Fix Origin Update Stuck on Resuming Error (Best Methods)

Fix Origin Update Stuck on Resuming Error (Best Methods)

If you want to purchase and play any video game, you visit ‘Origin’. It is generally a digital platform for such distribution developed by EA i.e. Electronic Arts. The games or the software clients are available for each kind of device either a computer or a phone (android, iOS). Many times the user got stuck in the issue of the latest update download of the Origin from any player Origin store. To fix this issue, you need to go through all the sections of this article to Fix Origin update stuck on resuming Error so that you can overcome this problem the next time.

Fix Origin Update Stuck on Resuming Error (Best Methods)

Origin has a lot of video games like FIFA, Apex legends, Plants v/s Zombies, Star Wars, Anthem, Need for Speed, etc. The issue is not fixed for a certain game. It can occur with any software client that affects the user too.

Each game has its issues and bugs that aren’t fixed by the developers too. Rather than depending upon the official patch, try to do it on your own.

Fixing method – Origin Update Stuck on Resuming error

Step 1: Ensure that the user is running the Origin software client as the administrator.

Step 2: Cross check and verify that the installed drive partition is implemented in NTFS format rather than FAT32 format partition as it comes up with 4GB writing restrictions.

Step 3: There should not be any problem regarding the network connectivity.

Step 4: Go to the task manager. Close the background consuming high memory/CPU. Reboot the device and check if the origin gets downloaded.

Step 5: Repair/Verify the files of the game to avoid any missing or corrupted files.

Step 6: The user can also clean boot the computer by following the below-mentioned procedure.

  • Visit ‘Start option and jot down ‘msconfig’ in the space given within the address bar.
  • A window of system configuration will open up on the screen.
  • Go to ‘Services’ and tick mark the checkbox of ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’
  • Select ‘Disable all’
  • Choose ‘Startup’ and open ‘Task Manager’
  • Disable each program after you right-click on them and close the task manager
  • Choose ‘System Configuration’ and hit ‘OK’. It will save all the changes.

Troubleshoot experience of ‘Stuck on Resuming download’ by Apex Legends

The game of Apex Legends is a free-to-play game. It was invented by Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts publicized it before the audience. The game is a battle royale that is available on many platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. It was released on 4th Feb 2019 simultaneously on each platform. The universe of this game is the same as of Titanfall & Titanfall 2. Currently, this game is in the fourth season.

In the gameplay, a total of 20 squads of 3 people each can land on the island in search of supplies and weapons by defeating the opponents. The exploration site is constricted unless every player fights in close quarters.

In the latest update of this game, the gamers have experienced a peculiar bug that does not allow the user to play the game by getting stuck on the resuming screen in the application of the origin client. Therefore, we have mentioned some easy methods that will fix such bugs and you can enjoy your game.

Method to solve ‘Stuck on Resume after the update of the game’

Step 1: To start, Select ‘Go Offline’ present at the top left corner.

Step 2: You can see the X button on the download.

Step 3: Select the ‘X button to cancel the downloading procedure.

Step 4: Go online by visiting the top left corner.

Step 5: It will commence the game downloading procedure and will also resume the backup again.

Even after following these steps, the game might get stuck on 8.46 GB during the process of downloading. To fix this problem, go with the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Choose the cancel button to stop downloading.

Step 2: In origin, go to the option of ‘My Game Library’.

Step 3: Click right on the game and select ‘repair’.

Step 4: It verifies the files of the game and resumes the downloading.

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Now the gamers will not be facing any issues while downloading their favourite game from the most popular digital platform ‘Origin’. The instructions provided by us in this article are to the point and explained in the most simple language so that you can enjoy your game with your friends to the fullest. Don’t let your queries stay in your mind. Drop down in the comment box and wait for our revert.

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