Easy Methods To Activate And Deactivate Callertunes In Airtel

Steps To Activate Callertune/ Deactivate Calletune/ Set Hellotune in Airtel

With its cordial consumer technology approach, versatile benefits, and infinite recharge plans for data, SMS, talktime, Airtel knows how to achieve customer satisfaction. In recent times, they have been doing their best whether it’s providing the Airtel 4G/5G SIM upgradation facility to the users or allowing them to set HelloTune endlessly. Things have been working well for them and a huge population is using Airtel SIM. Talking about the CallerTune, well this feature is free for Airtel users on Wynk App and that’s indeed impressive. You can easily switch from one CallerTune to another. If you didn’t how to set up a CallerTune on Airtel number then read this comprehensive guide and get rid of the Tring Tring official tune.

Easy Methods To Activate And Deactivate Callertunes In Airtel

7 Methods To Activate CallerTune On Airtel

Certainly, there are so many pathways to activate CallerTune on Airtel. By setting a CallerTune of your choice you’re expressing yourself and it also speaks about your music interests. For your assistance, we have compiled all methods to activate CallerTune on Airtel. Follow the steps correctly and make people groove on your CallerTune when they make a call to you.

Through WYNK Music

Music platforms like Wynk Music not only allow Airtel users to stream endless songs but it also allows them to activate CallerTune on their Airtel number. This service is free for Airtel users however if one needs to set a unique CallerTune for a specific contacts on Airtel then Rs 19 will be charged per month. This feature comes under Wynk Premium where you also get access to unlimited songs, music streaming, ad-free music listening, and countless downloads at different prices. Now coming to the context of how you can set CallerTune through the Wynk Music App, it’s extremely convenient and gets done in seconds. See below how you can enable the CallerTune feature on Airtel.

  • Step 1: Download the Wynk Music App if you haven’t installed it on your device. If you already use the app then you can directly switch to Step 3
  • Step 2: Login into the app by entering your number and finish OTP verification
  • Step 3: Tap on the HelloTunes option. A new page with Trending Songs, Latest HelloTunes, Top HelloTunes for This in different languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Kannada, English etc will appear on the screen
  • Step 4: Go through the list of songs and choose one that fits your interest
  • Step 5: Click on three dots displayed beside the song and tap on the ‘Set HelloTune’ option
  • Step 6:
    Preview and listen to different HelloTune segments available for that song
  • Step 7: Select which segment you want to play and tap on the Set HelloTune option again which will be displayed at the bottom screen area
  • Step 8: Choose ‘All CallerTunes’ if you want to set that tune for everyone in your contacts
  • Step 9: Tap on Set Free CallerTune. Your new CallerTune will be successfully activated. However, sometimes it might take a while and you may receive a message that it’ll get activated shortly in 10 minutes

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Other Option: If you want to set that CallerTune specially for a specific bunch of people then opt for Close Friends (Hello Tunes for selective people) which is a paid feature for Wynk Premium users. You can also change Airtel CallerTune 3 times a month. To extend this timeline you need to avail the Premium feature.
Wynk Premium Charges & Validity

Price Discount Validity 
Rs 4950% Monthly 
Rs 129 55%Three Months 
Rs 39960%Yearly 

Using Official Wynk Website

You can also activate the Airtel CallerTune through the Wynk Official Website but they’ll eventually direct you back to the Wynk App for setting the CallerTune. Here’s how this process takes place.

  • Step 1: Open the Wynk website on any browser of your choice
  • Step 2: Enter your 10-digit Airtel number and enter 4-digit OTP to complete the verification
  • Step 3: Select the song and click on three horizontal dots shown beside that song
  • Step 4: Choose the Set HelloTune option to set Airtel CallerTune
  • Step 5: A pop-up to enter your mobile number will appear. Enter it and tap on the ‘Get the link’ option. You will now receive the CallerTune Link on your number
  • Step 6: Go to Messages and tap on the link which will direct you to the Wynk App
  • Step 7: From the steps listed above in Wynk App follow Step 6 to Step 8 or 9 to enable CallerTune on your Airtel number. Rest all the price details for Premium and free facilities are same

Use Airtel Thanks App

CallerTune can also be set up through the Airtel Thanks App by connecting with Airtel Chat Support. However, you’ll be navigated to the Wynk Music App for the final steps.

  • Step 1: Open and sign into the Airtel Thanks App
  • Step 2: Go to Help > Chat Now > Others > Activate/Deactivate CallerTune > Manage CallerTune
  • Step 3: Scroll to the bottom and tap on Free HelloTune (Set Now) and you’ll be directed to the Wynk App
  • Step 4: Implement Steps 6-8/9 and set your favourite song as your caller tune

Via USSD Code

USSD Codes are the easiest approach to enable or disable any service associated with your number. To activate Airtel CallerTune dial *678# and enter the prompts shown on the screen to start the CallerTune service on your Airtel number.

Set Airtel CallerTune Through SMS

Open Messages and send a text message in this format, i.e., SET <Song Code> to 543211. While sending the message make sure the format, code is correct and there’s a proper space between SET and Song Code.

Use IVR To Activate CallerTune On Airtel

By calling on 543211 you can activate CallerTune on Airtel. This is a toll-free number and there are no charges for this call. Just call this number, precisely follow the IVR prompts, and dial the corresponding number to enable this service. If you want, you can also call 198 can ask Airtel Customer Care about the CallerTune activation process and other details regarding validity, benefits or if there are any charges applicable for activating CallerTune on Airtel through IVR, USSD, or SMS.

By Calling Your Friend

If you heard a CallerTune while calling someone in your contacts and liked it then you can press *9# after calling them again before they pick up the call.

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4 Easy & Simple Ways To Deactivate CallerTune On Airtel

Airtel users can also disable the HelloTune feature if they don’t like it anymore. There are four distinct ways to unsubscribe from this service.

  • Launch Wynk Music > Tap on Manage > Remove CallerTune and it’ll be removed in a few seconds
  • Simply send STOP to 543211 and Airtel will deactivate this service on your number
  • You also have the option to dial *678# (USSD Code), follow the prompts to reach the Manage Your Profile option, and deactivate CallerTune on Airtel
  • Lastly, call 543211808 (toll-free), correctly follow the IVR instructions, and get your CallerTune service deactivated permanently

Considerations For Enabling CallerTune On Your Airtel Number

CallerTune facility is available for all telecom users to raise the entertainment quotient. By setting a CallerTune of your favourite song you add a touch of personalization to it. People will listen to that when they dial you and might ask you if that’s your favourite song. It’s also possible that they even might like the song and start listening to it or enable it as their HelloTune.

Subsequently, by setting a CallerTune you can make yourself stand out of the crowd on special occasions. Like you can set your mother’s favourite song as your CallerTune on her birthday which is a sweet gesture. Similarly, on Holi, Diwali, or other festivities you can set religious songs as HelloTune to go along with the festive feeling. Overall, this feature is just a modern approach to lift the communication.


With so many options available you can anytime activate-deactivate CallerTune on Airtel. However, it’s best to use the Wynk Music App as you also get to access music streaming while using the HelloTune feature. If case, you want more information on HelloTunes and are unable to connect to Airtel customer care through IVR then just walk to the nearest Airtel Store and they’ll guide you.

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