iPhone Icons Transition: How To Change Icons On iPhone

iPhone Icons Transition: How To Change Icons On iPhone

Do you want your iPhone to look different from others just like you by having its flair and style? If the answer is yes, then here we are to help you by making you learn how to change icons on your iPhone. It will let you personalize your iPhone by recreating the applications. It’s said that nothing is impossible in this world, in a similar way it is possible to recreate the icons on the iPhone by using the in-built application of the iPhone i.e. Shortcuts app. This feature will not let you replace the application icons, rather it will help you to make shortcuts to the app. Though the process is very tiresome, you’ll be impressed by the result because ultimately you’ll get a customized phone that you always wanted to have.

iPhone Icons Transition: How To Change Icons On iPhone

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Method To Change Icons On iPhone

  • Step 1: The device should have iOS 13 or more

To customize your phone, you need the Shortcuts application that is in-built into your iPhone but for only those whose iOS is 13 or higher. If you want to customize your iPhone into an aesthetic look by adding widgets and hiding the older applications, then you need an iPhone with iOS 14.

  • Step 2: Visit the ‘Shortcuts Application’

If you are using Shortcuts for the first time, it’s better to search for it by tapping on the search bar and typing the name for an easy search rather than looking out for it manually.

  • Step 3: Tap on the icon of ‘+’ present on the upper-right side

To make a new shortcut for the selective application for redesigning, you have to tap on the icon of ‘+’ so that you can add the first one.

  • Step 4: Select the ‘Add Action’ option 

On the next screen, you’ll see a blue button that says ‘Add Action’. You need to tap on it.

  • Step 5: Look out for ‘Open app’ option

You’ll see a few suggestions on the next screen that are based on the method of how you use your phone. There will be a search bar at the top of the screen, tap on it and enter ‘Open app’. Under ‘Action’ you’ll see the relevant results. Select the accurate one.

  • Step 6: Select the ‘Choose’ option

In this step, you’ll be selecting the applications that you want to recreate. You’ll get the library of the apps that are available on your device. Select those applications on which you want to experiment.

  • Step 7: After selecting the applications, select the button of ‘three dot’ present on the upper-right side of the screen

It will head you towards the settings of ‘Specific shortcuts’ to rename the shortcuts i.e. the application name and to select an image for the icon of the selected application.

  • Step 8: After renaming the shortcut, select the ‘Add to Home screen’ option

It will add the redesigned application to the home screen of your device. The older icon will not get replaced. Therefore, you have to hide the older one.

  • Step 9: Tap on the application icon present next to the renamed application for changing its image

You’ll see a pop-up that displays three options that are; choose photo, take a photo, and choose file. If you have already selected an image for the icon, select the option of ‘Choose Photo’ and reframe the image accordingly.

  • Step 10: Tap on the option of ‘Add’ present on the upper-right side of the screen

After tapping on the option of ‘Add’, exit from the Shortcuts. You’ll see the customized application on the home screen of your iPhone. There is no specific number for performing this. Do it as much as you want on any application that you want to recreate. After recreating the app if you are not satisfied with its look, you can delete it just by holding on to the application icon and choosing the option of ‘Delete bookmark’.

Whenever you’ll recreate any application, it won’t delete the original icon. You have to hide the older one manually. Whenever you’ll be using the redesigned application, you’ll see a banner at the top that says ‘activation of the shortcut you created’. It’s a little frustrating but not that noticeable as the earlier version where the Shortcuts application used to start first before the selection of the application.

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The way we try hard to be different and unique from others by building our personality, similarly our phones need a different look too. Here we have given you a detailed explanation of how to change icons on the iPhone to customize your phone according to your needs. Try it out and see the difference between the normal phone and your customized phone.

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