Airtel Sim Replacement – New Sim Card With Same Number

Airtel Sim Replacement

SIM is an important component for smartphone users. Whether you’re a Prepaid user or a Postpaid user a valid SIM card serves as a point of communication over different mediums. Airtel, Jio, Vi, and BSNL are some of the leading telecom providers in India who offer SIM cards and affordable recharge plans to use the services. Out of all, Bharti Airtel is a popular one. Now everything seems fine until you have the Airtel SIM (3G/4G/5G) inserted in your phone right? But what if by mistake it got broken while removing it or suddenly your device got stolen in a crowd? You’ll start worrying about it as your SIM card contains personal information that you wouldn’t want to get into the wrong hands. Under such situations, you should immediately block your SIM and then visit the nearest Airtel store to request an Airtel SIM replacement. We’ve winded off the entire procedure for your guidance below.

Airtel Sim Replacement - New Sim Card With Same Number

Request For Airtel SIM Replacement At Airtel Store

There’s no other way rather than visiting the official Airtel store to get a duplicate SIM on your old number. The store executives will assist you throughout and will hand over the new SIM once the verification is completed. Here’s a quick guide on how one can request a replacement SIM.

  • Step 1: Use Google Maps, Airtel Store Locator or ask someone in your neighbourhood about Airtel Store in your area
  • Step 2: Go to an Airtel Store Executive and explain to them your issue on why you want an Airtel SIM replacement
  • Step 3: You now need to fill out a form with your identity details to purchase a duplicate SIM
  • Step 4: Show your Aadhar card and PAN card for identity and address verification along with a passport size photograph
  • Step 5: Pay a minimum amount of Rs 25-100 and wait until the executive provides you with the new SIM
  • Step 6: Activate your new SIM either by visiting the store again or at your home. You can activate your SIM after 4-5 of receiving it from the store

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7 Most Common SIM Card Maintenance Guidelines

  • You should regularly take a complete backup of all the information stored on your SIM card
  • Delete sensitive information if the SIM card is lost or stolen by downloading Android Device Manager (Android) or Find Devices (iOS). Make sure your email is interlinked to these applications as then only you can erase the entire data
  • Never discard your SIM randomly if you have two SIM cards. Continue using both SIM cards and recharge the less used one with a small amount. This way it’ll be active and won’t be deactivated by Airtel. iPhone users can use a different phone and continue using the alternate SIM card
  • Always remove your SIM card safely from the tray and place it on a white paper
  • Use the pin provided along with the handset to open the SIM card holder and not any other sharp subject as it could damage the internal components
  • Clean the SIM tray with a light muslin or cotton cloth. You can also use a cotton swab and wipe out accumulated dust. This should be done every month or alternate weeks but whilst following necessary precautions. Never use wet cloth to clean the tray as water presence leads to damage
  • Avoid using SIM with scratches as it could hinder your call, data, and SMS services. You will face constant difficulty in sending and receiving messages and your number won’t be functional anymore

Three Different Techniques To Clone Your Airtel SIM

Cloning SIM cards is not so popular and users don’t prefer this technique due to the amount of technicality involved in it. You can give it a try yourself or seek help from experts. There are three ways through which a sim card can be cloned. A short description regarding all methods are highlighted below.

  • A variety of tools are available in the market out of which MOBILedit Forensic is the most demanding one. It’s majorly capable of extracting wiped-off data from several applications used from the same number.
  • Woron Software is another name that is used for cloning a SIM card. To facilitate this procedure you need to be well versed with configuration tab knowledge and running KI, ICC, and IMSI search. Collect and keep targeted SIM card, programmable cards of a blank SIM, and SIM firmware writer before initiating this process
  • Lastly, by just using the IMSI code and KI key you can clone a SIM card on your desktop
Note: Though this practice is accessible, we would still request users to purchase a replacement SIM instead of cloning one because it’s quite uncertain if two SIMs with the same number would work or not.

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The foremost necessity of a SIM card is not unknown and losing it is a nightmare for all of us. But thanks to Airtel and all other telecom operators for providing a replacement SIM on the same day of request. In this article, we’ve explained hassle-free way to get Airtel SIM replacement. So if any day you land into such issues you can quickly get a duplicate SIM from their store.

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13 Comments on “Airtel Sim Replacement – New Sim Card With Same Number”

  1. At Satana, Nashik store shop take 200 rs, I am bsnl old custmer port in airtel since last 6 manth, very bad service

    1. Sir with in the period of two months I bought two sim from Airtel Store and they charged 100 rs each time for the same number.
      Each time I asked for money receipt he denied to provide and Just said sir this for sim charges
      I’m from Rampur up city and purchased the sim from civil lines 3 FS Market Airtel stores. Shaukat Ali Road
      Shall I go for complaint to police or so or i get back my money.

      1. Yes, you can raise this issue via the Airtel app.

  2. today one shopkeeper was telling 250 charge for duplicate sim

  3. Which I’d proof required for duplicate Airtel sim ?

  4. Airtel store took sim replacement 150Rs but actual price is 25Rs

  5. I am currently in KSA
    But my SIM card is lost in Saudi
    Can I purchase in KSA same no .
    If have any shop center in KSA

  6. Sir replacement charges 100 but 200
    Shop name kamarshadik Airtel payment Bank

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