Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Calls: Causes & 8 Logical Solutions

Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Calls

Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Calls is an error that fluctuates the calling services on a smartphone. This could indicate minor or significant software or hardware issues in your device. This error eventually prevents you from calling & sometimes you don’t have access even to the internet. Facing such an irritating problem disturbs the person’s mood because, in today’s life everyone’s day-to-day activities revolve around using a smartphone, whether calling a friend, ordering food from a restaurant, or attending a conference call with office colleagues, etc.

Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Calls: Causes & 8 Logical Solutions

If you’re also one of those individuals who have faced this message or someone in your circle is facing it, then the solutions listed in this article will settle the cellular network not available for voice calls error in a few minutes. But before moving forward, let’s have a look at the causes of this error.

  • Excessively Terrible Network
  • Wrong Network Connection
  • Corrupted or Damaged Sim Card
  • Hardware or Software Faulty

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Switch Off & On The Device

Restarting a smartphone always is the primary solution to fix any error, whether it’s due to hardware or software malfunction. Here also, the problem is the same because the error cellular network not available for voice calls mostly happens when there’s congestion in your SIM card, network, or internal system. To get rid of this issue, turn off your smartphone using the power button and restart it after a while. Check if the network signals are visible in the status bar or not. If the network connectivity bars are full, then try calling someone & check if the error is fixed or not. In most cases, it works 100% for the users.

Deactivate Airplane Mode On Your Device

You may have turned on airplane mode by mistake and forgotten to turn it off. If you try to contact someone with this feature enabled on your device, then you’ll face the cellular network not available for voice calls error until you disable it. Implementing airplane mode prohibits all sorts of calls, sms and internet activities although WiFi still works. However, disabling this feature is extremely facile. You have to just scroll down the notifications panel and turn the airplane mode off. Nowadays, all smartphones embed such important features in the panel for easy user experience.

Perform Software Update

The evolution of smartphones has escalated a lot & these days, brands launch new software updates regularly to provide versatile & dynamic features to users. It’s said that once you receive a notification about the Software Update, immediately install it for accessing the newly launched features. However, if you’ve not updated it, then you’re mostly like to face the cellular network not available for voice calls error which is quite frustrating as you’ll be unable to make calls or send any text messages. For a quick fix, update your phone to the latest software & once it restarts, check if the problem has resolved or not.

  • Step 1: Connect your device (Android or iOS) to the charger if it’s not charged. Make sure the battery is above 50%, as software installation takes time, so your device should have enough battery capacity to function efficiently.
  • Step 2: Open Settings and locate About Phone or About Device from the System tab. This is generally similar for all types of smartphones.
  • Step 3: Here, search for the Software Update option and click on it. Proceed next by clicking on the ‘Check for updates’ option. Upgrade your device if there’s any recent update.

If nothing is displayed, then there are no recent updates, and the reason for this issue could be something else. Also, always remember the process for software update is the same, just the location differs in various devices.

Opt For Factory Reset

This method can completely eliminate cellular network errors but comes at the cost of removing all the data from your phone. So, take a complete data backup of all your contacts, photos, videos, and emails in a pen drive, laptop, desktop, or tablet & then only reset your device. Upon resetting the device, you’ll see that it functions more smoothly than before and has also fixed the issue. Certainly, an infected bug was constantly hindering your device’s network connectivity & lead to this issue. To perform the factory reset, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Open the Settings menu of your device
  • Step 2: Look for Backup & Reset > Factory Reset and tap on it to erase all the data from your device

There’s also an option to Reset Network Settings if you don’t want to opt for a factory reset. You can proceed with this solution, which would wipe off all the previous network data from your phone. Call someone and see if this method has shown good results or not.

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Purchase New Sim Card

When you move into another city, your network gets configurated to roaming, for which you have to pay additional charges. The R symbol is visible next to the network bar & it’s quite evident that you’ll face calling issues on changing locations, and your internet won’t work either. To avoid such unwanted circumstances, purchase a new SIM card from the local area and easily connect with your known ones. You can also purchase a new sim card or replace the sim tray if it’s damaged, even if you’re in the same city.

Permit Data Roaming

The cellular network is not available for voice calls hampers your network connectivity if you haven’t enabled the roaming ® feature on your device. Here’s the method to activate it:

  • Step 1: Choose Network & Internet from the Settings menu
  • Step 2: Click on the Mobile Network option to disclose all the network settings
  • Step 3: Toggle the Roaming option to the right, and then your cellular network will move into the roaming mode

Auto Choose Right Network Operator

Your device could have been connected to the wrong operator when you changed the city or inserted a new sim card. The network operator gets switched by default due to location changes or internal technical issues. Having an irrelevant network could be the prime reason you are encountering cellular network not available for voice calls issues hence get connected to the right network by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Click on the Settings icon & open it
  • Step 2: Proceed further by tapping on the Mobile Network option
  • Step 3: Choose your registered mobile number
  • Step 4: Click on the Operator option from the SIM info & settings option
  • Step 5: Toggle the Auto-Select button to the right, after which your SIM card will get connected to the appropriate network operator

Contact Your SIM Card Provider

When none of the above techniques work out for you, then chances are that your sim card is defective or got sabotaged accidentally. You’ll continue facing the cellular network not available for voice calls error if you don’t look out for the best solution to this problem. Ultimately, you must visit the SIM carrier from whom you purchased it and describe the issue. The network carrier will diagnose your SIM card and cross-check if the defect is occurring from the network operator’s side to provide you with reliable fixes. They’ll resolve this issue in your smartphone, but it might take a few minutes, hours, or days depending on the severity of the problem.

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We hope that all these solutions about the cellular network not available for voice calls error will surely benefit you if you’ve been struggling with poor network connectivity for a long time. Slight differences might be there in options available in the settings menu depending on the device configuration, but the fixes will be similar. Sort your network connection seamlessly with these solutions, and if you have additional queries about phone networks or some other topic, drop them in the comments section. Our team will surely revert to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) What kind of network operators are used these days?

Ans: GSM (Global System for Mobile Network), LTE (Long Term Evolution), CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) & WiMAX are some of the most popular network service providers.

Q) How does reinserting the sim card help resolve the cellular network error?

Ans: When you eject a sim card and its tray, you’ll see that huge dirt is deposited on it. The accumulation of this dirt on the sim card violates the network settings. Cleaning the sim card and tray with a soft fabric and reinserting it, is sometimes a rapid fix for this problem.

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