Samsung Pay Now Lets US Users Transfer Money Internationally

Samsung Pay US Users Can Transfer Money Internationally

Its good new for United States (US) People who were using Samsung pay, as now they can transfer money internationally around the world , recently Samsung has announced partnership with finablr for global payment service .

  • Samsung pay pre-register user can use this service on their debit or credit cards from now only
  • New users can register and use this service
  • This service will help customer to do digital and physical payment in 47 countries just in simple tap
  • Few of the important countries in the list (Canada, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Germany , China, Mexico check full list  here )
  • Finablr’s  trusted brand travelex is very old and trusted payment network company so “Samsung pay user can trust from security, reliability, service  purpose”
  • Even for the security purpose Samsung have used tokenized credentials and is backed by Samsung Knox security.
  • People can use their existing debit or credit card to integrate with Samsung pay money to transfer money

While after including this service Samsung pay became the first mobile payment platform in US to support native International money transfer and payment, Samsung has also announced that this international payment transfer system is going to be rolled out more nations from 2020, as currently it is one-way (US accounts to those internationally).

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