Download Instagram Stories And Highlights {Smartphone, Desktop}

Download stories online from Instagram

Instagram has become an essential app in our daily lives. An app where we regularly update the important snippets of our lives. It’s like a vault for our memories. A place where we post stories of what we are feeling at the moment, of what we are eating at the moment and the list goes on. Some people like to keep their stories and profile aesthetic and some like to keep it vibrant. These stories and highlights of content creators catch our eyes. Sometimes we also download and keep those stories and highlights as a memory.

Download Instagram Stories And Highlights {Smartphone, Desktop}

Though still, most people are not aware that Instagram stories and highlights can be downloaded. Below listed are some of the ways through which an Instagram story can be downloaded.

Links for Apps that can be used for downloading stories from Instagram are :

Steps For Downloading Stories From The Story Saver

1. Enter the name of the user from Instagram into the search button on the website.
2. Click the download button.
3. Select the story or highlight that needs to be downloaded.
4. Click the “ Save As” button and choose the relevant option: PC, Mac, or Phone

Note: The profile from which you want to download the story should be a public account. The downloaded files can then be played on the VLC app on your PC.

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Steps For Downloading Stories And Highlights From Instagram On Desktop

1. Copy the username or the URL of the preferred account on Instagram.
2. Paste it on the search box
3. Click on the download button.
4. All the stories will be visible while scrolling down the profile.
5. Click the download button and the stories will be downloaded on the PC.

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Steps For Downloading Stories And Highlights From Instagram On a Smartphone

1. Open the desired profile on your phone.
2. Copy the username of the profile and paste it into the search box.
3. Click on the download button.
4. The stories will be downloaded and saved.

Note: The downloaded videos and stories will be visible in the downloads section of your PC and the Gallery of your phone. The service is completely legal and the identity of the downloader is hidden and is completely secure.

Steps For Downloading Stories And Highlights From The Instagram Website

1. Open Instagram, Go to the post you want to save and click on the three dots and copy the link.
2. Open the website and paste the link in the input box.
3. Now you can download the desired photo, story, reel by clicking on the icon food downloading.
4. All these websites are flexible, secure, and completely legal. They are also free and fast.

So what are you waiting for? Get downloading. Stories, reels, highlights, and photos. Make your profile aesthetic or vibrant. Make it yours. Enjoy downloading.

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