AirTag Not Reachable Error: Reliable & Easy Troubleshooting Fixes

AirTag Not Reachable Error

The AirTag was introduced by Apple in April 2021. Apple launched AirTag, as an attempt to help people track their essential items but sometimes it shows an error. The error message AirTag Not Reachable appears when your iPhone or iPad is unable to connect to your AirTag device. You might be concerned as to why your AirTag is not reachable while attempting to locate your item using the AirTag. There are many causes for the error AirTag Not Reachable, but some of the more frequent ones are moving out of range, compatibility concerns with your device, the AirTag having a low or dead battery, and attempting to play music through the AirTag. In this article, issues related to the error Airtag not reachable are outlined along with methodological solutions for the assistance of Apple users.

AirTag Not Reachable Error: Reliable & Easy Troubleshooting Fixes

Why Does The Error AirTag Not Reachable Occur?

When you attempt to connect to the AirTag item, a notification that reads ‘AirTag Not Reachable Move Around To Connect’ appears in the Find My App. There are many reasons behind this error, but since Bluetooth cannot connect to the Apple AirTag, connectivity serves as the major issue. When you’re outside the AirTag’s Bluetooth range, it either gets disconnected or there is a compatibility issue while caching with the iPhone, Apple ID, etc. AirTag connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth; if you move the AirTag further away, it will disconnect. You need to move the device around to fix the problem and wait for your phone to reconnect to the AirTag.

Major Reasons Behind AirTag Not Reachable Error

An important point to note is that technological giant Apple has not released any official statement confirming the precise Bluetooth range of the popular tracking device AirTag. Subsequently, each AirTag comes with Bluetooth 5.0, which means AirTag can track an object within a range of 800 feet, according to AirTag specifications. Listed below are major reasons why your AirTag is not connecting with your Apple devices:

  • The Bluetooth settings might not have been activated
  • Two-Factor Authentication is not enabled on your device
  • The batteries in your AirTag are exhausted
  • If your iOS version is lower than iOS 14, you won’t be able to connect to AirTag
  • AirTag might have been physically damaged

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How To Fix Error AirTag Not Reachable?

Bring Your AirTag Close To Your iPhone’s Bluetooth Proximity

When you exceed the AirTag’s Bluetooth range, the error message ‘AirTag Not Reachable’ appears on your iPhone. Your phone will disconnect from an AirTag if you attach one to your item and walk more than 800 feet away from it. To reconnect to the AirTag and find your essential things, move your device into Bluetooth’s proximity. Even when you are within Bluetooth range of your AirTags, the error may occasionally still appear. This might happen if you try to use your AirTag to connect to an incompatible device, if it runs out of battery, or if you try to play music through it.

Monitor AirTag’s Battery Level

The AirTag contains a battery that can be changed and has a lifespan of more than a year. The possibility of a new AirTag’s battery running out is remote. However, you should see if your iPhone’s battery is the reason behind your AirTag not being reachable. To ensure this is not the case, you should check AirTag’s battery level. To verify the battery’s condition, adhere to the instructions below:

  • Step 1: In your iPhone, open the FindMy application
  • Step 2: Then select the ‘Items’ tab
  • Step 3: To check the battery on the ‘AirTag device’ click on it. The state of the battery will appear directly beneath the name of the AirTag. You should get the same battery changed from a nearby Apple Store if the battery is dead.

Remove & Reconnect To AirTag From Your Apple ID

When you click the AirTag on your iPhone, it gets added to the Apple ID in your iCloud account. As a result, if the AirTag is the problem, you should delete it from the Apple ID and then attempt to reconnect it. Here is how to go about it:

  • Step 1: Go to the ‘Items’ tab on your iPhone’s FindMy app
  • Step 2: To view its settings, choose the ‘AirTag device’
  • Step 3: Choose ‘Remove the item’ by selecting the final option on this list. A notification will appear requesting your consent to delete the device from your Apple ID
  • Step 4: To remove the AirTag from your iPhone, click on the ‘Remove’ option.
  • Step 5: The next step is to reconnect the AirTag after removing it. As a result, when you bring the AirTag close to your iPhone, a pop-up message will ask for your approval to connect the device.
  • Step 6: Select the ‘Connect’ option. Give the AirTag a ‘Name’ Your AirTag will then be successfully connected, resolving the problem.

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Relaunch Find My App

Running FindMyApp in the background for an extended period on your iPhone can also have an adverse effect on connectivity. In this case, you have to restart FindMyApp by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Step 1: Swipe your iPhone’s screen upwards from the bottom and hold it there
  • Step 2: All the open apps will now be silently operating in the background
  • Step 3: To close each app, swipe it up. Continue doing this until you locate FindMy app, and be sure to close it as well. Now return to FindMy and reopen it after all the apps have been closed. The error AirTag is not Reachable will be resolved, and you will be able to use it on your iPhone.

Reset The Network Settings

Your iPhone’s network problems are the main reason for AirTag Not Reachable error; move around to reach your device. In these situations, turning off and turning on Bluetooth, Mobile Data, and WiFi on your iPhone will help you start fixing problems. The next action is to reset the iPhone’s network settings if the error persists even after doing this. You must take the following steps to reset the iPhone’s network settings:

  • Step 1: Go to your iPhone’s ‘Settings’
  • Step 2: Then scroll down and choose the ‘General’ option
  • Step 3: Click ‘Reset’ and choose ‘Reset Network Settings’
  • Step 4: On this screen, click ‘Reset Network Settings’ once more after entering your iPhone’s passcode. Your iPhone’s network settings will reset as the final result. So, if your phone’s network settings cause the AirTag connectivity issue, this solution will surely fix it.

Hard Reset For AirTag

  • Step 1: Press the area to do a factory reset on the AirTag’s steel side.
  • Step 2: Start twisting the steel cover anticlockwise after applying pressure to the area. It should be carried out up until the point when it can no longer be rotated.
  • Step 3: You can remove the steel cover and separate it from the upper white side once you reach the end.
  • Step 4: Remove the steel cover, remove the battery from the gadget, and replace it. Once the AirTag device makes a sound, release the battery. You must then repeat this process four more times. And keep in mind that the AirTag must always make a sound. You can then reattach the steel cover once this is finished. To lock the AirTag, now rotate the steel side of the device.

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Most AirTag failures are caused due to Bluetooth connectivity issues; either the AirTag is out of range during pairing, or there is a cache difficulty with the iPhone, Apple ID, etc. The solutions to the error can vary depending on what caused the AirTag Not Reachable error. You can try restarting your Apple iPhone or iPad, monitoring the AirTag’s battery level or disconnecting and reconnecting the AirTag. Hence, we bring you an article expressing various techniques to fix the error AirTag Not Reachable error seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) What is the lost mode on AirTag?

Ans: To find the lost item, go into lost mode. AirTags are essentially Bluetooth trackers. Once lost mode is on, any contact with the tracker, even from other devices, will be reported to the Apple products network, assisting in recovering the lost item.

Q) How can you stop an Apple AirTag from being used to monitor you?

Ans: Apple has robust privacy features to protect its users from being monitored. An AirTag will notify you so that you may find out if it has been separated from its owner for a predetermined time.

Q) Do you need internet access to connect to AirTag?

Ans: It works with Bluetooth, but you need internet access in your phone to communicate with the Find My iPhone application. Without it, you would not be able to get locations and hence will not be able to use AirTags effectively.

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