Methods To Upgrade Airtel SIM From 4G To 5G: Offline & Online

Airtel 4G To 5G

With the launch of its ground-breaking state-of-the-art 5G network, Airtel has established itself as a leader in the rapidly changing field of technological innovation. This cutting-edge technology, which stands for the fifth generation of wireless standards, promises an unmatched blend of exceptional speed, low latency, and a flawlessly smooth network experience. Should you be eagerly awaiting the arrival of the 5G revolution and considering the switch from Airtel 4G to 5G, this extensive guide is specifically designed for you. Explore the world of Airtel 5G with us as we clarify the activation procedure, explain how to connect it to your smartphone without any hassles, and reveal the numerous advantages of adopting this revolutionary network technology. Prepare yourself to welcome Airtel 5G—a new era of speed, connectivity, and digital opportunities.

Methods To Upgrade Airtel SIM From 4G To 5G: Offline & Online

Airtel Telecom Pathway To Build 5G Network

By leading the rollout of its revolutionary 5G network, Airtel has once again demonstrated its dedication to innovation in the quickly developing field of technological prowess. Airtel has a long history of leading the way in introducing innovative technologies like eSIM, and has changed the face of telecoms in India. From the introduction of 1G to the present 4G era, Airtel has been essential in linking millions of people nationwide, with innovative plans for customers such as Airtel BroadBrand Plans, Airtel Xtream or Airtel BlueJeans. With the introduction of Airtel 5G, the massive telecom company is now prepared to completely transform the digital experience for its customers. This fifth-generation wireless standard represents a seamless network environment that is consistent with Airtel’s dedication to offering unparalleled connectivity, in addition to promising exceptional speed and low latency.

Airtel’s vision for a comprehensive 5G rollout plan is evidence of its forward-thinking approach. The company has set an ambitious goal to cover all Indian urban centres by 2023 and expand its services to every district and region by 2024. This thorough guide acts as a beacon for those eager to switch from Airtel’s 4G to the ground-breaking 5G, assisting users with the activation process and enabling a seamless smartphone connection to this cutting-edge network. Users can expect to unlock new dimensions of connectivity, speed, and digital possibilities as Airtel sets out on this technological odyssey, further cementing Airtel’s position as a trailblazer in the telecom industry.

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How Customers Can Check Availability Of Airtel 5G Connectivity?

Launched in October 2022, Airtel 5G, or Airtel 5G Plus, signifies a monumental stride in the telecommunications landscape. The rollout plan, scheduled to encompass all urban centres in India by 2023, anticipates a nationwide expansion by 2024. Beyond delivering accelerated internet speeds, Airtel 5G pledges to revolutionise user experiences with low latency and enhanced capacity. This transformative technology is poised to reshape data consumption and redefine phone services, reflecting Airtel’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological evolution. As Airtel 5G unfolds, it heralds a new era of connectivity, promising a seamless and advanced digital experience for users across the nation.

For Airtel customers who are currently using a 4G SIM, convenience is easy because switching to 5G doesn’t require purchasing a new SIM. The current 4G SIM and Airtel’s 5G network work together flawlessly. However, having a smartphone or tablet that is 5G-enabled is essential to realising the full potential of 5G. Support for Airtel’s assigned 5G bands—n8 (900 MHz), n3 (1800 MHz), n1 (2100 MHz), n78 (3300 MHz), and n258 (26 GHz)—is necessary to ensure compatibility. When utilising Airtel’s fast 5G services, this compatibility requirement guarantees a seamless and optimised experience. Make sure your device is ready for 5G before exploring its possibilities. There are two easy methods to make sure:

  • Examine The Phone Box: Check for any reference to 5G on the label or box. Your phone supports Airtel 5G if it is available.
  • Use Airtel Thanks App: Download the app, register, and go to the ‘check if your phone is 5G enabled’ section. This will confirm the compatibility of your phone.
  • Perform Phone Research: You can also check if your phone is in any of the phones with 5G capability lists across the internet, thus verifying whether your device is set for 5G or not.

An additional thing which comes to mind before you start your conquest to get 5G in your phone is to know whether you will be able to make use of 5G technology in your phone, even if your device is compatible with it. That is because the 5G telecom technology has not been introduced in some regions, so if you are not from that region you will not be able to bask in the super-high speeds of 5G. So you will need to check if you have your region in one of the 26 Indian states and Union territories that Airtel supports – covering more than 40 cities and more to come as we speak. You can check the official site of Airtel

to know and verify this yourself. Now that you know all the prerequisites for converting your SIM from Airtel 4G to 5G, we will tell you how to upgrade from 4G to 5G. Well, there are two ways to do this, and we detail both of them below.

Use These 2 Methods To Upgrade Airtel SIM From 4G To 5G

In case you’re eager to switch from a 4G SIM to a 5G one, Airtel offers online and offline methods to ensure a smooth transition. Fret not, you need not change your SIM to get access to 5G, just switch to a 5G connection from one of either way. The ways to do both are explained below in detail:

Offline Method

  • Step 1: Go to the closest mobile or Airtel store.
  • Step 2: Request an upgrade from 4G to 5G on Airtel.
  • Step 3: A small fee (often up to Rs.50) must be paid.
  • Step 4: Enter ‘SIM’ followed by 20 digit SIM number
  • Step 5: Dial ‘121’ to send this SMS
  • Step 6: Press 1 to confirm the SIM change request.
  • Step 7: Within a day, your Airtel 5G SIM will become active. And thus you will be free to enjoy your 5G SIM connection and make use of its high speeds.

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Online Method

  • Step 1: Go to Airtel’s official website.
  • Step 2: Select “Need a 5G SIM.”
  • Step 3: Input your address and details.
  • Step 4: After choosing your region, submit.
  • Step 5: Obtain a message of confirmation.
  • Step 6: Within 72 hours, your Airtel 5G SIM will be delivered.

Why You Should Switch From Airtel 4G To 5G?

There are numerous advantages to adopting Airtel 5G, all of which combine to provide a user experience never seen before. Here is a succinct summary of the benefits:

  • Fast Internet: With speeds up to thirty times quicker than its predecessor, Airtel 5G allows for lag-free online activities, flawless streaming, and lightning-fast downloads.
  • Broad Coverage: Airtel 5G provides extensive coverage, ensuring users stay connected with high-speed internet wherever they go. It is currently available in more than 40 cities and is expected to expand further.
  • Low Latency: Airtel 5G promises nearly instantaneous responsiveness, which is essential for real-time applications like online gaming and video conferencing, with latency as low as 1 to 50 milliseconds.
  • Seamless Connectivity: The increased bandwidth of Airtel 5G allows for the simultaneous use of more devices, supporting the expanding IoT and smart device ecosystem without sacrificing performance.
  • Improved Video Quality: Ultra-HD and 4K video streaming is made possible by 5G’s large bandwidth, which offers a cinematic visual experience without buffering delays.
  • Revolutionised Gaming: Airtel 5G is a game-changer for the gaming community as it offers gamers faster response times and less latency, which improves the overall gaming experience.
  • Future-Ready Technology: Airtel’s 5G network is a step into the future, laying the groundwork for innovations like augmented reality and smart city solutions that we haven’t even completely explored yet. It’s not just about today, though. Adopting Airtel 5G entails getting ready for upcoming technological advancements.

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Final Words

To sum up, Airtel’s entry into the 5G space represents a critical turning point in the development of Indian telecommunications. In addition to guiding users through the activation process, the thorough guide provided here illuminates Airtel’s distinguished history of technological advancements. The launch of Airtel 5G, also known as Airtel 5G Plus, further demonstrates the company’s dedication to offering unmatched latency, speed, and connectivity. Airtel 5G is altering the way people use phone services and consume data as it reveals its revolutionary potential and ushers in a new era of digital experiences. Adopting Airtel 5G is about being ready for tomorrow’s technological marvels as much as it is about today. Prepare to explore Airtel 5G’s full potential as a portal to a world of increased speed, connectedness, and limitless digital opportunities.

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