Unable To Send/ Receive SMS Vi Vodafone Number Fixes

Unable To Send Receive SMS Vodafone Number

If you’re a Vi SIM user and suddenly you’re not receiving text messages on your number nor able to send one then it’s important to find out the reason for this problem. Once you know the cause you can easily implement the solutions to fix the issue. There are multiple reasons which lead to the failure of receiving or delivering text messages on Vi. Here are major hurdles along with the best solutions to fix this problem.

Unable To Send/ Receive SMS Vi Vodafone Number Fixes

10 Troubleshoot Fixes For Unable To Send/Receive SMS On Vodafone

Full Message Storage

If your message memory is over bombarded with thousands of text messages then you’ll be unable to to send/receive SMS on Vodafone. You need to remove messages by clearing the data and cache to start sending or receiving messages. To discard messages by clearing data and cache follow the detailed instructions listed below.

  • Step 1: Tap on the Messages icon
  • Step 2: Click on the ‘i’ symbol and the App Info menu will appear on your screen
  • Step 3: Click on the Storage Usage option
  • Step 4: Tap on Clear Data > Delete > Clear Cache

When you tap on “Clear Data” all your existing message data, files and settings will be permanently deleted from your device. However, if you don’t want to delete all messages then you can select some specific ones manually by tapping on each one. Note that this method is applicable for Android users. iOS doesn’t have any built-in facility so make sure to continuously delete unsolicited messages from your phone.

SMS Service Blocked

This is the most prominent reason why users are unable to send/receive SMS on Vodafone. It happens when a Vi user has not used the SMS service for more than 6 months. Henceforth, the telecom company blocks the service on their number.

Solution: To get it fixed you can reach out to Vi customer care by calling them on 198 and after identity verification your service will be resumed in an hour.

Out Of Network Zone

If you’re in an outdated area where there’s no Vi network tower then you won’t be able to send/receive SMS on Vodafone. Apart from this your internet connection and calling services will also not work until and unless the network bar is fully visible and you’re in the Vi network zone. Try sending a message again once the network is available and you’ll see it’s working perfectly.

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Upgraded Vi User

You might be facing this problem if you recently blocked your Vi SIM and got a duplicate SIM. As you’ve upgraded from an old sim to a new sim on (similar network) you won’t be able to send SMS for 48 hours until your sim gets fully activated. Once it’s enabled you will start receiving messages and can send as well.

Device Problem & SIM Tray Defect

If you’re regularly recharging your Vi number and are in a good network zone but unfortunately your SMS service gets interrupted then restarting your phone can act as a quick fix. You can also check for SIM card placement on the tray. Change the sim slots and then check whether messages services are functioning properly or not. Certainly, these two are the best troubleshooting methods from a user perspective.

Entered Wrong Date & Time

It’s extremely important to enter an accurate date and time for your device to function in a streamlined manner. If the current date and time are invalid then it might create a hindrance in SMS services on your Vi number. So go to Settings > Date & Time and adjust the correct date & time as per the current schedule. Your services will be resumed upon setting the relevant date and time.

Enabled DND Activation On Vi Number

Often Vi users enable DND (Do Not Disturb) mode to avoid unnecessary or spam calls and text messages. If you activate DND on your Vi number then you won’t be receiving any messages on your number until you disable it. To deactivate DND you can call 1909, take Vi IVR help, or drop an email to Vi Customer Care.

Blocked Particular Number

If you’re trying to send an SMS to someone but can’t then you may have added them to the block list. Blocking a number also prohibits the person from calling or texting you. So check your blocked list and remove them to send or receive messages on Vodafone from them.

Using Wrong SMSC Centre Number

SMSC number takes forward the entire process of SMS transfer in the wireless network. If you’re using the wrong SMSC number then a notification stating that ‘SMS not sent’ will pop up every time you try to send an SMS on Vodafone. You will also not receive any messages on your Vi number until you enter the right SMSC number. The method to change SMSC number varies for Android and iOS. Each state has a separate SMSC number so you need to update it in relevance to the state you currently live in. You can also contact Vi Customer Care for better assistance on this solution.

Using a Defective SIM Card

SIM cards get corrupted if they are removed often from the SIM tray or are kept on dirt or liquid surfaces. The excessive dirt accumulation damages the SIM card and it stops co-operating in mobile services, i.e., making calls, internet connection, or sending and receiving messages. Sometimes, the SMS service won’t be facilitated if the SIM card is not inserted properly into the SIM tray. You can fix this issue by cleaning the SIM card and tray with a cotton swab or soft cloth. Once done, send a message to confirm that the problem is resolved or not. In such cases, it’s better to get a new SIM card from the network provider on the same number. This will 100% fix the problem.

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Insufficient SMS Recharge

Low balance or not recharging on a Vi mobile number for more than 6 months will restrict SMS and all the other services on your number. You won’t be able to send or receive messages nor can avail data/call facility. If you try to send any message it’ll not get delivered. So to restart your services you need to recharge your number. In case, you just want to opt for an SMS plan then below we have shared the ongoing plans offered by Vodafone. There are other recharge plans too which offer calling, texting, internet, and OTT under one roof which you can check on their official website.

Vi Recharge Amount Validity SMS Count 
Rs 19918100
Rs 21921100
Rs 26928100
Rs 29928100
Rs 17928300


By now you must have understood that it’s vital to know the reason why you’re facing issues in sending and receiving SMS on Vodafone. On getting the hold about the reason you can implement the solution so that you can start sending and receiving text messages on your number.

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