Display Issues in One Plus 8 Pro (BEST Fix)

Display Issues in One Plus 8 Pro
Display Issues in One Plus 8 Pro (BEST Fix)

The OnePlus 8 Pro comes with a nice 120Hz display and it’s one of the best displays ever. Unexpectedly, display Issues in One Plus 8 Pro has been common from day one and most of them seem to be software problems that can already be fixed with updates.

A noticeable green cast on a dark screen was seen by many users when the OnePlus 8 Pro’s screen was set to 120Hz and had low brightness. OnePlus fixed out this problem by providing software updates and it has worked for most users. If the Display Issues in One Plus 8 Pro is still not resolved for you, waiting for an update is the best option.

However, the update that fixed the green cast issue for some users introduced a new red cast issue. Fortunately, the company does a good job fixing the various bugs and display Issues in One Plus 8 Pro which are mentioned in this article.

Major Display Issues in One Plus 8 Pro

The screen which helps in gaming and streaming media as one of the highlights of the smartphone is the huge 6.78-inch fluid AMOLED screen along with the 120Hz refresh rate.

However, many users have reported serious display issues on OnePlus 8 Pro models. After taking a close look at the reported issues, we found it appropriate to discuss these display issues and offer you some workable solutions. If you have display or screen issues with your OnePlus 8 Pro, it’s important to get them checked.

Issue 1: A dark bar above the selfie camera

A dark bar above the selfie camera is one of the main problems with the OnePlus 8 Pro screen that many users have complained about. It is mostly displayed in less bright settings, especially on grey backgrounds.
The presence of a dark bar above the selfie camera raised concerns about serious damage to the screen. Some wild reports have also indicated that the problem could be with the faulty front camera.

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Issue 2: Screen Hold / Burn-In / Ghosting

The OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) screen saves more power and offers an impressive viewing experience due to which they are in demand. However, it has some flaws too.
The OLED screen of the OnePlus 8 Pro cannot keep the burn-out problem at bay.
The uninitiated image retention is caused by uneven pixel decay.
Although you do not have to worry about ghosting as this is usually normal behaviour, be sure not to leave the screen in a static image for a long period. To avoid this problem, lock your phone when you are not using it.

Issue 3: Green / Purple Tint

Green or Purple Tint, which is noticeable at lower brightness, has also been reported by various users. Whenever a user tries to invert colours, the screen displays strange-looking green/purple tones on the screen. Its whole purpose is inverting colours on the back burner.
It’s stated by several users that shutting off the DC dimming resolves this problem for a temporary period in One Plus 8 Pro.
DC Dimming is designed to neutralize the screen and also reduce the voltage that is sent to the pixels for those who are unfamiliar with this.
To turn it off, go to Settings> Utilities> OnePlus Lab.
Then turn off the switch for DC dimming.

Issue 4: Black Crush

Last but not least, Black Crush is another widespread problem on OnePlus 8 Pro devices. While watching videos or scrolling through dark backgrounds this issue is noticed in darker scenes. Sometimes it is so intrusive that it spoils the overall media experience.

Solutions to Fix Display Issues in One Plus 8 Pro

One of the display problems you have every other day would make you think that the screen is faulty. While this possibility cannot be completely ruled out, it cannot be argued that the problems were solely due to a software bug. Software updates start over and over again.

For all the problems you have with your OnePlus 8 Pro, a simple update can solve all the problems on your OnePlus 8 Pro.

To get the latest version of OxygenOS for your OnePlus 8 Pro follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings> System> System updates.
Step 2: This process will allow you to download the latest version of OxygenOS available for your device.

The other suggestion we would like to suggest is to clean the screen. It may seem like a hoax, but sometimes it’s just dust particles that spoil your screen. If your device still has a display problem, the next thing to do is contact the repair centre.

Conclusion about Display Issues in One Plus 8 Pro

Here are the issues which were faced by the users while using the device. We suggest you be cautious while purchasing the phone and check the display well. If you bought the phone then update it with the software provided by the company. If the problem persists then contact the repair centre.

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