Deactivate Airtel Broadband Connection Permanently Or Temporary

Deactivate Airtel Broadband Connection

Bharti Airtel is known for its affordable recharge plans, sim replacement, hello tunes activation, broadband services, and much more. It’s one of the most popular telecom operators that not only understands what its target audience wants but also provides the quickest solution to them. In India, the maximum population uses Airtel Broadband Connection to surf the internet and make international communication.

Deactivate Airtel Broadband Connection Permanently Or Temporary

However, after a certain point of time, one might wish to deactivate Airtel Broadband Connection permanently and the reason can be uncertain. It could be possible that the user is leaving India and shifting to a new country, receiving a hefty broadband monthly bill, or switching to another broadband connection due to which they made this decision. If you’re someone who falls into the same category then follow this guide where we have described all the methods to deactivate Airtel Broadband Connection permanently or temporary in simple ways.

Deactivate Airtel Broadband Connection Permanently: 4 Separate Methods

Depending on your requirements you can choose to disable broadband connection temporarily or permanently. Currently, there are 4 ways (online & offline) provided by Airtel to deactivate Airtel Broadband Connection permanently. Go through them below and discontinue using the Airtel broadband service.

Reach Nearest Airtel Store

By visiting an Airtel store closest to your current location you can simply get your Airtel broadband connection deactivated with the help of store executives available there. Read below how this procedure takes place at the Airtel Store and what necessary procedures need to be completed to permanently disable the broadband connection.

  • Step 1: Find the Airtel Store on Google Maps or locate the nearest one on the official Airtel website
  • Step 2: Share mandatory details, i.e., full name, address, mobile number connected with broadband, alternate Airtel number, etc.
  • Step 3: Show verification documents and confirm your identity to the Airtel store representative
  • Step 4: Submit a request to permanently deactivate the Airtel Broadband Connection used by you
  • Step 5: Ask for the Request Number from the store executive and keep it with you for future reference

In the next 3 working days, your Airtel Broadband Connection will be deactivated permanently and will no longer be in use. You’ll also receive a final confirmation call from Airtel to confirm the same. Lastly, if the router and modem splitter belonged to Airtel then return it to the store after your connection is suspended by them.

Send Email To Airtel

Reach out to Airtel over their official email and your query will be resolved/ deactivated in the next 3 days. Send a broadband deactivation request to Airtel at [email protected] from your registered email address. Highlight the request in the Subject and add all the important details, i.e., Airtel Broadband Connection number, your name, full address, etc for verification in the main email. Upon receiving the email, the Airtel team will look into your request and will respond along with a unique reference number. However, if there’s no response then you can reach out to Airtel Customer Support on 121 or go to the store and request to escalate this issue quickly.

Dial 121 From Phone

IVR is the most common approach users prefer to get their queries resolved or enable/disable any service. See how you can permanently deactivate Airtel Broadband Connection by simply calling IVR.

  • Step 1: Call 121 and follow the IVR prompts to permanently deactivate Airtel Broadband Connection
  • Step 2: Enter your valid Airtel Account Number. You can find this number on the confirmation slip given to you after the Airtel broadband connection was installed at your home/office. If you’ve misplaced the slip and are unable to locate it then go to the Airtel Thanks App, find the bill and you’ll find the Relationship Number there which is the Airtel Account Number
  • Step 3: You now have to enter the Airtel landline number with the STD code and your request will be processed within 3 days
    If you don’t want to get into this hassle of finding the Airtel Account Number then you can just follow the IVR prompts and connect with a customer care representative by dialling 121. The customer executive will confirm your identity, and process your request to disable your Airtel broadband connection forever.

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Via Airtel ChatBot

You can connect with Airtel AI ChatBot on WhatsApp Number (01647771212). Save this number as Airtel ChatBot and text your issue to them. You’ll receive some prompts, proceed with the right ones which will lead you to permanently deactivate your Airtel Broadband Connection. Once it’s deactivated, a confirmation message will be sent to your alternate Airtel number and email address.

Safe Custody Plan Plan 1 Plan 2
Price Rs 200 + GSTRs 500 + GST
Features Auto-renewed only for a certain period and later you need to ask the Airtel representatives to deactivate it Not Auto-renewable and the connection remains inactive for 3 months consecutively. Get in touch with Airtel Customer Care to enable the broadband connection 

Disable Airtel Broadband Connection Temporarily: 2 Quick Ways

There are two ‘Safe Custody Mode’ plans offered by Airtel to temporarily deactivate broadband connection. You can choose the plan that fits your budget and requirements and disable your connection until your next usage.

By Calling 121

It’s similar to permanently deactivating an Airtel Broadband Connection. However, the mere difference is that the Airtel Customer Support Executive will ask you which Safe Custody Plan you want to opt for temporarily deactivating your Airtel broadband connection. Simply dial 121, get connected with customer support by following the right IVR prompts, and brief them about your issue. They’ll process your request, implement the plan chosen by you and in the next 4 hours you’ll receive the confirmation message from Airtel. Make sure to pay your existing dues before availing this service and also pay the Safe Custody Plan amount on time to ensure smooth facilitation until your next broadband renewal.

Open Airtel Thanks App

Your Airtel broadband connection service can be temporarily violated through the Airtel Thanks App as well. To disable the broadband connection follow the steps listed below:

  • Step 1: Open the Airtel Thanks App on your Android or iOS device. You can quickly download this app even if you don’t use it regularly. It’s highly beneficial to view, download, and pay postpaid and broadband bill.
  • Step 2: Choose your preferred landline connection from the options displayed on the screen
  • Step 3: Search for the “Quick Actions” option and locate the “Safe Custody” option from it
  • Step 4: Tap on the “Safe Custody” option and now enable the toggle button by moving it to the right
  • Step 5: You have to now click on “Activate’ option to temporarily deactivate this service

Airtel will send you a confirmation message on your  email address and alternate Airtel mobile number regarding the temporary deactivation of your Airtel Broadband Connection. The message will also include “Safe custody/Number locker” details that have been activated on your Airtel Xstream Fiber.

5 Alternative Solutions To Disable Broadband Connection

Sometimes you might be in a fix like Airtel representatives won’t offer supportive assistance or your calls or emails might go unanswered. During such challenging circumstances, you can follow the solutions listed below for deactivating your broadband service.

  • Send a detailed email with an airtel broadband connection deactivation request to the Nodal Officer of your state
  • Connect over call with the Airtel Nodal Officer anytime between 9:30 am – 6:30 pm
  • Get in touch with Airtel Broadband Appellate Authority over call and email
  • Register a formal complaint to the Telecom Consumer Complaint Monitoring System (TCCMS)
  • Write an informative email to TRAI at [email protected] or [email protected]

Activate Temporary Deactivated Airtel Broadband Connection

If after a while you feel like reactivating your Airtel Broadband Connection then here’s the complete step-by-step guide on how you can resume that service again at your home or office.

  • Step 1: You need to visit the nearest Airtel store or call Airtel Customer Support for help
  • Step 2: Fulfil the necessary identification formalities essential for activating a disabled broadband connection
  • Step 3: Pay the deactivation charges (if any) or the Safe Custody Plan total amount for which your broadband was disabled by Airtel
  • Step 4: Update the existing condition of your modem and router to the Airtel executive. You might be asked to change the router and modem if they’re any new changes. If the equipment works fine, then give the final confirmation and after completing all the important formalities Airtel will process your broadband reactivation request in 48 hours.
  • Step 5: Answer the final confirmation call you receive from Airtel after your connection is resumed by them

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Get New Airtel Broadband Connection

If by any chance after multiple attempts you fail to enable your previously deactivated broadband connection then it’s better to purchase a new Airtel Broadband Connection. The procedure to avail new broadband connection is quick, seamless, and hassle-free.

  • Step 1: Go to the Airtel Portal and submit your request for a new connection
  • Step 2: Enter your 10-digit registered Airtel mobile number, locality details and choose the broadband plan
  • Step 3: Hit the Submit button and your request is sent to the Airtel
  • Step 4: An Airtel representative will call you. Share the location with them and ask necessary questions regarding the plan (if any)
  • Step 5: Within a few days, an Airtel representative will arrive at your doorstep to confirm your identity and install the broadband connection
  • Step 6: Once the verification is completed and payment is made, the connection will be installed and activated by the Airtel Broadband Executives within 48 hours


Well, it’s obvious that recharge packs and broadband connections are affordable but in the past few years, many telecom companies are increasing the cost of these packs which is not bearable for everyone. Also due to the implementation of lockdown many people have started working from home which requires the necessity of using the broadband connection. It would be better to some extent if the telecom companies could reduce the price or charges of broadband connections so that people avail it more rather than deactivating this service. Moreover, if someone doesn’t want to use it regularly then they can also opt for the temporary deactivation of this service or either permanently deactivate their Airtel Broadband Connection.

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