Ola Electric World’s Largest EV Two-Wheeler Charging Network Goal

Ola Electric Working On To Set Up World's Largest EV Two-Wheeler Charging Network
Ola Electric World's Largest EV Two-Wheeler Charging Network Goal

Ola Electric is the electric mobility offshoot of the Indian ride Ola which is a giant ride-hail. It has announced the release and establishment of an exclusive network of more than 100,000 charging points for its upcoming electric two-wheelers. They have estimated that this will come up in over 400 cities in India within less than 5 years.

With a good 5000 charging points in 100 Indian cities ‘Ola Hypercharger Network‘ development has begun in the first year itself. An E-two-wheeler which is called the Ola scooter was launched in the summer of 2021 that was the rollout of this network which was the first launch from Ola. It has been announced that Ola, together with the unspecified partners has planned to invest around 2 billion US dollars in the charging network.

Installation of the Charging Network

At malls, office complexes, cafes, etc., Ola has planned both free-standing ‘Hyperchargers’ and destination charges. Electric two-wheelers will charge slower at the destination chargers while the former will offer 12kW charging power. It has been said by Ola batteries that in the upcoming electric scooters they will provide an advanced system that could be charged at a Hypercharger from 0 to 50 percent in 18 minutes which nearly corresponds to a range of 75 kilometers. It takes less than an hour to charge the vehicle’s battery to full capacity.

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Company’s Oath

The company announced that the Ola Hypercharger Network will be the world’s massive density electric motorcycle with a charging network of over 100,000 charging points in 400 cities. In the first year of its establishment, a great achievement of Ola is to deploy more than 5,000 charging points in 100 cities all over India; which is more than double the existing charging infrastructure in India. Ola built it with a partner at an estimated $ 2 billion over five years.

Eco-Friendly Charging Stations

Electric charging networks should contribute to the development of vehicle platforms such as electric motorcycles, mass-market scooters, and electric vehicles. This would also encourage industry people and consumers to work on electric vehicles and strengthen Ola’s “Mission Electric” to prevent gasoline-powered motorcycles from being sold in India after 2025.

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Mobile Electric Charging

Ola has announced that it will offer the most comprehensive charging options for electric vehicle customers. This can be obtained with the combination of the widely available high-speed Ola hypercharge and the household charger bundled with the Ola scooter.

Deployed in many cities, the Ola Hypercharger is located as a stand-alone tower in the city centre and dense business districts, as well as in popular locations such as shopping malls, IT parks, office complexes, and coffee shops. Ola Electric’s customers ensure that Hypercharger is always nearby.

The company said that the Ola Hypercharger network will provide Ola customers with an easy and seamless charging experience in a cost-effective way. They simply arrive at the charging station and need to connect the scooter to the charging station. Customers can easily track charging progress in real-time with the Ola Electric app. You can also use the same app to make replenishment payments seamlessly.

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The growing automobile industry has got a significant approach by the Ola electric charging stations. The manufacturing of these vehicles in our country is right now a great advancement that directly enhances the installation of charging stations all over the country. These advancements have turned the automobile trend into an eco-friendly one. The development of the stations over the different places made users show their interest more in these electric vehicles.

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