Guidelines To Block BSNL SIM Card |Deactivate Your SIM

Block BSNL SIM Card

Each day we have several cases of mobile snatching, and once they are stolen they can not be found again. Thieves often switch off the stolen mobile phones and also alter the IMEI number. Hence, customers need to block their SIM card for security reasons so that it’s not used by frauds under their name.

Guidelines To Block BSNL SIM Card |Deactivate Your SIM

If your phone gets stolen or lost and you have a BSNL sim card, follow the procedure provided below to block the specific BSNL Sim Card.

Guidelines To Block BSNL SIM Card

You can deactivate your BSNL sim card with the help of the steps mentioned below:

1) Call BSNL Mobile Customer Care number and dial the asked numbers until the operator asks about-

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address details
  • Next, confirm the above details so that the operator continues the process of sim blocking.
  • The BSNL executive will initiate the process of immediately blocking the BSNL Sim Card.

2) Go to the nearest customer service center and submit your proof of identity for the deactivation of your BSNL Sim Card.

  • The company operators will initiate the request to block your SIM card.

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Here are some answers to the most common questions related to center Card blocking

  • Whether the sim card gets blocked permanently or temporarily?
  • After your deactivation request, the company blocks your sim card temporarily so that you can replace the same number with another SIM card.
  • Can any other person who is not the owner of SIM block the card?
  • No, the person who is not an owner of the sim card can not block it because blocking of a sim card requires personal details including Identity proof.
  • Do we have to pay the charges to deactivate the BSNL sim card?
  • As of now, there are no charges for the deactivation of the card. However, if someone wants to activate the sim or replace the number, certain charges are applied in that case.
  • Do we get incoming calls even after the BSNL SIM card blocking?
  • No, all the incoming calls are stopped once the sim is blocked for a certain number.
  • Can the BSNL SIM Card be blocked online?
  • At present, no such advancement has been made to block SIM online. Sim cards can only be deactivated through customer care or by customer service center executives.

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If you have read the above information carefully, you won’t need to go for time-taking methods for deactivating the BSNL SIM card in case you have lost your phone. The guidelines mentioned here will help resolve all your issues regarding the deactivation of your BSNL sim card.

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