Block Your Airtel SIM in 5 Min By Following These Simple Methods

Block Or Deactivate Airtel Sim

An Airtel user may decide to block Airtel SIM in different situations. It could be possible that their SIM is lost or not found, they have switched to another network operator, or have an extra pair. In all these conditions a user can make a decision to block their SIM card to prevent unauthorised usage. Now, the steps to block Airtel SIM are hassle-free and results are delivered in an hour. In this comprehensive guide, we have mentioned how you can block your Airtel SIM to safeguard your sensitive information and avoid the ruckus of handling and recharging multiple numbers.

Block Your Airtel SIM in 5 Min By Following These Simple Methods

5 Available Platforms To Block Airtel SIM

To block Airtel SIM in case of an unfortunate situations you can reach out to Airtel Customer Support through call, app, email, or pay a visit to their official store nearby. Here’s a complete guide on how an Airtel user can temporarily or permanently block their Airtel SIM.

Method 1: By Calling Customer Support (Airtel Users)

Both the numbers, i.e., 198 and 121 are chargeable. You will be charged 50 paise per minute upon calling on this number so make sure that you have sufficient balance on your number.

  • Step 1: Dial 198 or 121 from an alternate Airtel number to connect with customer support. You can also dial 9849098490 from a secondary Airtel number
  • Step 2: Tell them about the reason or mishappening that occurred with you and request them to immediately block your SIM
  • Step 3: Confirm your identity for verification by telling your full name, DOB, address, and the number you wish to block. You might also need to share the last 4 digits of the Aadhar Card for identity confirmation. As soon your identity is confirmed your Airtel SIM will be blocked within 30-60 minutes

Method 2: By Calling Customer Support (Non-Airtel Users)

Those who lost their Airtel SIM and now have no access to it can call from some other mobile network at 1800-103-444 (toll-free). Follow the IVR prompts correctly after calling this number to connect with customer care. Talk with them and explain the reason for blocking your Airtel SIM. Confirm your identity details and in a while your SIM will be deactivated. You will receive a confirmation email (if registered) mentioning that your SIM card is disabled by Airtel.

Method 3: Through Airtel Thanks App

With the launch of the Airtel Thanks App, accessing OTT facilities, setting hello tunes, recharging or paying bills online has become easier for Airtel users. In addition to these features, you also have the option to block Airtel SIM via this easy-to-use app. Here’s how the process works out:

  • Step 1: Download the Airtel Thanks App depending on your device compatibility and open it
  • Step 2: Search for the ‘Help’ section and tap on it
  • Step 3: Go for Live Chat Support and enter the options relevant to blocking your Airtel SIM. Your SIM card will get deactivated in a few minutes and you’ll receive a confirmation message in your email and provided alternate number

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Method 4: Going To Closest Airtel Store

From our perspective, it’s the easiest resolution and your problem gets resolved in front of your eyes. The entire procedure is implemented officially by the customer care executive. Read how this facility operates at the store.

  • Step 1: Find an Airtel Store closest to your current location and go there
  • Step 2: Brief the Airtel staff about your issue and complete the identification by providing your SIM card number, FNF number, full name, DOB, previous recharge, current address, aadhar card details, etc
  • Step 3: Show the original copy of your Aadhar Card and wait until the verification process gets completed by the staff

In the next 60 minutes, the Airtel representative will update you that your SIM is blocked by the telecom company. Meanwhile, you’ll also a confirmation on your email and another number (if provided)

Method 5: Email Your Concern To Airtel

Alternatively, you can send a detailed email to Airtel at [email protected] if you wish to block your stolen SIM so that it’s not misused by anyone.

Seamless Deactivation Of Corporate Airtel SIM

Business entities do provide SIM cards to their employees specifically for official work purposes. If you’re no longer part of the organisation or misplaced your SIM by mistake then inform your Corporate Manager about the issue and the rest will be taken care of by them. Below we have described how this procedure works out:

  • Step 1: An online request will be made by the Key Account Manager to the Airtel
  • Step 2: You need to fill out a form for blocking the corporate Airtel SIM used by you
  • Step 3: Write a detailed application to block corporate Airtel SIM and attach it
  • Step 4: Share your GD in the application and submit it to the manager
  • Step 5: He will then share it online or offline with an Airtel representative and the professional SIM card will be disabled by them

Reactivate Your Disabled Airtel SIM

Your SIM card holds a lot of crucial information and contacts and losing it is tough. However, after blocking it you can get a new SIM on the same number and resume your services. But make sure to request a copy SIM within 15 days otherwise the number will be allocated to some other user. On the other hand, you can also reactivate your unused Airtel SIM within 15 days of the grace period by connecting with Airtel Staff online or offline.

Preventive Measures To Ensure SIM Card Safety

SIM cards are a prominent mode of communication in today’s digital era. Every person has a separate SIM card with a unique number only allocated to them in their name. When it’s lost or misplaced it’s quite painful and there’s constant fear of theft and data loss. To prevent such situations it’s better to build a safe action plan. Use the smart tips listed below to protect your data and SIM card from evil eyes.

  • Take Data Backup: Start backing up your SIM card and device data weekly or monthly to a secured place like Google Drive, Hard Disk, iCloud, etc. This way you’ll have access to everything even if someday your device or SIM is lost
  • Activate SIM Card Lock: By setting up a strong and secured SIM card lock you add an extra security touch to your SIM. Nobody will be allowed to use that SIM without entering that PIN.
  • Remove Data: Enable “Google Find My Device” on Android and Find My On iPhone if you have an iOS device. By activating this amazing security feature you can locate your device and delete all the information if you think it’s in unsafe hands.
  • Report To Police Authority: Not a tip but it’s as important as blocking your SIM. Go to the nearest police station with all necessary documents and register an FIR if your SIM card and device are stolen. The police authorities and cybersecurity team will look into this matter strictly to find your device.

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You are now well aware of methods that work to block Airtel SIM. We’ve explained everything in easy language so that it’s understood by our users. Lastly, do remember that once you request to disable your SIM you won’t be able to connect with your people on the same number until you buy a duplicate SIM from the same network provider.

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