Check Vehicle Details By SMS “VAHAN” 7738299899

Check Vehicle Details By SMS "VAHAN" 7738299899

National Informatics Centre In India has now developed the SMS and Online website based application to know the genuineness of vehicles .

Check Vehicle Details By SMS "VAHAN" 7738299899

Limited Details Can be Checked

  • Chassis
  • Engine Number
  • Place Of Registration
  • Validity of RC
  • DL (Name, Validity, Place of issue)

How TO Get The Registration Certificates (RC) BY SMS

  • SMS “VAHAN” with vehicle Registration Certificates Number to ( 7738299899)

How TO Get The Driving Licence Status BY SMS

  • SMS “SARDL Driving Licence Number ” to (8790499899)
  • Example:  SARDL UP26 12231112635 to (8790499899)

How To Get Status of Web Application Number BY SMS

  • SMS “SARAPPL WebNumber” to (8790499899)
  • Example: SARAPPL 11212 to 8790499899

How To Check Appointment Details Through SMS

  • SMS “SARATHI AppointmentNo” to (8790499899)
  • Example: SARATHI 134242 to 8790499899

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