Airtel Message Center Number For All States: USSD Code on iOS and Android

Airtel Message Center Number

An SMSC number plays a pivotal role in Message Routing, Delivery, Acknowledgement, Storage, Billing, Filtering, Blocking & Reporting. Each state in India has a unique SMSC number that regularly coordinates with the Home Location Register (HLR), Mobile Switching Centre (MSC) & Visitor Location Register (VLR) to check if the recipient is currently using the SMS services. Your message gets delivered through a 5-message pathway only if the SMS services are running on that number. If by chance your messages get undelivered then your device has an invalid SMSC number. This needs to be re-configured again either by USSD Code or Message Settings. The USSD CODES are different to change the Airtel Message Centre Number on iOS and Android. For your understanding we have described everything step-by-step in this guide.

Airtel Message Center Number For All States: USSD Code on iOS and Android

Updated List Of Airtel Message Centre Numbers

Only 20 states have been allocated SMSC (Short Message Centre Number) to cater message services. You can go through this table and enter the correct Airtel Message Centre Number in your handset for smooth transfer of text messages. There’s also an option to contact these numbers and get your issue resolved instantly. For detailed information about the working hours of these numbers, you can get in touch with customer support over call on 121 or visit their store.

States Airtel SMSC Number 
AP (Andhra Pradesh)+919849087001
Madhya Pradesh+919845086020
Uttar Pradesh+919810051914
West Bengal+919932029007
Himachal Pradesh+919845086020
Jammu and Kashmir+919845086007
Tamil Nadu+919898051914

Use These Methods To Update Airtel Message Centre Number

All the methods listed below are specifically for Airtel users only. However, the message settings may vary depending on the device handset which is pretty minor. Do pay attention that the USSD code is entered correctly as then only you’ll receive accurate results. Go through the steps mentioned below and update your Airtel Message Centre Number seamlessly.

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Through USSD Code (Android Device)

  • Step 1: You need to type *#*#4636#*#* from the dialing pad of your Android device
  • Step 2: Go for Phone Information out of all the four options displayed on the screen
  • Step 3: Search for SMSC at the bottom
  • Step 4: Refresh the existing message centre number and check if it’s right or wrong
  • Step 5: Change the SMSC number if you find the current one inaccurate. You simply need to copy and paste the number from the above table
  • Step 6: Head over to the ‘Update’ option

With Help Of USSD Code (iOS Users)

Open the numeric keypad and dial *#5005*7672*SMSCNUMBER#* to make a call on this number. You need to enter your state SMSC number in place of SMSCNUMBER in the message format. A message “Setting interrogation succeeded, Service Centre Address” will flash on your iPhone. It means that the SMSC number has been changed on your iOS device.

From Message Settings

  • Step 1: Tap on the “Settings” icon displayed above the Notification panel. You can also open it directly from the apps section
  • Step 2: Search for the “Network and Internet” option in the Settings menu
  • Step 3: Click on the “Call” option
  • Step 4: Navigate and search “Advanced Settings” from the visible menu
  • Step 5: Click on Advanced Option to select the SMSC number. Depending on the device handset it might be written as SMSC Number, SMSC Settings, or SMS Centre Number
  • Step 6: Edit the SMSC number if it’s incorrect. You can pick up the message centre number from the table listed above

Simple Troubleshooting Methods To Resolve Message Failure

These solutions will surely act as your saviour if you’re struggling with incoming and outgoing message failure on your Airtel number. If nothing works out then you can deactivate or block your Airtel SIM and then purchase a new one to use SMS services. Remember that, you need to wait for 24 hours for sending and receiving messages on your number.

  • Update To Latest Version Of Google Messages
  • Extract & Insert Airtel SIM Card With Care
  • Cross Verify If You Have Adequate Balance
  • See If You’re Residing In Strong Network Zone
  • Send Messages Within 160 Characters Only
  • Factory Reset Your Android or iOS Device
  • Use +91 Country Code and Right Number For India

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We highly recommend you modify your Airtel Message Centre Number if it’s incorrect. Sometimes, the services will resume within seconds of changing the SMSC number whereas during severe technical glitches, it might take a few hours. All we ask you to have patience and not get frustrated while facing incoming and outgoing message failure on Airtel. Lastly, if messages services don’t function smoothly even after entering the right number then reach out to Airtel Help Desk for the solution.

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