BSNL Broadband: Plan, Registration, Installation Charges, Customer Care & Deactivation

BSNL Broadband: Plan, Registration, Installation Charges, Customer Care & Deactivation

BSNL broadband is where reliable connectivity and outstanding customer service come together to provide a fast and seamless internet experience. BSNL Broadband offers a variety of options that cater to both household and business users. BSNL offers Wi-Fi plans ranging from Rs.329 to Rs. 4799 for high-speed surfing, gaming, and OTT platform streaming, with broad coverage and devoted customer service.

BSNL Broadband: Plan, Registration, Installation Charges, Customer Care & Deactivation

BSNL Fiber Plans combine lightning-fast internet connections with a powerful fiber optic network, guaranteeing unrivaled online performance. Whether it’s seamless surfing, HD video streaming, online gaming, or fast file transfers, BSNL Fiber provides high bandwidth and low latency for lag-free connectivity. BSNL Wifi Plans are designed to meet the needs of both individuals and businesses, with cheap prices and reliable internet connectivity. BSNL Fiber Plans provides a high-performance internet solution backed by great customer service.

BSNL Broadband Plans For Home and Business

Plan Name Prices Internet speed Data Data Validity OTT Platforms 
Home-WiFi39930 Mbps 1000GB 1 Month
Fibre Basic Neo 49930 Mbps 3300 GB1 Month 
Fibre Basic 49940 Mbps 3300GB 1 Month 
Fibre Basic Plus 59960 Mbps 3300 GB1 Month 
Fibre Basic Plus OTT 66660 Mbps 3300 GB 1 Month Disney plus hotstar super plan 
Fibre value OTT 799100 Mbps 1000 GB 1 Month Disney Plus Hotstar, Sony LIV, ZEE5, and Yupp TV 
BSNL Superstar Premium Plus 999150 Mbps 2000 GB1 Month YUPP TV, Disney plus hotstar premium, shemraoo, lions gate, Hungama,Zee5, and SonyLiv 
Fibre Premium Plus1,299200 Mbps 4000GB1 month
Fibre Premium Plus OTT1,499200 Mbps 33000GB1 monthFree OTT: Disney+ Hotstar Premium, Hungama, Sony LIV, Shemaroo, YuppTV, Lions Gate, ZEE5
Fibre Ultra OTT1,799300 Mbps4000GB,1 monthDisney+ Hotstar Premium, Hungama, Sony LIV, Shemaroo, YuppTV, Lions Gate, ZEE5
Fibre Silver OTT2,299300 Mbps4500GB1 monthDisney+ Hotstar Premium, Hungama, Sony LIV, Shemaroo, YuppTV, Lions Gate, ZEE5
Fibre Silver Plus OTT2,799300 Mbps 5000GB,1 monthDisney+ Hotstar Premium, Hungama, Sony LIV, Shemaroo, YuppTV, Lions Gate, ZEE5
Fibre Ruby OTT4,799300 Mbps 6500GB,1 monthDisney+ Hotstar Premium, Hungama, Sony LIV, Shemaroo, YuppTV, Lions Gate, ZEE5

BSNL New Broadband Connection Registration

To obtain a new BSNL fiber plan connection, do these steps:

  • Visit the nearest BSNL Customer Service Centre or the BSNL website: Begin by finding the nearest BSNL Customer Service Centre in your location or visiting the official BSNL website.
  • Inquire about broadband availability: Check with a BSNL agent or search the website to see whether BSNL Broadband services are available in your area. Although BSNL has extensive network coverage, it is always advisable to double-check before proceeding.
  • Choose a broadband plan: Select the BSNL fiber plans that best meet your needs. Consider variables such as internet speed, data limitations, and any additional perks like OTT subscriptions when choosing any BSNL air fiber package.
  • Provide the necessary documentation: Gather the necessary documents, which normally include proof of identity, proof of address, passport-sized pictures, and any additional documents desired by BSNL.
  • Fill up the application form: Complete the BSNL Broadband application form with precise information. You may be asked to submit your name, address, phone number, plan selection, and payment information.
  • Submit your application and pay the BSNL broadband new connection charge: Submit the completed application form and relevant documents to the BSNL Customer Service Center. Pay the BSNL Wi-Fi connection price, which may include installation costs, a security deposit, and the first month’s subscription fee.

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Essential Documents Required For BSNL Broadband Connection

Identity proof

  • Passport, Arms Licence, Driving Licence, Election Commission ID Card
  • Ration Card (with applicant’s photo), CGHS/ECHS card
  • Certificate of Address with photo by MP/MLA/Gazetted Officer
  • Photo Identity Card by Village Panchayat head
  • Income Tax PAN card, Photo Credit card, Address Card by Dept. of Posts
  • Smart card by CSD/Defence/Paramilitary, Current passbook (with photo)
  • Photo Identity Card by Govt. recognized institutions (students only)
  • Pensioner Card, Freedom Fighter Card, Kissan passbook (with photo)

Address Proof:

  • Same options as Proof of Identity, plus:
  • Water, telephone, and electricity bills (not older than 3 months)
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate, Sale/Lease Agreement
  • Credit Card Statement (not older than 3 months)
  • Pensioner Card, Freedom Fighter Card, Kissan passbook (with address)

Additionally, certificates from government officials, income tax PAN cards, and smart cards issued by various organizations serve as acceptable proof. In the case of address verification, utility bills, rental agreements, and official correspondence not older than three months are also accepted. Foreign nationals must submit a copy of their passport as proof of identity.

BSNL Broadband Installation Charges

BSNL Broadband offers various installation and service charges based on the type of plan and equipment chosen. Installation charges range from Rs.250 for NPC (New Personal Connection) with broadband or voice service to Rs.500 for modem security deposit if rented. However, there are no installation charges for certain plans or under annual payment options. Modem sale prices vary depending on the type, with ADSL Basic at Rs.1400, ADSL WiFi at Rs.1250, and VDSL WiFi at Rs. 3250. Monthly rental fees for modems also differ, ranging from Rs.70 to Rs.150, inclusive of GST and a five-year AMC. Shifting and change of plan charges are nil.

Check Existing BSNL Broadband Plan Data Usage

  • Download and install the My BSNL App from Google Play Store or App Store
  • Skip the login and navigate to the menu option on the top left corner of the screen.
  • Select “Usage” from the menu.
  • Choose “Broadband” from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the STD Code and contact number to add your account.
  • Click on “Submit.”
  • Select the added account.
  • Choose a data range option.
  • Click on “Submit” again.

The BSNL broadband balance check and usage details will be displayed, showing your current Internet plan and used data. Alternatively, you can check BSNL broadband data usage by calling 121 or sending an SMS with “BAL” to 121. This method provides a breakdown of your data usage and available balance. Another method is to review your last bill for data usage details.

Simple Ways To Pay BSNL Broadband Connection Bill

Paying your broadband bill with BSNL is simple and convenient, with a variety of payment methods available to suit your needs. You can manage your payments efficiently using:

  • Online Payment: The BSNL website provides a user-friendly platform for downloading your bill and safely paying online. Simply log in to your account, download the bill, and pay with a variety of choices including PayTM, GooglePay, PhonePe, FreeCharge, and Bajaj Finserv.
  • Auto Pay: Set up automatic payments through your bank account to ensure that your broadband bill is paid on time every month, hassle-free.
  • Cash/Cheque Payment: Visit any BSNL office or authorized payment center to pay your bill in cash or by cheque.
  • ECS (Electronic Clearing Service): Enroll in ECS (Electronic Clearing Service) to allow BSNL to instantly debit your bank account for bill payments, assuring quick settlements with no manual intervention.
  • Drop Box: For increased convenience, deposit your cheque or cash payment in designated drop boxes at BSNL offices or other specified locations.

To download your broadband bill, log in to your BSNL account on their website, go to the billing section, and input your password to securely access and download your bill. With these various payment options, you can easily and efficiently manage your BSNL broadband expenses.

Process To Renew Existing BSNL Broadband Plan

To change your BSNL broadband plan online, start by signing up on the BSNL Self Care portal. New users can easily register by providing their name, email ID, and mobile number. Once signed up, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official BSNL Self Care portal.
  • Sign in using your credentials and complete the captcha verification.
  • Click on ‘Billing Account Number’ on the next page.
  • Choose ‘Modify Services’ from the options on the left.
  • Select ‘Change Tariff Plan’.
  • Proceed through the tabs: Declaration, Service Type, Select Plan, and Confirmation.
  • Under Declaration, tick the box confirming you’ve read and understood the terms.
  • In Service Type, select your landline number and broadband service.
  • Choose your existing plan and the new plan you wish to switch to.
  • Confirm the plan change by clicking ‘Submit Change’.
  • After completing these steps, you’ll receive a service request number. A BSNL official will contact you on your registered number the next business day to confirm the plan change. Once confirmed, your new plan will be activated.

BSNL also notifies users via their registered number when the daily data limit is reached. Users can opt to continue with their current plan or switch to a new one by selecting the ‘Change to a new plan’ option provided in the notification.

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Customer Care Details

  • For quick assistance and support, BSNL offers multiple contact options. You can dial 1504 from your BSNL mobile or landline, or use 1800-345-1504 from any other operator’s mobile or landline.
  • For WLL/CDMA services, call 1502 from your BSNL device or dial 1800-180-1502 from other operator devices. If you require assistance with enterprise services such as MPLS VPN, ILL, or Bulk SMS, contact 18004257007 or use the SMS short code 57007.
  • For email inquiries, reach out to [email protected] Leased line support is available at 1800-425-1957. Additionally, you can also contact BSNL through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handles if available.

Deactivate BSNL Broadband Connection

To disable your broadband connection, go to your local BSNL exchange and fill out a disconnection application. Remember to bring your router and any additional equipment, such as splitters, to surrender. Two applications are required: one to cancel the broadband service and another to claim the security deposit by returning the equipment. Begin by receiving a receipt for the surrendered equipment from the surrendering area, and then attach it to the application for claiming the security deposit. This procedure guarantees a smooth discontinuation of your broadband service from BSNL.

  • Address the letter to the concerned authority at the BSNL office.
  • Include the date for record-keeping purposes.
  • Subject line should succinctly state the purpose of the application.
  • Begin with a formal salutation.
  • Keep the body short and concise, stating your BSNL number, reason for disconnection, and confirmation of cleared dues.
  • Conclude by reiterating the issue and expressing hope for consideration.
  • Sign off formally with phrases like ‘Yours sincerely’ or ‘Yours faithfully’, followed by your name.

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