Beginner’s Guide on How to Play Pool Rummy: Best Tips & Tweaks

Beginner's Guide on How to Play Pool Rummy

Pool rummy is one of India’s most popular variations of rummy games. It is played between two and six players on the two-player table. Though the gameplay is quite similar to other rummy variations, it differs from others considering the winning calculations and rules. The two forms of pool rummy games you can play are 101 and 201.

Beginner's Guide on How to Play Pool Rummy: Best Tips & Tweaks

Are you planning to join the pool of rummy gamers on a platform? It is time you think of playing pool rummy games. And the best platform where you can pool rummy is GetMega.

Best Tips and Tweaks to Play Pool Rummy on GetMega

Players must join the table with a pre-decided amount of money. Next, each player brings the amount to the table. A toss will take place that determines the player who makes the very first move. Every player is dealt a random set of thirteen cards.

Note that the first card from the deck will be placed face-up during the game’s start. The other cards will be placed face-down. A joker will be chosen at the start of every game. The prime purpose of this game is to arrange 13 cards in hand into a set or sequence.

Each player needs to pick and discard cards during their turn from the closed or open deck to complete their set or sequence. Jokers are used as many times as players wish to create a set or sequence. Note that the printed joker may get used as the joker of the game. In such a circumstance, players can use ACE from any suit.

During the pool game, rummy gamers can choose to quit the game. All they need is to select the auto-drop option. Players get removed from the subsequent deals & get the drop score. If they wish to return to their table, they might tap on the option that mentions: I’m back!

Points achieved by a player when they quit will be added to the score after their return. In the rummy game, they get eliminated as soon as the player’s point reaches the maximum. A player might move the card to a finished slot to declare the sequence or set.

To declare, players need to group cards in sequences or sets. One needs to tap on the button that mentions: declare. Declaring a minimum of two sequences is mandatory, and one of them should be a pure sequence. Players must be cautious while using two decks, as the card can’t be used two times in one set.

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So, what’s the difference between 101 & 201 rummy games

Both 101 and 201 pool rummy games have a few similarities. In the 101 pool rummy, a player needs to accrue the maximum of 101 points. However, in 201 pool rummy, players need to acquire 101 points or less.

But when it comes to 201 pool games, players need to accrue around 201 points or even less. A gamer is eliminated from the game if they score 101 and later on removed from 201 rummy game if they reach 201 points.

Considering the penalty points, they get added to the score while they level pool rummy games. If the player leaves the game, a penalty of 20 points and 40 points drop, respectively. The first penalty in the 201 games is 25 points, while the middle drop penalty is 50 points.

Understanding the Rules of Poker Rummy Games

Here’s presenting the all-inclusive pool rummy rules:
  • The game is played between two and six players
  • It comes in several variations: 101, 201, & 61
  • It consists of two decks having 52 cards each alongside a printed joker
  • Challengers need to arrange their cards (13 in total) to form valid declarations, including sequences or sets
  • Note that valid declarations should possess a minimum of two sequences, and one of them should be a pure sequence
  • Valid declarations in pool rummy should have the pure sequence, and it’s a combination of three cards or more
  • These cards should have the same suit (consecutively)
  • Players can make an impure sequence using joker cards
  • The valid set will carry 3 or 4 cards with the same value but different suits. You may use joker cards that create sets
  • The first challenger who makes the declaration while keeping score points within limits will win the game

In short, 101 and 201 pool rummy are different. Their score points do not have the same value, and the drop points are also not similar to each other.

A Final Thought

So, are you planning to embark on an intuitive online rummy journey? It’s time to visit the GetMega and learn how to play pool rummy on the platform. Don’t worry; it is safe and secure in India. Also, the Supreme Court has declared these games as games of skill.

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