Google Meet Limitations : Participants, Time, Screen, Storage, Notification

Know about Google Meet limitations

Nowadays Google meet has become an easy way of communication. Google meet was earlier known as Hangouts meet. Google meet enables us to do video conferencing, live streaming, group audio or video calls, screen sharing, real-time captions, low light video quality enhancement & so on. It’s not only the best way of video conferencing but enables us to share images, videos, and files with others from cloud storage. Google meet gives us the best privacy as it has 2-Step verification and it also has encryption standards such as Datagram Transport Layer(DTLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol(SRTP).

Google Meet Limitations : Participants, Time, Screen, Storage, Notification

Google meet is the collaboration of two apps Google Hangouts and Google Chats. It is an easy way of video communic ation service that is designed by Google. But now Google meet has some limitations due to which users are facing certain issues. If you are also one of them and want to know what are Google Meet limitations and how to overcome them, read the complete article carefully.

Listing the Google Meet limitations

Participants Limit

Google meet has kept the limit for participants joining the session. If you use your personal Google account for Google meet you can only add up to 100 Participants during a session. This limit is not for those who have G-Suite. The users who have G-Suite Google accounts can add participants up to 250 in a single meeting.

Time Limit

The users who are using their non-G-Suite account for the meeting have a time limit of 1hr per meeting. For those who have G-Suite essentials and G-Suite Enterprises or Essentials can conduct meetings for 24 hours without a break in a single meeting.

Early Google Meet Joining Limit

The users who haven’t been invited to the meeting will only be able to join the meeting before 15 minutes of the scheduled time. This Google meet limitation prevents the unwanted brute force attack which can affect the meeting at the time of the proceedings.

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Participants Screen Limit

Google meet allows to view of only certain participants who join in the meeting at one time. You can view only 49 participants at a time in the auto and titled mode layouts. This feature is only available if you use the web. The mobile phone doesn’t have this feature so over mobile you can’t watch all the participants at a time.

Storage Limitation

The Google meet has given the option to record the meetings. This can be saved and uploaded on Google Drive for further references by the host. The G-Suite users have a storage capacity of 1TB so they can save and upload a maximum number of meetings to the drive. But the non-G-Suite users will get only 15GB of storage data due to which they cannot upload large files.

Live Streaming Limit

The live streaming feature is not available for a regular google account(non-G-Suite). Google meet provides a live streaming option for those who have G-Suite business, enterprises, and essentials, as their participant limit is only 250. This feature enables them to conduct live streaming with up to 10,000 participants.

Notification Limit

Google meet notifies the host about the participants who join in between the meeting. This may sometimes disturb the host and the participants as well. Although you will get an alert notification for the first 5 participants who have joined after you. And for those who have joined later, you will just get a silent notification.

Dial-In call limit

Google meet allows you to do dial-in calls during the session. This has a limit that this feature is only for those who create meetings through the Google Workspace account. They can dial-in a call for a maximum of 8 hours and then rejoin in the meeting by entering the credentials given before.

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We hope now you are aware of all the google meet limitations. This will help you to conduct a meeting without any issue. However, if you have a G-Suite account you can get a better experience of the google meet and be able to overcome all the limitations. But if you have a non-G-Suite account you have to face some of the issues during meet proceedings. Although, you can use google meet to communicate in a better way for a limited time.

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