Steps To Activate Callertune/ Deactivate Calletune/ Set Hellotune in Airtel

Steps To Activate Callertune/ Deactivate Calletune/ Set Hellotune in Airtel

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Activate CallerTune according to your mood in Airtel:

CallerTune can be referred to as a welcome tune for the people calling you. It can be very entertaining for the people calling you. Callertune specifically can define your current mood or status.

But it is very necessary to know that this service is not free. This service is chargeable which you have to get by loosening your pockets. There are some data plans which give away free caller tune for one month. For example, there is a data pack for 549 Rupees which gives you to use any CallerTune for one month. There are various ways for activating CallerTune on your mobile number. Different ways are noted below:

Activate CallerTune on Phone number using USSD Code:

Here the first type is by using USSD Code so the USSD Code for Airtel is *678#. When you will Dial *678# from your mobile keypad, A popup message will be displayed on your mobile screen. You just enter the option, which you are searching for and tap the send button.

  • If you are there to search hello tune enter “4” and then press the send button.
  • If you are there to search Nametune enter “5” and press send button.
  • If you are searching for “MORE” options, then enter “0” and Tap on the Send button.

In Short:  “Dail USSD code *678# and follow the steps one by one”

Activate CallerTune on Phone number by calling:

Here, you can also update or activate your caller tune by calling Call Airtel number 543211. It is important to know that it is not a toll-free number. It is also important to know that you should listen clearly to the instructions given (IVR Voice call). Give input as per their instructions like

Language in which you are looking for Hellotune.

  •  Movie Name
  • Music Album Name
  • Artist Name

You can also call on Airtel hellotune phone number: 543215

In Short: “Dial 543211 and follow the steps “

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Activate CallerTune on your phone number by visiting Airtel Web portal: (Steps to follow)

select your hellotune
Select your hellotune
  • Step 3) Enter your mobile number
Enter mobile number
Enter mobile number
  • Step4 ) Click on below mentioned link to activate Callertune (Airtel hello tune)
Click below to activate caller tune
Click below to activate caller tune

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How to Deactivate HelloTune on your mobile number:

There are also various ways to deactivate your caller tune or discontinue it.

Deactivating your HelloTune by SMS:

  • You can also deactivate your Airtel Callertune by sending an SMS to 543211. You have to SMS the word “STOP”.

In Short: SMS “STOP” to 543211

Deactivating your HelloTune by call:

  • You can deactivate your HelloTune by calling too. You can call on Cancel Airtel HelloTune service that is 543211808.

In Short: “Call  543211808 and follow steps”

Deactivating your HelloTune using USSD Code:

  • Anyone can easily discontinue or deactivate your airtel hellotune using USSD Code. You just have to dial *678# to cancel your hellotune.

In Short: “Dail *678# and follow steps”

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Subscription Price:

As it is noted above this service is not free and the amount will be deducted from your personal account. So below the price info is given which will help you select the caller tune package according to your compatibility and budget.

  • One time Tune Fee: Rs 15 for 90 Days
  • Monthly Subscription Fee is Rs 30
  • They will charge you 3.Rs during the call as this service is not free that is this service is premium.


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