Instagram Account Deactivation: What Happens When You Temporarily Disable Instagram?


If you are willing to take an off or a break from Instagram you have two options either you can delete your account or you can disable it temporarily. If you delete the account it will be a long-term decision but if you disable your account temporarily that means you want a break for a short time. In addition to this temporary disabling of the account will let you recover it at any time rather than making a new one. You might be curious to know what happens when you temporarily disable Instagram. We have an answer to your question, just go through the upcoming session of this article that will explain to you ‘What Happens When You Temporarily Disable Instagram’.

Instagram Account Deactivation: What Happens When You Temporarily Disable Instagram?

Reason For Disabling The Account Temporarily

The amount that everyone spends on social media platforms has increased since the pandemic started. A few people have observed that they are not very productive when they engage themselves on social media platforms such as Instagram. To avoid distractions you can disable your Instagram account temporarily. It will keep the data of your account intact. People also disable their Instagram accounts because of the lack of engagement. If you don’t use your account too much it’s better to disable it.

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What Happens When You Temporarily Disable Instagram?

If you disable your account it simply means that you are not interested in using Instagram for a while. Disabling the account helps the user to keep their account data intact without worrying about comments and likes.

When you disable the account it will disappear from Instagram. It means that nobody can find your Instagram account afterwards. If anyone will search your account it will show no results. As the account is temporarily removed from the database of Instagram, the accounts that you follow, their followers’ count will automatically drop by one. Your followers will not find your account in their list of followers. After re-enabling the account, the count of your followers will increase with one automatically. As your account is temporarily removed from the database of Instagram, therefore nobody can unfollow you. This is the most basic reason for users disabling their account temporarily rather than leaving it idle.

Instagram keeps a backup of your account data on the server after you disable the account. It helps you to restore your personal information or the content that you have uploaded to your Instagram account.

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Effect On Instagram DMs When You Temporarily Disable Instagram

There will be no effect on the DMs if you disable the account temporarily because your data gets a backup and therefore it remains intact in the same way as when your account was enabled. But if the account is disabled, neither you can send a message nor you can receive it from others. If any friend of yours who once sent you a message or a post when you were using your account tries to send you a message when your account is disabled, that person will observe your account name as ‘Instagrammer’ rather than your original Instagram account name. Still, they can send a message to you but those messages won’t be delivered. If you had a talk with that person in the past, they can read the older conversation even when your account is disabled.

How Does Your Account Look When You Temporarily Disable Instagram?

Though no one can find out your Instagram account from the search option, still they can reach your Instagram account with another method. If they have messaged you once when your account was enabled, they can go to their DM section and look out for conversation that occurred between the two of you and tap on your account profile. After this they will be navigated to your disabled account. Also, when they open your profile, they will see ‘No post Yet’ even though you have posted something in the past. But the total number of posted content will appear on the top of the account. The view of a disabled profile looks the same when you block any account on Instagram.

Is There Any Chance of People Unfollowing You When You Temporarily Disable Instagram?

If you don’t want to decrease your followers count, it’s better to disable the account temporarily. This can turn out to be a life-saving move. Disabling the account will help you to eradicate the fear of getting unpopular because your followers will not have an option to unfollow you when you are hibernating from social media platforms. If you want to be inactive for a while, it’s better to disable the account rather than keeping it idle.

Effect On Tags, Comments, and Likes When You Temporarily Disable Instagram

If you have commented on any post or liked a post on Instagram, it will become invisible as soon as you disable your account. When you reactivate your account, all the comments and likes will come back. Therefore, there’s no need to worry if your likes and comments on Instagram content become invisible.
One more point to be noted is that your friends can’t mention you in any post or comment. They will not see anything while tagging you on Instagram nor will find your username.

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It’s not necessary to keep your account idle if you are not able to engage properly. It’s better to disable it temporarily. Temporarily disabling the account has more benefits than drawbacks as we have already explained to you in the article ‘What Happens When You Temporarily Disable Instagram’. There are fewer chances of losing your popularity and fame if you temporarily disable Instagram.

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