The Big Sur Update – FULL Details & Guide

The Big Sur Update - FULL Details & Guide

Apple’s operating system after many years has given a revolutionary update which is macOS Big Sur, a major milestone in MacOS history. This blog is about The Big Sur Update and its FULL Details.

The Big Sur Update - FULL Details & Guide

The launch coincides with Apple’s recently released MacBook Air (M1, 2020), 13-inch MacBook Pro (M1, 2020), and Mac mini (M1, 2020), all of which uses Apple’s M1 chip, a chip that is built there from the ground to take advantage of it. Similar to recently released operating systems or updates, Big Sur also had its share of problems. And you need help fixing them, and that’s what we’re here for. We are here to help you fix the most common problems of The Big Sur Update, whether you are installing it for the first time and having installation problems, or if you have hardware and software that does not work as they should work in the system.

Recent Problems with The Big Sur Update

The most common and primary complaint related to macOS Big Sur is that the F1 and F2 keys (used to adjust the brightness) do not work after being updated to the latest version.

Although the buttons indicate an increase or decrease in the brightness when pressed altogether. This is the most persistent problem on the screen.

Some users resolved this issue after restarting the MacBook too. So give this trick a try to see if it solves the problem of F1 and F2 keys on your MacBook Pro when the device restarts.

Surprisingly, The Big Sur Update has reportedly crashed some older MacBook models. The issue reportedly primarily affected the MacBook Pro 2013 and MacBook Pro models in mid-2014.

It’s worth noting that these are the oldest MacBook models that work withThe Big Sur Update

As a solution, we recommend that you downgrade your MacBook as the problem could be due to an outdated hardware issue. A good number of MacBook Pro M1 owners have complained in various forums about the fast user switch error which prevented them from closing the screen saver. The quick user switch malfunction makes the MacBook so unstable that the lid has to be closed and reopened.
Sometimes, it may even require pressing the Power / Touch ID button and using Alt Command Q to fix these temporary problems.
You can also navigate to the System Preferences> Dock & Menu Bar section to disable Quick User Switching and this is entitled to be the best solution for resolving this issue.

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Tips for Resolving The Big Sur Update Issues

While Apple News is pretty neat and has a faster interface, the top news app also has a rather annoying problem in The Big Sur Update. The app is reportedly generating large downloads in the background for Mac users. Although Apple has yet to find a reliable solution to resolve this problem, we have also found a practical solution to resolve it too.

Step 1: To fix the problem, go to System Preferences on your Mac> Apple ID> iCloud.
Step 2: Then uncheck the Messages box to disable iCloud syncing.

Other issues with The Big Sur Update

Aside from these big macOS Big Sur issues, there are also complaints about Bluetooth issues, random Mac freezing, unexpected software crashes, Touch ID issues, and WiFi issues.

The next iteration of macOS Big Sur generally deals with software related issues. Unlike other tech giants, Apple generally analyzes issues and provides timely solutions to resolve common issues and other macOS issues.

In case problems persist even after trying these tricks, do not forget to contact the professionals as it could lead to system crashes or hardware problems.


Instead of spending your money on a technician to fix the Big Sur update issue. Here we have tried to help you all out if you are facing any issues while updating your Big Sur. Try out the solutions mentioned here and if nothing works the last option is to call the Mac repair Centre.

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