ACT Broadband Bangalore Review

ACT Broadband Review

Internet access is actually the ability of connecting individuals and organisations to connect to the internet just by using the computer terminals, computers and other devices. And finding the proper internet provider is not an easy job. Especially, when you are in a city like Bangalore, though the choosing of mobile service provider was easy but one will thus find it difficult when it comes to choose a proper internet service provider.

Choosing an ISP in Bangalore

There are numerous options available to choose from when it comes to choosing the proper internet service provider in Bangalore. It is from wireless dongle to wired broadband. Even in between these also one will find different other service provider names that are Hath way or Airtel or YOU Broadband or ACT Broadband or we may say Tikona. Broadband services are distributed area wise in Bangalore. Not all service providers provide the internet in every part of Bangalore. If on one area Airtel Broadband is running then on the other area You Broadband or we may say ACT or Tikona is running. So after seeing all other chart rates and all, we decided for the installation ACT Broadband in our place. Almost within 24 hours of requesting for a new connection, the ACT Broadband sales person to collect the details and necessary documents.

Just beware while filling the ACT forms as sometimes the sales person asks for some personal details or documents. And it was not really sceptical as no other inter service provider (ISP) has ever collected PAN card, AADHAR Card details. After questioning them for many times, they kept on saying that this is just some new rules and regulations which was decided by this operator. Later on, we came to learn that they used these details just to use it against the defaulters. On the other hand, ACT Broadband modems are quiet expensive and costs much more than the modems of other brands of ISPs available in the market. The average cost of ACT Wifi modem is around 2000/-

Speed Details Of ACT Broadband

As per our knowledge, ACT Broadband has a very nice assortment of plans to choose from and have caters to choose any types of usage as per requirement. It provides us with a numerous plans and offers such as unlimited internet plan, ACT swift, ACT Rapid Plus, ACT blaze, , ACT Lightning, ACT Storm, ACT Incredible etc, which therefore provide us with different tariff plans such as Rs. 685, Rs. 959, Rs. 1059, Rs. 1159, Rs. 1399, Rs. 1999 and along with different speeds i.e. 15 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 75 Mbps, 75 Mbps, 125 Mbps etc. Depending on the area, the speed of the internet service provider varies very much as if one area one will experience a good speed whereas one will witness very less speed in the other area. So eventually it is very much dependant on the basis of the area.

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ACT Broadband Plans In Bangalore

Issues Of ACT BroadbandOne of the major issues with this is its connectivity and speed because sometimes one has to face unannounced and unceremoniously blackouts for a couple of minutes. Sudden blackouts sometimes can therefore cause stress and sometimes leads to some amount of frustration. Though it is sometimes an isolated issue, it is sometimes very much frustrating to deal with. ACT is, therefore, can be explained as one of the worst when it comes to customer services. Because if they say that they need to raise a ticket, then slowly one would lose all their hope. And if accidentally they say that our technician will reach you in 24 hours then that means that no one will ever contact you in that case. So in this case the best way is to take the direct contact of the technician. Though they also respond very poorly at least once in a while, they pick up your call and therefore help you in resolving the issue.

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Apart from these things, ACT was good. Even the ACT Broadband recently has launched some new plans for the home users in Bangalore which gives with a speed like 80Mbps. So, it is very much important to take a provider with better services. This is just because things will thus go down and one will face various issues and at that time one will feel like crunching their head into the ground. So it is better to choose the right ISP provider rather choosing the ACT Broadband services.

Plan NamePlan PriceInternet SpeedMonthly DataExtra DataPost FUP Speed
ACT SwiftRs. 68515  Mbps100 GB512 Kbps
ACT Rapid PlusRs. 95950  Mbps240 GB1500 GB512 Kbps
ACT BlazeRs. 105975  Mbps320 GB1500 GB512 Kbps
ACT StormRs. 1159100  Mbps400 GB1500 GB1 Mbps
ACT LightningRs. 1399125  Mbps550 GB1500 GB1 Mbps
ACT IncredibleRs. 1999150  Mbps875 GB1500 GB1 Mbps
ACT EssentialRs. 2999150  Mbps1200 GB1500 GB2 Mbps
ACT AdvanceRs. 3999150  Mbps1650 GB1500 GB2 Mbps
ACT ProgressRs. 4999150  Mbps2200 GB1500 GB2 Mbps
ACT GIGARs. 59991  Gbps2500 GB1 Mbps

Act Netflix Plan Bangalore :

  • Subscribe to any ACT Entertainment plan from the below table
  • Once activated, sign up for Netflix via ACT by clicking here
  • Enjoy the best of entertainment on an incredible network and get up to Rs 350 cashback
Act Netflix Plan Bangalore
Act Netflix Plan Bangalore

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7 Comments on “ACT Broadband Bangalore Review”

  1. (1/5)

    EXTREMELY BAD SERVICE. I took a connection which was activated last Sat. it did not work properly even for 1 day. Very slow speed. I took a connection of 100mbps but getting 7 mbps. frequest disconnection and no service. The technician who came here (Anil) is extremely rude. he came last Monday and could not fix it. He said Tues is his weekly off . he will come today at 12 pm. when I called his today he said he can’t come now. he can come only in the evening after 5 30 or 6. I have to take leave from my office and wait for him. PATHETIC SERVICE. DON’T SIGN UP FOR ACT.

  2. (1/5)

    Worst customer support team : -I never seen this much irresponsible customer support. My internet is down almost 4 days. now they are saying, not able to solve the issue better to disconnect.If we are calling customer care, it will take 10 to 15 Min to contact them even it is connected, they will not give a proper resolution and way of speaking also very arrogant.

  3. (1/5)

    Extremely worst service. Net is not working since 5 days. We have complaint 8 times, since 5 days. My daughter has online exam. She is not able to write the exam. There no response form Act team.

  4. (1/5)

    Hello all, please be careful before making any payment to the sales executive. he confidently says it is feasible to provide service and takes the payment.later on he realizes that there is no feasibility. To get back your money from ACT is a big pain. They have not made by payment even after 1 has happened to one more person in my building… not trust till you are sure that there’s network in your place

  5. (1/5)

    Worst customer service .Call is put and hold for more than 12 mins n even if we are on hold call Gets disconnected .and it’s 8days since I booked the connection but haven’t got it yet even after paying the full amount for 3 months. Worst broadband ever.

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