How To Block Vi Vodafone Online & Offline – Multiple Methods

Block Vodafone Sim Card

SIM card and Smartphone have a cordial relationship with each other. In today’s date, we all use a mobile handset for day-to-day tasks whether it’s related to work, education, or other personal reasons. Our dear ones connect with us through the given mobile number and most of us keep our important documents within the phone. But what if your device gets stolen suddenly or you lose it? Your entire data and number are at risk and can be used for illegitimate purposes. In such cases, it’s best to block your SIM and get a new one. SIM card blocking method varies for all telecom companies so you need to follow the right instructions accordingly. However, if you have a Vi SIM and your device is nowhere trackable currently then go through the solutions mentioned in this article to block Vodafone SIM as soon as possible.

How To Block Vi Vodafone Online & Offline - Multiple Methods

Routes To Block Vodafone SIM Online & Offline

Deactivating your Vi SIM will suspend all your services (calling, internet connection, etc) for a temporary period. You cannot access your SIM card once it’s blocked. Here are four ways following which you can get your Vi SIM disabled by Vodafone.

Method 1: Contact Vi Customer Care Over Call

  • Step 1: Open the dialling keypad and call 198 from an alternate Vi number. You can call on 199 from a substitute telecom number, i.e, Airtel, Jio, etc.
  • Step 2: Choose your language preference
  • Step 3: Follow the IVR instructions thoroughly
  • Step 4: Enter the correct number to speak with Vi customer care executive
  • Step 5: Tell them about your issue and request them to block your SIM
  • Step 6: Confirm your identity
  • Step 7: Provide your email and alternate contact details for OTP validation
  • Step 8: Share the OTP for confirmation and once it’s verified Vodafone will block your SIM card immediately

Important Details To Consider

  • Your alternate Vi number should be registered within Vi’s official records. If it’s not updated then you need to download the Vi app and add your other number
  • The service is free of cost for prepaid and postpaid Vi SIM users
  • For calling on 199 to block Vodafone SIM you need to pay 50p/30 mins so m ake sure you have sufficient balance on your number
  • If you’re a Vi Postpaid user then you’ll still receive the current month’s bill even after blocking your SIM to make the payment
  • Vi customers can also contact *77 (800770077) to deactivate their SIM. Keep your user password in handy while calling on this number. Once you enter the right user password your Vi SIM will be barred by the company within an hour

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Method 2: Reach Nearest Vi Store

Vi customer care executives are well-trained to assist customers with such prominent issues. If you’re unable to reach Vi through call or website due to network issues then visit the nearby store to block Vodafone SIM. Here’s a short description of how executives will assist you in blocking your Vodafone SIM alongside providing you with a replacement SIM.

  • Step 1: Go to Vi Store (Official) located near to your area
  • Step 2: State your problem to the Vi Store Customer Care Executive
  • Step 3: Complete the paperwork procedure by filling in relevant information ,i.e, Name, Mobile Number, etc
  • Step 4: Provide an alternate email address or mobile number for OTP verification purposes
  • Step 5: Share the OTP to get your Vodafone SIM blocked permanently

You can request the Vi store executive to provide you with a replacement SIM on the same number so that you can continue your work. Always share alternate email address and number while purchasing a Vi new/duplicate SIM card whether it’s prepaid or postpaid.

To get a duplicate Vi SIM you need to again provide your alternate mobile number or email for OTP confirmation. After OTP verification, you need to provide valid identity proof to the executive. There will be a few additional procedures to confirm your identity and once it’s completed you’ll get a new sim. Do make sure to finish the tele-verification and activate the new Vi SIM. All your previous VAS, recharge, etc will get transferred to the new sim once it’s activated by you.

Method 3: Reach Out Vi On WhatsApp

You can also contact Vi on WhatsApp (9654297000) to block your Vi SIM card by visiting the Vi WhatsApp page or by saving the number mentioned above. To reach them via the website follow the steps described below:

  • Step 1: Go to the Vi WhatsApp Page
  • Step 2: Tap on Continue to chat
  • Step 3: State your problem and depending on the chat output follow the instructions to block your Vi SIM card

Method 4: Visit the Vi Official Portal

  • Step 1: Open the Vi Official Website on the browser
  • Step 2: Fill in your 10-digit Vi number which you want to get blocked
  • Step 3: Tap on the “Get OTP to block Sim” option
  • Step 4: You will receive the OTP on your email or alternate registered Vi number. Enter the 4-digit OTP
  • Step 5: Tap on Confirm to stop services on your Vodafone SIM

You’ll receive a confirmation unique reference number and final confirmation message on your email or provided alternate number. If you stop your SIM online then only after getting the reference number can you ask for a new SIM.

Vi SIMValid Timeframe To Apply For New SIM
Prepaid Vi SIM 15 Days
Postpaid Vi SIM60 Days

Top Reasons To Block Your SIM Card

You don’t need a reason to block your SIM card if it’s stolen or not found anywhere as it contains loads of private data which needs to be protected at any cost. However, for more awareness, we have highlighted some major reasons that emphasise the importance of blocking a SIM card. Also, don’t forget to delete your device data by using Device Manager (Android) and iCloud Account (iOS).

  • Prevent Personal Information Access: All your contacts, messages, and social media conversations are your personal digital data. If you don’t block the SIM immediately once it’s stolen the person can misuse it by blackmailing people in your contacts if the information is highly sensitive.
  • Protect Your Financial Details: Financial apps like Payment, PhonePe, etc store credit card details, and bank account numbers, and if someone gets access to your device they can try to withdraw or transfer the money as OTP will be shared on that number only until you block it. Henceforth, to stop anyone from accessing your money unauthentically you need to block your SIM.
  • Stop Accidental/Harmful Usage: Most criminals steal smartphones from other people and make use of that device to attempt a disastrous crime. To prevent any accidental crime you need to ask Vodafone to block your SIM so that you don’t get framed in the future.

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Seeing the increase in cyber thefts and crimes it’s crucial to block Vodafone SIM or any other SIM card if it’s misplaced or stolen suddenly. Alternatively, if it’s stolen then you should also lodge an FIR in the nearest police station for record purposes. However, what you need to implement first is block your SIM Card and if it’s a Vi SIM then follow the solutions listed above and disable it.

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