Amazon Hub Locker & Counter: Step By Step Guide, Pros & Cons, Function In Details

Shopping is considered a therapy and with the emergence of renowned e-commerce platforms, this advantageous facility has become more convenient for everyone. You can easily order anything with just one single tap through Amazon or Flipkart & your order would be delivered to your doorstep. Also, if you want the order to get delivered on the same day then you can use the Amazon Prime Delivery feature as well. But, have you ever wondered about what if you’re looking forward to giving a parcel to someone as a surprise or you wish to go and pick it up yourself?

Hold On! Amazon has found a solution for this problem too & has named them Amazon Hub Counter & Amazon Hub Counter. The popularity of these services is booming in the US & almost 89% of users from the US rely on Amazon for their shopping sprees which is the major reason for planting these services abroad. In this article, we’ll brief you everything about these services which will give you an idea as to what it’s & how you can use them to keep your parcel safe & secure if you reside in the US, UK, or another country that offers these facilities.

Note: This facility is currently available only in selected countries abroad & not in India so unfortunately shopaholics from India won’t be able to access it.

Comparison Chart: Amazon Hub Counter & Amazon Hub Locker

Features  Amazon Hub Counter  Amazon Hub Locker 
Cost  Free  Free
Country Availability  13 More than 900 areas in the US & other 11 countries 
Type Of Space  Open Counter  Locker 
Staff Presence  Yes  No 
Package Storing Period  14 Days  3 Days 
Returns Acceptable  Yes Yes 
Packaging Material For Return  No  No 
Type of Package  From Amazon Only  From Amazon Only
Self Service  No  Yes 
Automation  No  Yes 
Code  QR code  6-digit drop-off code 
Location  Outlets of 3rd party retail stores 3rd party retail store & other shopping, grocery, and essential service outlets
Applicable For Baby  & Food Items  Yes Yes
Timings  According to retail store timings  7 am to 9 pm sometimes 24*7

Short Snippet: Amazon Hub Counter

In simple words, Amazon Hub Counter is located at some 3rd party retail stores where the employee of the business entity is available to assist you. The staff there is responsible for helping the customer to find or return their parcel. It’s also termed as a combined pathway of pick-up points & is generally based in big grocery stores, coffee shops, airports, post offices, banks, convenience stores, gyms, or medical stores. This facility can be used infinite times to pick up or return packages from Amazon only. Customers can pick up or return their parcel through Amazon Hub Counter only if it fits the criteria mentioned by Amazon.

  • The package should be sold or supplied by
  • The particular item weight should not exceed more than 33lbs
  • The dimensions should not go beyond 36(h)*24(l)*24(w) inches
  • The parcel should not contain items that need to be handled with care
  • The package should not comprise Subscribe & Save items or Release-Date Delivery products
  • The order should be available for shipping within 24 hours

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How Does Amazon Hub Counter Function

On visiting the Amazon Hub Counter you’ll be guided by the store staff which will enhance your overall customer experience. The staff will ask you to show the barcode provided to you by Amazon for scanning purposes. Once staff scans the barcode & your order gets verified by them the last step is handing over the package to you. After the final verification, the staff will hand over the right package to you if you come to pick up your parcel. In case of returns, they’ll take the order and will keep it back safely on the open counter.

You can do this yourself too, checkout out the below-mentioned steps, locate an Amazon Hub Counter near you, and see how it works.

  • Step 1: First, open the Amazon app or web application on your mobile phone, PC, or tablet
  • Step 2: Enter your area Pin Code for finding out an Amazon Locker (Pickup Location) from where you wish to pick up your order.
Note: You’ll receive a message from Amazon that would include the pickup code and product delivery confirmation update as well.
  • Step 3: Visit the Amazon Hub Counter allocated to you along with the QR Code
  • Step 4: You can take the staff’s help for retrieving your parcel or can visit the self-service locker for picking up the package yourself
  • Step 5: Scan the particular locker along with the QR code to open it. Pick up your parcel and close the locker
Amazon Hub Counter

Step-by-Step Guide: Return Parcel To Amazon Hub Counter

The option of self-service is not applicable if you wish to return your order at Amazon Hub Counter. Those who wish to return an order are offered an assisted return facility by the staff. You’ll also be receiving a set of returning essentials (if required) from Amazon. This is acceptable in only a few cases. You have to re-pack the parcel again with or without these materials post which you’ve to follow a simplified procedure for returning the parcel at the counter.

  • Step 1: Open the Amazon app or web application on your device or PC
  • Step 2: Move to the ‘Orders’ category to commence the return procedure from the ‘Your Orders’ section
Note: If your location & the order qualifies for a return at Amazon Hub Counter in that case only you can drop off your parcel there.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to return your parcel at the counter:

  • Step 3: Choose Amazon Hub Counter > Amazon Hub Counter Location to view the nearest hub on the map
  • Step 4: On selecting the hub location you’ll receive an email from Amazon which would include Amazon Hub Counter returns QR code & basic guidelines for your parcel return
  • Step 5: Reach the counter along with the parcel & show the unique QR code to the counter staff associate
  • Step 6: The staff will scan the QR code to confirm the order details. Your return will be accepted once verified by them
  • Step 7: You can track your returns in the ‘Your Orders’ section to get the latest updates
Note: Your order is packed in a polyethene bag by the counter staff as per the guidelines stated by Amazon. A return label is also added to the package before executing the return process to Amazon.

Availability & Working Timeline Of Amazon Hub Counter

Lucky are those who choose Amazon Hub Counter as their delivery partner. You have the premium liberty to choose your delivery counter while checking out from Amazon. All you have to do is enter the relevant postal code (preferably the closest location) & your parcel will get delivered there. You can also return the parcel at the same outlet in case there’s any quality issue or if you’re looking for an exchange.

Talking about the presence of Amazon Hub Counter well this versatile service is available in 13 different countries worldwide about which we’ve mentioned below:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • Mexico
  • Italy
  • France
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • UAE
  • Australia
  • Saudi Arabia

Moreover, the working timeline of the Amazon Hub Counter differs a bit in comparison to the locker. All the counters function according to the work hours followed by the 3rd party retail store.

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Short Snippet: Amazon Hub Locker

The usage of Amazon Hub Locker is quite popular in the US because of its streamlined security features. These lockers are generally found in different sizes and are offering a contactless experience to customers post the breakthrough of Covid-19. There’s no staff at the locker to assist you. You have to reach your locker and pick up or return your parcel through self-service. Generally, these lockers are located in the same type of areas where counters are available i.e, convenience stores, big malls, huge gas stations, or supermarket stores. If you want to get your order delivered at Amazon Hub Locker then check out the eligibility criteria below.

  • The particular item should be less than $5,000 & should be sold or purchased directly from Amazon
  • It should weigh less than 10lbs and should be smaller than 16*12*14 inches in dimensions
  • The package should not contain any harmful substances, Subscribe & Save items, things from different countries or Release Date Delivery items

How Does Amazon Hub Locker Function

Once you’re done placing your order you have to follow a procedure to get your order delivered to the Amazon Hub Locker. Have a look below at how it can be done easily without any external help.

  • Step 1: You have to select the ‘Proceed’ option for checking out once you’re done adding all the necessary items to your shopping cart
  • Step 2: An option of ‘Pick up from an Amazon Locker’ will be displayed to you just below the shipping address. Your job is to select a locker that is nearest to the shipping address
  • Step 3: You have to now select a locker location for the delivery of your order. On doing so, you’ll see a locker address displayed just below the shipping address
  • Step 4: Lastly, go ahead and complete your order by tapping on the ‘Checkout’ option
Amazon Hub Locker

Availability & Working Timeline Of Amazon Hub Locker

As compared to counters, Amazon Hub Lockers are safer as they’re built with automatic kiosk features. This supreme & secure facility of Amazon Hub Lockers is right now available in more than 900 areas all across the United States. Other countries where customers can access this safest delivery option are France, Mexico, Canada, UAE, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, United Kingdom, Japan & Australia.

The Amazon Hub Lockers follow a strict timeline which starts from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. You can reach the location anytime during this period to pick up your parcel away from the hassle of receiving it at your home or office. However, certain lockers function 24*7 according to the store work timings where the locker is based at that moment. This substitute timing is feasible for those individuals who travel frequently or don’t have a fixed time for receiving the order. The parcel is kept in the locker for 3 days only hence customers have to take it before this period otherwise it’s returned to Amazon.

Step-by-Step Guide: Return Parcel To Amazon Locker

The main purpose of the locker and counter is somewhere very similar. Just like picking up your parcel from the locker you have the option of returning it too. We’ll tell you how you can seamlessly return items to the locker.

  • Step 1: Search for the ‘Returns Centre’ in the Amazon app or web application
  • Step 2: Now you have to submit a ‘Return Request’ to check whether your parcel is eligible for return or not. In case it’s then the option of ‘Amazon Hub Locker’ will be shown to you
  • Step 3: Choose the ‘Amazon Hub Locker’ return option & now look out for a locker that is nearest to your current area on the map
  • Step 4: You’ll receive an email from Amazon along with a drop-off code
  • Step 5: Pack your parcel properly, stick a printout of the ‘Return Shipping Label’ & reach the Amazon Hub Locker assigned to you
  • Step 6: Type the right drop-off code on the touch-screen display of the locker & follow the instructions shown on the screen
Note: While returning make sure that the package is small in size and is less than 18in*14im*12in as that’s the minimum criteria under which a parcel should fall for fitting inside the locker.

Pros & Cons: Amazon Hub Locker & Counter

  • It’s completely safe & and does not charge any kind of extra amount for keeping or returning the parcel
  • It allows the customer to schedule the pick-up & return timing at their ease
  • The parcels are stored in retail stores, shops, Walmarts, or other spaces which are confined and are built with a solid infrastructure
  • It’s kept away from direct sunlight access so that it doesn’t get tampered due to excessive heat or other types of uncertain weather conditions
  • There’s no requirement of sharing a home address for delivery as one can choose the counter or locker as the primary delivery address
  • Your parcel stays in a safe zone & doesn’t get stolen or misplaced by any chance by porch pirates
  • You can keep the gifts hidden if you bought them for someone else and wish to surprise them
  • You have your own personal locker or counter and need not share it with anyone

There’s no doubt that these facilities do offer multiple advantages but there are a few disadvantages associated with them too. Have a look below to know about them.

  • You have to go counter or locker for picking up or returning your parcel
  • The Amazon Hub Locker facility is available only for 3 days
  • The items should be purchased from Amazon only and not from other organisations or businesses firms
  • If the parcel exceeds the weight of >20lbs then it wouldn’t be kept inside the locker or counter

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With this, it’s a wrap and we hope that now you’ve got a flair idea about this beneficial facility offered by Amazon. It’s a one-stop solution for all those who want to pick up their parcel as per their comfort zone or whenever they’re free from their busy schedule. Certainly, this facility of Amazon Hub Locker & Amazon Hub Counter works best for those who are working professionals or students as for them it’s not possible to be available at the concerned address every time. We hope you’re now sorted about these facilities and have understood the differences between them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) For how many days does Amazon Hub Locker & Counter hold a particular package?

Ans: The period for which Amazon Hub Locker holds the package rounds off around 3 days whereas Amazon Hub Counter keeps it for 14 days. However, if the person doesn’t arrive to collect their package within that specific period then it’s eventually returned to the Amazon authorities. The customer is also reimbursed for the same as per the refund policy.

Q) How can visually impaired people access Amazon Hub Counter?

Ans: Amazon strives to connect with people through its facilities & always makes sure that it’s easily accessible by everyone including individuals who suffer from disabilities. They have embedded a headphone jack in Amazon Hub Locker for people who have low vision using which one can get their parcel themselves without asking for help.

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