Dating Texts: What Does FWB Mean In Text


FWB is a common acronym used by many youngsters on dating apps, and text messages but have you ever wondered what does FWB mean in text? Rather than hiding the fact of not having accurate knowledge regarding the acronym FWB, it’s better to search and understand it. Along with the actual meaning, we have also clarified the situations where you can use this acronym or you can understand the context of the conversation if somebody uses it with you in the middle of the conversation.

Dating Texts: What Does FWB Mean In Text

What Does FWB Mean In Text?

FWB stands for ‘Friends with Benefits’, a typical relationship that lies in the middle of dating and friendship. Friends with Benefits or FWB means that two friends are getting indulged in a relationship filled with intimacy without dating each other. FWB is completely different from hookups because the concept of hookups is a one-time act that you can do with anyone. In hookups, you can change your partner every time because it’s not necessary for you to hold on to a specific person as such, while in dating relationships or having an FWB relationship you have to be with a particular person.

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How Are Dating & FWB Different From One Another?

When you date someone, you hold a special feeling for that person. In FWB i.e. friends with benefits, you both share a bond of just friends who hang out together, and a few times both of you might get indulged in an act of intimacy with each other. In addition to this, you both are set free to date anyone. There is a physical relationship involved but with no emotional strings attached. There’s no commitment in FWB.

Why People Indulge Into FWB?

Reasons for being in an FWB relation can be many, such as:

  • The person might feel good or safe maintaining a relationship of intimacy with a trusted person.
  • If the person is not interested or afraid to commit, the latter can go for FWB.
  • If the person wants to be in a dating relationship with the other but the latter isn’t interesting.

Meaning of FWB On Social Media & Dating Sites

We refer to the term ‘FWB’ in such situations where a couple or two friends wants to carry out an intimate relationship without developing emotions for each other. FWB is more common in teens and young adults. If you are using any dating site, in most of the profiles you can easily check out the relationship preference of the other person. If it’s not mentioned, you can ask them. In such cases, unknowns will be maintaining the relation of friends with benefits mostly.

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Maintaining a bond of friends with benefits is also normal just like dating but most of us have created a hype of FWB to another level, especially in India. Just take it normally and if somebody asks you out for an FWB, there’s no need to get offended, you can simply say a ‘No’. A majority of teens are interested and involved in FWB but the thoughts put up by society never let them speak about their preferences. Hope you got the answer to your question, what does FWB mean in text, and how you can use it?

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