Key To Abbreviation: ARD Meaning In Text

Key To Abbreviation: ARD Meaning In Text
Key To Abbreviation: ARD Meaning In Text

The abbreviation ‘ARD’ is not used much nowadays. If you have encountered this abbreviation for the first time and are unaware of the ‘ARD meaning in text’, we are here to explain its meaning in a detailed manner along with its origination. Not only this, but we will also discuss where you can use ‘ARD’ in text and where you can’t. We generally use this term while texting someone or in any other way while communicating electronically. The abbreviation ARD means ‘Alright’ or ‘aight’. It signifies that the other person is agreeing with the conditions said by you.

Origination Of ARD

The abbreviation ARD was first used in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the year 2008, a city youth used it for conveying the message of Alright. In the year 2010, this abbreviation gained popularity on a national level on every social site.

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Meaning Of ARD In Text

In the list of the most common abbreviations, ARD stands on the top. ARD is mostly used in day-to-day online conversation. ARD stands for ‘Alright’. There are other meanings of this abbreviation but the most popular and common meaning is Alright.

The medieval age was the beginning of the usage of ARD. The approach of using this abbreviation while conversing was not considered good at that time. The importance of abbreviations, therefore, faded gradually. But in the new era, it gained its popularity once again.

Texting is not an obsolete method of conversation. With the growth in the technology and evolution of time, chatting has taken the place of face-to-face conversation. The texting language is completely different from the speaking language. We can use abbreviations while texting but we don’t use them while conversing face-to-face.

ARD is used widely on social media platforms such as Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. If the other person is texting you ARD, that means he/she is contending your thoughts. If you are agreeing on something, you can also use this slang.

Is this the sole meaning of the abbreviation ARD? Of course not! It does indicate the sign of assurance or agreement. But at times, the other is not feeling comfortable sharing their thoughts with you. Maybe, they are afraid to share or they don’t want to disappoint you. That’s the reason why they are agreeing on your opinions.

To deal with such circumstances, you need to make efforts and ask them if they want to share their thoughts on the topic. If you’ll ask them, there are chances that they might open up and share their thoughts instead of replying ‘ARD’.

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ARD Examples

As we have discussed the meaning of ARD in detail, now we will be discussing a few examples where you can use ARD with ease and it will help you to find out how to use ARD while texting. Examples are:

  •  It’s ARD! You don’t need to say sorry.
  • ARD, I’m with your plan.
  • ARD! No more discussion, please.

When Should You Use ARD?

The other common question that is browsed by the user after ‘ARD meaning in text’ is when we can use ARD? Abbreviations do not come under any language category, therefore you can use them anywhere. There are a few places where the usage of ARD is wholeheartedly accepted. But at times, using  ARD in the wrong situations can put you into huge trouble. Just knowing the meaning of ARD is not enough, you should also know the correct places of its usage.

  • Usage no.1: Informal conversation – Abbreviations are most commonly used in Informal conversation. If you are having an informal talk with someone you know, then you can easily use this term while texting.
  • Usage no.2: For acknowledging someone’s statement – If you are agreeing on someone’s statement, then you can use the term ‘ARD’. It will make the other person believe that you are agreeing with their statements.

When Should You Not Use ARD?

  • If the other person, to whom you are texting is not interested in using abbreviations, we suggest not to use them when you are conversing with them. At times, it can become annoying for the other person. It will make them feel uncomfortable and can degrade your personality and impression in front of them.
  • If you are talking to a new friend, they are your elders, or you are into a professional discussion with your office mates or the head of the organization, then you should avoid using abbreviations.

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Now you are all set to use ARD while conversing via online mode. We hope that the detailed explanation of ARD meaning in the text has cleared out your doubts. Just remember the outcomes of its usage. Ensure that if you are using it, it’s not going against you. To save your time and effort while texting someone, you are free to use such abbreviations.

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