Tech Trends That Took Over CSE 2019

Tech Trends That Took Over CSE 2019

CES was formerly the acronym for Consumer Electronics Show and now has been changed to CES as the official name. Every year, CES is the world’s gathering place for the tech-followers and stakeholders directly involved in technology. This year, International CES began on 8 thJanuary (Tuesday) till 12 January (Saturday). The top trends that dominated CES 2019 are as follows:

1) Augmented Analytics

Augmented analytics is an automated algorithm that is used by data scientists for hypothesis testing. Augmented Analytics has helped prepare, analyse and manage large groups of data for research purposes. It basically identifies hidden patterns in data and also helps removing any personal biases found in the data. This will be of great help for companies and their research. Augmented Analytics can help companies remove the personal biases in the data which gets embedded unintentionally by them during data collection. This helps reducing skewing data and therefore gives better and more accurate results during data analysis.

2) Blockchain

Blockchain as a technological advancement and idea is gaining a lot of importance in today’s world. Blockchain has proved to be useful in several fields like financial markets, health sector, data security, etc. Tracing transactions and data becomes easy with the help of Blockchain technology. It also proves to be irreversible since it is coded and at the same time, protects the data from destruction. It provides for a decentralised method of data handling, yet also having a centralised control mechanism. This trend, along with using cryptocurrency is also a trend that is expected to dominate 2019.

Best of CES 2019: Top Tech Tour (Video Source: Danny Winget)

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3) Artificial Intelligence Driven Development

Scientists are focusing on embedding AI into different technologies and tools that can be used to reduce human effort. CES 2019 saw ideas budding regarding AI infrastructure, AI frameworks and different ideas for AI platforms. Automated coding is also being worked on to invent AI driven tools.

CES 2019 Samsung Press Conference Highlight (Video Source:  Samsung Newsroom)

4) Autonomous Vehicles/Technology

Autonomous things and vehicles that run or work without human intervention are all the rage in todays world. After the introduction of Tesla cars, more research and development by several companies and groups have gone into understanding the dynamics and rubrics of autonomous vehicles/technology. The main types of devices that run using this technology are:

  1. Robots
  2. Drones
  3. Vehicles
  4. Agents
  5. Appliances

Using this technology can be of great help for the defence industry since these devices can be used in any kind of environment, land, sky, waters and digital.

5) Cyber Security

Cyber Security has growing awareness in our world today. With increased activities relating to cyber terrorism, CES 2019 saw the upsurge of ideas relating to the same. Inculcation of ideas like Blockchain to enhance cyber security is something that we can expect to happen in 2019.

Our lives are fast adapting to the technology that gets upgraded around us. The main objective of technology in today’s world is to reduce human intervention as much as possible, drastically reducing the amount of work that humans do. This being a boon or a bane is a debate of its own kind. One thing is for sure, the prospects for advancements in the field of technology are very optimistic.


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