fall into this category.

Very recent a popular movie has inspired people starting a new challenge The “Birdbox challenge”. Here the app maker will ask people to get blindfolded and will give them new challenges to fulfill. Once the challenge is fulfilled, the person will get added points that can be calculated in the next round. In the very next round, the maker will give another set of challenge to the person. In this way, the whole thing progresses and thus youngsters love this thing. It involves children in different dangerous stuff and hence the whole thing is not approved by Youtube.

They give untimely challenges. Suppose you are driving and at the same time they are sending you challenges. You have to complete the challenge within some time. No matter how tough the condition you are in, you have to complete the challenge. So the expected thing can happen at any point! Accidents can happen and you cannot save yourself from this thing. In USA every day lots of accidents take place due to these online pranks. Children are given licenses at an early age and hence these accidents happen with the children in the first place.

Netflix tweet on bird box
Netflix Tweet On Bird Box

Children are always targeted the most in such cases. Actually, children are easily gullible. The thinking and analytical ability of children are less than others and hence they are easily targeted. If these pranks are given to an adult, they can analyze the whole thing at the very first place. They will never fall for the pranks and hence they will never go for such games. For this reason, such apps and games target children at the very first place. Lots of children every year die due to such reasons. Children are targeted and hence all such pranks are banned.

Bird Box | Official Trailer [HD] (Video Source: Netflix

These pranks can be dangerous and sometimes can be fatal too! Lots of reports have lodged that say children tried cruel pranks after getting online challenges. In the USA most of the children feel they need to get promoted in the eyes of their friends and hence they try some tough things without thinking about the results. Parents have to face the results of these challenges and hence they report the same to the police stations of their locality. As a result, Youtube has decided that they wont allow people to put such grieves on the internet. No matter how silly the thing looks, if it contains any type of material that can harm the children, that wont get published on this social media platform.

Bird Box Challenge (Video Source: Adam Saleh Vlogs )

In most of the times, it is not clear that these pranks are for real or they are made up. Everything in todays world depends on the number of likes and views. People spend hours on the internet and hence they watch different types of videos. Such videos sometimes show things that cannot be real anyhow. But they show it in such a way that you feel that it should be real. Youtube has decided to give a two month grace period to the creators and people that upload such thing. The viewers can report the content at any time. If Youtube finds out that this particular prank is harmful and after the grace period it is not removed, they will delete it on their own and the channel where this was uploaded will get banned for a particular period of time.

A new set of community guidelines are out for the creators. Anyone who is new in the field can go out for these guidelines. Before you step out and upload your work on the Youtube platform you have to know the rules. So if you are ready with a prank to upload, watch out for the guidelines.


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