Learn The 4 Ways To Set Up Geofencing On Anyone’s Phone

Ways to Set Up Geofencing on Anyone's Phone
Learn The 4 Ways To Set Up Geofencing On Anyone's Phone

What would you do if you found someone in a problematic situation? You will do your best to help them, or at least find a solution for them, right? But, how would you know if anyone of your friends or family is having a problem? You need to be aware of it to know that they require your assistance. But it is not humanly possible to predict anything. However, the advent of technology has made living easier and possible.

Education is undergoing a transformation, thanks to technological advancements. and learning about new things has become so easy. You can easily find someone’s location with a few clicks on your computer. Almost every smartphone or tablet comes with an integrated location tracker. These trackers help people to share their current location as well as the location where they will meet sometime in the future. But it is hard with the default setting of a mobile tracker to find if someone is near you. This is where a geofencing app can make it possible.

What Is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a location alert setting that notifies you if someone is getting in and going out of the virtual zones you have set. That virtual zone or a radius on the map is known as a geofence.

It is quite a simple technique through which you can find out if someone has been in or out of a place of your interest. For example, parents can use geofencing to know when their kids reach school and when they get back home from school. You can get alerts if your children take any detours in between.

However, there are different ways through which you may access geofencing on your Android and iOS devices. Every smart device has an integrated chip, which should be working as a locator, and every time the target device enters the zone, you’ll get a notification whether the feature is activated or not.

4 Methods To Install Geofencing On Anyone’s Phone

You can take advantage of the geofencing feature in a variety of ways. However, the following four are the most reliable and best ways to get your hands on someone’s current location.

  • Life360
  • Find My Friends on the iPhone
  • Find My Device on Android
  • Xnspy (Best all-around tracker)

The best way to get the maximum advantage of the geofencing feature is to use reliable software. So, let’s discuss them in detail.

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1. What is Xnspy?

Xnspy is an app to track phone without them knowing and has a range of features to help you keep track of your kids’ activities and to find out if they get into some trouble. With the Xnspy geofencing feature, you can easily track the arrival and leaving times of your kids, and it instantly notifies you if your kid crosses the specified boundaries.


The best thing about this tracking app is that, like Life360, you do not have to install the app on all the devices you intend to track. All you have to do is simply install the app on the target phone, and you can control the device from anywhere using the internet browser.

Moreover, Xnspy comes up with a call and surround recording feature that can help you find out with whom your kid is going to meet and where. Other useful features include viewing pictures and videos, reading text messages and instant messaging chats, and so on.

Using and installing Xnspy is comparatively easier and quicker than the above-mentioned methods for Android and iOS. To look up all of the areas they’ve visited using Xnspy real-time location tracking and geo-fencing feature, just follow this simple procedure.

  • Go to cp.Xnspy.com and log in with your account credentials received from Xnspy via email.
  • Go to the dashboard.
  • Select “Locations” from the drop-down menu, and find the current location of the target device.

This software is easy to use and has some of the greatest geofencing features. To get started, simply sign up and select your preferred subscription plan. Check out this geofence demonstration to see how the software works.

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2. Making use of Life360 Geofencing

Life360 is a family communication tool that lets users track their loved ones’ whereabouts. You must install it on all of the devices you want to track in order to use it. You can then choose geo-fences to specify certain locations once it’s been set up.

These geofences are then used to track and notify users when friends and relatives leave or arrive at a certain location. For example, the app can notify you when your child leaves school and returns home.

Furthermore, Life360 has a unique driving analysis capability that can be implemented into cars, with BMW currently using it in their navigation systems. The app notifies of crashes and emergency responses in addition to tracking the driver’s location.

3. Geofencing on Android

Geofencing for Android devices requires the location API’s builder and convenience classes. The builder class generates geofence objects, whereas the convenience class inserts geofence objects. Set up geofencing on Android devices by following these four simple steps.

  • Step 1: Make a geofence object: To create a geofence, you must use the “Geofence.Builder” function. This function allows you to specify the geofence radius, transition patterns, and duration.
  • Step 2: Define initial geofences and triggers: Set the situations that may cause geofence notifications. Then, configure transition triggers to tell you when a device enters or leaves the geofence.
  • Step 3: Create a broadcast receiver for geofence transitions: A broadcast receiver facilitates geofenced transitions. It provides timely alerts on any event that occurs within the geofence. When a transition occurs within or outside of the geofence, the broadcast receiver starts the background processing.
  • Step 4: Add geofences:  After you’ve created the first geofence, you might wish to add more to cover more ground. Follow the same steps to add another geofence.

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4. Geofencing On iPhone

You may track your child’s whereabouts and receive geofenced notifications when they cross specified boundaries on your iPhone by using Apple’s free Find My Friends app. You may set up geofencing on an iPhone by following these steps.

  • Step 1: Send an invite on the target phone: You should send an “invite” to your kid’s phone and have them accept your invitation in order to see their location status from your iPhone.

In the app, select “invite.” You will have access to the user’s current location information once they allow the connection if they conceal the geolocation data inside the app and disable location services.

  • Step 2: Set geofence notifications: You can set up notifications for when they arrive and exit a specific geofence area after being invited and accepted as a “follower” of their location information.

Currently, you can only set one notification on your iPhone at a time. Apple decided that this functionality should only be activated by the person being monitored, not the person tracking them. Therefore, if you want to receive many notifications for multiple places, you should set up regular notifications on the individual’s device.

Although these methods are reliable and easily adaptable, the target device user can easily deactivate the geofencing option on their device. In that case, you will need an app that will allow you to find someone’s current location without them knowing. However, to make it possible, you will need a monitoring app through which you can keep track of someone’s location remotely and hideously. Xnspy is a perfect app for this task and could be the perfect solution to your problem.

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