How To Trace Facebook Account Or Fake ID & Stay Safe

Trace Facebook Account Or Fake ID

More than original, there are fraud accounts on social media platforms in 2023. From Instagram, Facebook to Twitter fake accounts are created on every platform to lure people. People impersonate in such a manner that it’s hard to catch their lies. Those who get tricked or trapped realise later that a fraudulent person has cheated them. Earlier, it was tough to differentiate but now there are tricks to identify fake social media accounts. Facebook has the maximum number of fake accounts and research also stated that there are more fake accounts on FB rather than original accounts. If any day you receive a friend request from a stranger and suspect it to be fake then block them immediately. However, if you want to confirm the person’s identity then this article has got the best bunch of tricks for you. In the upcoming sections of this article, we’re going to discuss how to trace Facebook account or fake ID so stay tuned.

How To Trace Facebook Account Or Fake ID & Stay Safe

Why Do People Create Fake Accounts On Facebook?

The idea of creating a Facebook account with a fake ID initially arises in the person’s mind who has a negative mindset. Such accounts are not real and information like images, and names are used without the other person’s consent. In today’s date, fraudsters make fake social media profiles to scam others for jobs or money. Once you fall into their trap then all your savings are gone. So it’s advised to always be cautious while interacting with people on social media. Talking about the reason what makes scammers make fake accounts well the reason is endless, however, we have mentioned common ones below:

  • To Harm Someone’s Personality: Scammers group up and create fake accounts to tamper with someone’s decent social media presence. They post negative comments about them and also text others about it.
  • For Impersonating Other Person: On social media fake people impersonate themselves as a renowned person by building up a profile and then scam others for money. Facebook users also get scammed for jobs in exchange for money which they have to transfer first and once done the scammer blocks them instantly.
  • To Blackmail Or Harrass: One should always avoid sharing personal images or details on social media with someone whom they barely know or have met online. It’s because later these people use those things for blackmailing the other person. Young women and girls are the main targets and are often blackmailed by perverts.
  • For Spreading Negative Rumours: Due to hate or jealousy people generally spread false rumours about their competitors on social media. During elections, political parties majorly spread fake news about the opposition so that people don’t vote for them. Most of the rumours on social media are fake and are spread through fake accounts.

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6 Techniques To Trace Facebook Account Or Fake ID

  • See The Profile Picture: Facebook profile picture is the best source of identification to trace a Facebook account with fake ID. By closely looking at the profile picture you can identify whether that person has an original identity or is trying to act as an imposter. If the uploaded profile picture is of a celebrity, cartoon character, or someone you know and they’re already added to your friend list then this new account is a fraud account. Also, the people who have fake accounts generally don’t change their profile picture for years and keep it the same always. Lastly, if there’s no profile picture then also it’s not a real account.
  • Check Uploaded & Tagged Photos: If someone is an active user and is always online on Facebook then that person will upload images and videos regularly. They’ll share their precious moments with their friend circle and will also tag those who joined them. However, if you receive a friend request from a profile who has uploaded multiple stock images or no photos at all then it’s a fake account. Sometimes you’ll also see that images uploaded by fake accounts are stolen and are very few.
  • Scroll Through Facebook Timeline: In today’s era, people update everything on social media whether it’s shopping, eating, travelling, or anything else. You easily get to know where there’s a sale or where the best pastries are found in town if someone shares about it on their timeline. If you want to trace Facebook account or fake ID then it’s best to go through their timeline and check for updates. See what they have posted, however, if there’s barely anything on the timeline of a Facebook profile then it’s a fake account.
  • Check Friend List: If you accidentally accepted a friend request from a stranger and suspect that account to be fake then it’s best to unfriend them.
    However, if you think you’re confused then you can check their friend list which will give you a fair idea about the person’s connections. Male imposters generally send friend requests to females and lure them to get into a relationship and then cheat them for money. If someone has more female friends on Facebook and doesn’t have a genuine profile picture or timeline then you’re encountering an imposter. Also, if the friend list is filled with global individuals and not with local people then it’s best to cut ties with such accounts.
  • Search For Them On Instagram: Like Facebook, Instagram is also an instant messaging social media platform and is highly popular amongst people. You can find anyone on Instagram as well if you know their name or username. If you’re unsure about a Facebook user then just enter their name in the Instagram search bar and wait for results. If an account with a similar name pops up on your screen then check for the profile picture. See whether the facial resemblance is similar or not and how many posts they uploaded, what’s their follower-following ratio, etc. If the information matches with the Facebook account then it’s not a fake account but if not then they’re pretending to be someone else. You can also find fake accounts on Instagram and block/report the user.
  • See Profile URL & Email Address: Fake accounts are created with fake names by scammers. After creating a fake account the user changes the name and profile picture and acts like someone else. Now, the trick here is to check their profile URL which is the ultimate red flag to catch a scammer. However, it’s only possible if they have not changed it. Another way to trace a fake account is by checking their email address from the About section. Here, you can see the original email id linked with the account and if it’s different from the profile name then the user is fake.

What Action Should You Take Against Facebook Account With Fake ID?

As soon as you’re confirmed that a Facebook account is fake then you should quickly block or report it. If you’re not following or never interacted with that account then well and good but if you have then it’s best to cut off all ties with them. In case, the same person sends you a friend request by creating another fake account and tries to fool you or send you abusive, bad messages or images then you should report this incident to the Government Cyber Security team. You need to fill a form on their website and attach all the messages and screenshots sent to you by the fake account. The cyber team will contact you and will surely trace Facebook account with fake ID. Once the fraud person is caught he/she is punished for his actions by the law.

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Facebook(Meta) removed 1.3 million fake accounts in the 4th Quarter (2022). By reading this number you can imagine what was the scenario then but now with time, it’s lessened a bit. The team has been taking necessary actions continuously to remove fake accounts, fake likes, and followers from Facebook. If you’re an active Facebook user then always be aware while accepting friend requests from strangers. Check their profile thoroughly, their feed, see if there are any mutual friends, and then only accept their request if you think they’re genuine. Also, never share your personal information like bank details, images, or professional documents with anyone on social media as it may get misused or you might get defamed. So beware and cross-check every friend request before accepting it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Can police trace Facebook account with Fake ID?

Ans: Police authorities can trace fake Facebook accounts only if the Facebook official team provides the necessary details about that particular account. Until and unless the information is not shared with police officials they cannot do anything about it. It’s also mandatory to have a valid warrant for asking for information about fake accounts from Facebook.

Q) Can Facebook track deleted fake accounts?

Ans: Facebook has a large database hence it collects and saves data of all accounts. So even if someone has deleted or deactivated their fake account the data is still being stored by Facebook and they can easily track it.

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