Zing Digital: Plans, Set-Top Box Installation Charges, Customer Care & Deactivate DTH

Zing Digital: Plans, Set-Top Box Installation Charges, Customer Care & Deactivate DTH

Zing Digital, a part of Dish TV India, started in January 2015 to offer regional channels in South India. It’s available in Kerala, West Bengal, and Odisha. Zing Digital changed DTH by giving access to local content. Many people like it for its variety of regional shows. Since its launch, Zing Digital has gained a lot of users and made a big impact on regional entertainment. It’s known for its customised content, making it popular in the DTH market. Zing Digital has won praise for bringing regional entertainment to more people in South India.

Zing Digital: Plans, Set-Top Box Installation Charges, Customer Care & Deactivate DTH

Zing Digital DTH Plans

Zing Digital is known for its wide range of regional channel packs and plans. It offers some of the best packages for regional channels. But to get these packs, you might need to customise them and find a nearby dealer. With Zing Digital, you can enjoy lots of regional content that suits what you like in Marathi, Oriya, Bangla, Tamil Nadu and Telugu.

Purchase Zing Digital DTH Connection

To purchase and activate a Zing Digital DTH connection, follow these steps:

  • Purchase the Box: Obtain the Zing Digital DTH box from a local dealer or retailer.
  • Installation: Please note that installation and technical assistance are not included. For installation support, contact a local dealer. The charges are the responsibility of the customer. Alternatively, you can book a chargeable installation service through customer care.

Activation: Activate the box by:

  • Opening your mobile message box.
  • Sending the message to: 9501795017, 9212012299, and 57575.

Important Notes To Consider

  • This box is for viewers with an existing antenna, looking to replace their current box.
  • It caters primarily to regional viewers, with limited options for adding Free-to-Air channels.
  • In case of issues, return the box for servicing or replacement. Return shipping costs are borne by the customer, but replacements are shipped free of charge.
  • The box does not include free service or installation. Technician visits will incur charges as communicated by customer care.

Zing Digital DTH Set Up Box Installation & Charges

Zing Digital gives you everything you need to set up your DTH service at home. The installation kit has an antenna, a set-top box (STB), and an easy-to-use remote. Our STB provides excellent Bangla entertainment with clear digital pictures and great sound. Setting up your Zing Digital DTH service is easy. Just connect the antenna and STB to your TV, and you’re good to go. The remote makes it simple to customize your channels. You can easily choose your favorite channels with the language button, so you get exactly what you want to watch. Zing Digital, getting set up and enjoying your favorite shows is simple and stress-free.

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Recharge Zing Digital DTH Plan Online & Offline

Recharging your Zing Digital DTH plan is now easier than ever, with multiple convenient options available both online and offline. Whether you prefer the simplicity of online transactions or the personal touch of visiting a retail outlet, Zing Digital ensures a seamless experience for its users. Users can recharge or upgrade their Zing Digital DTH plan through various platforms:

Official Website

  • Visit the Zing website.
  • Enter your details.
  • Choose your recharge amount.
  • Complete the transaction securely.

Mobile App

  • Download the Zing Digital app.
  • Navigate to the recharge section.
  • Input your details.
  • Finalize your recharge with ease.

Authorized Retailers

  • Visit designated outlets.
  • Provide necessary information.
  • Specify your recharge amount.
  • Complete the transaction in person.

Online Payment Portals

  • Utilize popular online portals like Paytm or PhonePe.
  • Search for Zing Digital.
  • Enter your details.
  • Select your recharge amount.
  • Proceed to payment for a hassle-free recharge experience.

Add Or Remove Channel In Zing Digital DTH Connection

Customizing your channel lineup has never been easier with Zing Digital DTH. Whether you want to add new channels or remove existing ones, Zing Digital offers a simple and convenient process. With just a few steps, users can tailor their viewing experience to suit their preferences perfectly.

  • To add A-la-Carte: Send ZING ADD <A-la-carte Code> <Viewing Card No.>
    Follow prompts to confirm the addition.
  • To delete A-la-Carte: Send ZING DEL <A-la-carte Code> <Viewing Card No.>
    Confirm deletion to complete the process.

Zing DTH Top Channels List

  • Star Plus
  • Life OK
  • Zee TV
  • Zee Cinema
  • Star Gold
  • DD Sports
  • Zee News
  • Zoom Discovery
  • Zee Cafe
  • Zee Business

Zing Digital Customer Care Details

Introducing Zing Digital, your gateway to a world of entertainment tailored to your preferences. With a diverse array of channels and interactive features, Zing Digital DTH ensures an enriching television viewing experience for its users. Whether you’re looking to recharge, upgrade your package, register your mobile number, or inquire about your pack details or order movies on demand, Zing Digital offers convenient and easy-to-use services. For any assistance or queries, you can contact Zing Digital customer care.

  • To know the recharge date, send ZING Recharge Date <Viewing card No.>
  • To upgrade your pack, send ZING UP <Pack Price>
  • To register your mobile number, send ZING RMN <Viewing Card No.>
  • To know pack details, send ZING PACK <Viewing Card No.>
  • To order a movie on demand (MOD), send MOD <Your 11 Digit Viewing Card No.> <Movie Code>
  • For further assistance, please contact Zing Digital Customer Care:
  • Call: 95017-95017
  • Email: [email protected]

Deactivate Zing Digital DTH Connection

When you decide to deactivate your Zing Digital DTH connection, following the correct process ensures a smooth transition. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the deactivation process:

  • Contact Zing Digital Customer Service: Obtain the contact information from their official website or your subscription documents.
  • Reach out to Customer Service: Inform them about your intention to deactivate and provide your account details for identification.
  • Request Deactivation: Clearly state your desire to deactivate your DTH connection and follow the instructions provided by the representative.
  • Return Equipment: If applicable, return any provided equipment following the instructions given by Zing Digital.
  • Settle Outstanding Dues: Ensure all payments are settled before deactivation to avoid complications.
  • Confirmation and Cancellation: Confirm the deactivation date and any further steps with the customer service representative.

Top 10 Features Offered By Zing Digital DTH

Zing Digital DTH (Direct-to-Home) service is known for its innovative features that enhance the television viewing experience for its users. Here are the top 10 features of Zing Digital DTH (Direct-to-Home) service:

  • High-Definition (HD) Channels: Zing Digital DTH offers a wide range of HD channels across various genres, including entertainment, movies, sports, and more, providing crystal-clear picture quality.
  • Interactive Services: Zing Digital DTH provides interactive services such as games, weather updates, news tickers, and other value-added services for an enhanced viewing experience.
  • Parental Control: The service includes parental control features, allowing parents to restrict access to certain channels or content based on their preferences.
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG): The EPG feature provides a comprehensive list of upcoming programs, making it easier to plan and schedule your viewing.
  • Multi-TV Viewing: Zing Digital DTH allows you to connect multiple televisions within your home, enabling you to enjoy your favorite channels on different TVs simultaneously.
  • Recording and Timeshift: The service offers recording and timeshift capabilities, enabling you to pause, rewind, and record live television programs for later viewing.
  • Audio Options: Zing Digital DTH provides multiple audio options, including Dolby Digital, allowing you to enjoy a superior audio experience.
  • Pay-Per-View: The service offers Pay-Per-View (PPV) options, where you can purchase and watch premium content, such as movies, sports events, and more, on a per-event basis.
  • Regional Channels: Zing Digital DTH caters to diverse regional preferences by offering a wide range of regional language channels.
  • Customer Support: The service provides dedicated customer support, ensuring prompt assistance and resolution of any queries or issues you may encounter.

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Zing Digital DTH’s innovative features and diverse content offerings have propelled its popularity, making it a booming choice among television viewers. With affordable packages, high-definition channels, interactive services, and excellent customer support, users can enjoy a personalised and immersive viewing experience. Whether it’s accessing regional content, enjoying video-on-demand, or controlling viewing preferences with parental controls, Zing Digital DTH caters to the diverse needs of users, ensuring maximum satisfaction and value for their entertainment needs.

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