9 Proven Fixes For YouTube Something Went Wrong


Streaming platforms have gradually started replacing television and the number of users of streaming platforms is increasing. Among a bunch of streaming platforms, YouTube stands in the first place. The accessibility of simple UI and multilingual videos free of cost makes YouTube a popular choice for numerous users.
However, YouTube might face technical issues in its service that makes the app inaccessible. Such issues persist either from the end of YouTube itself or from the user’s side. The common issue ‘YouTube something went wrong’ is faced by many and they are browsing numerous websites to find a perfect solution for fixing it. Well, if you have landed here you’ll get what you wished for. In the upcoming sections of this article, we have discussed a few methods that can help you to fix ‘YouTube something went wrong’.

9 Proven Fixes For YouTube Something Went Wrong

Method 1: Check YouTube Servers

YouTube’s faulty servers can be a cause for the error message ‘YouTube something went wrong’. For the verification of the cause, you need to download ‘DownDetector’ which can help you to show the current status of YouTube. If the status of YouTube is offline, all you can do is wait patiently until the developers of YouTube fix the issue from their side. If the YouTube servers are working appropriately, try the other fixes mentioned below.

Method 2: Switch Off VPN

If your device is facing an issue while communicating with the YouTube servers, you need to switch off the VPN. Although, using VPN is not a bad idea as it protects your sensitive data by providing a good level of security but at times, it might interfere with your internet connection and cause issues like ‘YouTube something went wrong’. The VPN helps you in changing the device IP address, creating instability while creating a connection with the YouTube servers. Switch off the VPN & try streaming a video on YouTube.

Method 3: Manually Change YouTube Region

At times, the servers for your area might face issues. In such cases, issues might occur in your region only. To resolve this problem, try accessing other regions’ servers by manually changing your region. This fix can be applied only if you are accessing YouTube on any browser. It does not apply to the app.

  • Step 1: Launch a browser and visit YouTube.
  • Step 2: Tap your finger on the given URL box of the browser that you have opened and highlight ‘www’.
  • Step 3: Change ‘www’ to ‘ca’ and proceed by hitting the ‘Enter’ button.
  • Step 4: Start using YouTube and observe if the issue got fixed.

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Method 4: Access PureVPN

If you don’t want to switch off the VPN, we suggest you access a better VPN. PureVPN is also a VPN service provider but it consists of at least 6500+ servers present throughout the world for optimizing unparalleled performance. PureVPN provides the best features such as 256bit AES encryption, port forwarding, split-tunnelling, etc.

  • PureVPN assures that your data is safe and you’ll not face any network issues.
  • PureVPN also provides 24/7 customer service that is available via live chats, email, and phone to help you in case you are facing any issues while accessing the platform.

Method 5: Decrease Video Quality

If you are receiving the error message ‘YouTube something went wrong’ while streaming a video, the problem might be your poor internet connection that is unable to keep up with the bandwidth requirement of the video. If this is the reason, you can lower the quality of the video for improving YouTube performance.
To access this feature in the browser follow the steps mentioned below :

  • Step 1: Open YouTube from the browser and start playing the video that you want to watch.
  • Step 2: Tap on the ‘Gear’ icon to open the settings.
  • Step 3: Select the option of ‘Quality’ and lower the playback resolution of the video.

For Mobile Users:

  • Step 1: From YouTube, start playing the video that you would like to watch.
  • Step 2: Select the ‘More’ button and then choose the option of ‘Quality’.
  • Step 3: Change the resolution accordingly.

Method 6: Update The App

The developers of YouTube release YouTube updates at regular intervals for addressing issues on the platform. If you forgot to update the app, update it as soon as possible to fix the issue:

For Android Users:

  • Step 1: Open the Google Play Store on your device and click on your profile.
  • Step 2: Choose the option of ‘Manage Apps and Device’.
  • Step 3: From the list of ‘Updates available’ and hit the update button present next to YouTube.

For iOS Users:

  • Step 1: Open the App Store on your device and click on your profile.
  • Step 2: Find YouTube from the list of updates and tap on the update button for installing the YouTube latest version.

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Method 7: Clear App Cache

If the app is not working up to the mark, clear the browsing data of the app. Browsing data consists of cookies and cache that might get damaged and affect other sites. To clear the cache and cookies of the app follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Launch the default browser and open the ‘History’ tab.
  • Step 2: Select the option of ‘Clear Browsing Data’.
  • Step 3: Next, include ‘cookies and other data’ along with ‘cache images and files in the process.
  • Step 4: Open ‘Time range’ and select the option of ‘All time’ from the drop-down list before clicking on the option of ‘clear data’.
  • Step 5: After completing the process, go back to YouTube and check if the issue got fixed.

Method 8: Use Another Browser

To render the website contents, browser access engines. Nevertheless, all browsers do not access the same render engine. It interprets each website code that differs from others. It means that one browser can display a specific website that might not appear in the other browser. If this is the probable cause, try YouTube on some other browser.

Method 9: Check The Network Connection

An unstable or slow internet connection can be the cause for the issue of YouTube something went wrong. For verifying, if it’s the only cause for the same, test your network connection on ‘Fast.com’ which will measure the uploading and downloading bandwidth. If the issue persists in your network connection, reboot the router or modem to refresh the link with your service provider. To check the internet connection follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Unplug the router to switch it off, wait for a few seconds, and plugin again.
  • Step 2: Test it again and check the results. If the results are the same, contact your ISP to look into this matter and fix it.

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YouTube is the prime streaming platform accessed by everyone from toddlers to teens and adults. It’s a source of learning and entertainment. At times, obstacles might appear in the form of an error message ‘YouTube something went wrong’ that might hinder your entertainment or learning process. Hence, we have provided the possible solutions to fix the problem so that you can seamlessly continue streaming on your favourite platform.

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