Easy Solutions To Fix iPhone Volume Button Not Working Issue

Solutions To Fix iPhone Volume Button Not Clicking Issue
Easy Solutions To Fix iPhone Volume Button Not Working Issue

iPhones are the only phones in the market which have their unique position and a separate fanbase. The features and functions provided in iPhones are the reasons behind their humongous popularity. People wait for months to receive their iPhones. On the release day, the phones get sold out in no time!!! What makes iPhones so popular? The answer is the amazing, unmatchable features in these iPhones. But even iPhones get defected with errors, bugs and other software glitches.

One such problem that has been noticed is the iPhone volume button not clicking. Most of the work is done by touch, keys like volume keys play an important role in different functions in a smartphone. If for any reason the volume key is not working in your iPhone then you need to fix this problem. There can be many reasons leading to this error in your iPhone. Based on these reasons there are different methods to fix this problem in the iPhone. In this article, we have tried to explain all the methods in step by step manner to fix the iPhone volume button not clicking issue effortlessly.

Reasons Behind iPhone Volume Button Not Working

You want to use your iPhone’s volume key to lower the volume but it’s not responding and when you want to increase the sound it’s again not working. This indicates that there is some problem with the volume key. But why is the volume key not responding? This can happen because of several reasons. Below we have mentioned some of the most common reasons which lead to this issue.

  • Hardware Defect
  • Clasped Volume buttons
  • Software Glitch

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Solutions to Fix the Volume Button in iPhone

Solution 1: Reboot your iPhone. Switch off your iPhone and then switch on it again using the power button. It is a possibility that this can work. This makes the operating system reload again which can remove any software glitch.

Switch off your iPhone
Switch off your iPhone

Solution 2: You may not be using the latest iOS software so in that case, upgrade your phone to the latest one by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Step 1:- Go to ‘Settings’ > Choose the’ General’ option.
  • Step 2:- Select ‘Software Update’ & it’s done.

Solution 3: Perform the hard reset. For this press the power button and home button together downwards. This will reset your iPhone and will fix your volume button easily.

Solution 4: Clean your volume button. Using soft cotton clean the dust around the volume button of your iPhone. Once the specific area is cleaned the iPhone starts working within a few minutes.

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Solution 5: Start pressing your volume key up and down again and again gently till the volume bar appears on the screen. Sometimes the volume key is just stuck and this step can solve it.

Solution 6: Tap the side of the iPhone gently. This will fix the loose connections of the volume button if any. But here you must make sure that you don’t tap heavily as it may cause certain damage to the phone.

Solution 7: Clasp the volume button from both up and down. This will tighten the volume key connections.

Solution 8: Using ‘Assistive Touch’ is the last resort to adjust the volume for the time being if the above troubleshooting steps did not work for you. The steps to use ‘Assistive Touch’ are mentioned below.

  • Step 1: Go to ‘Settings’ > Choose the’ General’ option
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Accessibility’ and turn on the Assistive Touch option. With this, you can control the volume of your iPhone from your screen.

Solution 9: Seek the help of professionals. If your volume key does not resume working by the methods mentioned in the article then you need to seek the help of professional troubleshooters or go to the Apple service centre if your iPhone is under the warranty period.

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Volume buttons have their importance in smartphones whether android or iPhone. If it’s not working on your iPhone then you need to fix it by following the methods specified in this article. Ultimately, one or the other method will get implemented perfectly & will resolve the issue.

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