18 Mind-Blowing WhatsApp Text Tricks To Elevate Your Messaging Game

WhatsApp Text Tricks

WhatsApp needs no introduction, and its importance has transcended everyone. If you could imagine an app that most people use, that is none other than WhatsApp. WhatsApp stands as a beacon of connectivity, revolutionizing how we exchange messages and stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues. With over two billion users worldwide, this instant messaging giant has transcended geographical boundaries, becoming an integral part of our daily lives. While the basic functionality of sending messages is well-known, delving into the world of WhatsApp unveils a host of fascinating text tricks that can transform your conversations into captivating exchanges.

18 Mind-Blowing WhatsApp Text Tricks To Elevate Your Messaging Game

This article aims to be your guide through the realm of WhatsApp text tricks, offering insights into creative formatting, hidden messages, and playful nuances that can elevate your messaging experience. From simple yet effective text formatting techniques to the art of crafting hidden messages and even flipping your words upside down, we’ll uncover the secrets that make your messages stand out. As we embark on this exploration, prepare to unlock the full potential of your WhatsApp chats, discovering tricks that not only showcase your individuality but also add an element of surprise and delight to your interactions. So, fasten your seatbelt as we navigate through the enchanting world of WhatsApp text tricks, where ordinary messages transform into extraordinary expressions.

Simple WhatsApp Tricks You Must Know About

Bold Text

Use asterisks (*) to add emphasis and make your text bold. For example: *This text is bold*. This is particularly useful when you want certain words or phrases to stand out in your message, grabbing the reader’s attention.


Employ underscores (_) to italicize text and convey a sense of emphasis or a different tone. For instance: _This text is in italics_. Italics can be handy when you want to express a thought or idea with a touch of finesse.


Add a strikethrough effect to your text using tildes (~). This can be useful for indicating corrections or changes without completely deleting the original text. Example: ~This text has a strikethrough~. See the image attached below for reference.

Monospace Font

Enclose your text within three backticks “`Hello“` to display it in a monospace font. This is helpful for presenting code snippets or maintaining a consistent character width in your messages.

Changing Text Colors

While WhatsApp doesn’t officially support text color changes, you can use various third party apps to change font colours and then send it to other people on WhatsApp. Few known text colour changing platforms are Chat Styles, Fonts For WhatsApp – Style Text, Stylish Text By Rural Geeks, Fancy Text Symbols and many more.

Schedule Texts

If you’re someone who often forgets to send an important message or reply back to it then you can schedule it easily through the third-party applications. SKEDit is one such application which is used both by Android & iOS users to schedule WhatsApp messages.

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Upside-Down Text

Use online tools to flip your text upside down before pasting it into WhatsApp. This playful trick can add a touch of novelty to your messages, making them more interesting for recipients.

Supersize Emojis

Make a bold statement by sending a single emoji on a line by itself. This causes the emoji to appear larger, drawing attention and adding a playful element to your message.

Animated Emojis

Send animated emojis individually to make them animate in your chat. This dynamic feature brings liveliness to your messages, making your expressions more engaging.

Underline and Bold Combo

Combine underlining and bold formatting for a visually striking effect. Use both underscores and asterisks around your text, for example: _*This text is bold and underlined*_.

Rainbow Text

Add a colorful touch to your messages by using different colored emojis between each letter. This creates a vibrant rainbow effect, like 🌈T🌈e🌈x🌈t🌈. You can do this using the same emoji or different emojis.

WhatsApp Web Font Styles

On WhatsApp Web, you can use three backticks for a monospaced font or three tildes for a strikethrough effect. This allows for additional formatting options when using WhatsApp on your computer.

Multiple Font Styles in Single Message

Mix and match bold, italics, and strikethrough within the same message. This versatility allows you to create visually dynamic and expressive text. You can use the tricks listed above for italics, strikethrough or monospace.

Quoting Text

Maintain context and clarity in group chats by quoting text when replying to a specific message. Long-press a message and select the reply option to include quoted text in your response.

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Special Characters

Enhance the visual appeal of your messages by incorporating special characters like arrows (→←), stars (★), or musical notes (♪). These symbols can add a creative and playful touch to your communication.

Blank Messages

Create visual breaks or emphasize specific points by sending a blank message. Type a single space and press “send” to achieve this effect. This can be useful for structuring your messages or drawing attention to key information.

Word Art

Transform your messages into artistic expressions by using text symbols to create shapes, patterns, or even textual representations of objects. This adds a unique flavor and personalized touch to your communication.

Creative Use of Symbols

Experiment with symbols like slashes (/), pipes (|), and dots (.) to design unique visual patterns within your messages. This creative flourish allows you to express yourself in a more visually engaging manner.

Note: Please note that the effectiveness of the above tips & tricks would depend on the version of WhatsApp you have installed, and updates may introduce new functionalities.

6 Benefits Of Mastering WhatsApp Text Tricks

Mastering text tricks in WhatsApp can elevate your messaging experience and make your conversations more engaging and dynamic. Here are compelling reasons why you should invest time in mastering these tricks quickly.

  • Expressive Communication: Text tricks enable you to express yourself in creative and unique ways. Beyond simple text, you can add emphasis, style, and flair to your messages, making your communication more expressive and memorable.
  • Personalization: By mastering text tricks, you can personalize your messages, showcasing your individuality. This allows you to stand out in group chats and one-on-one conversations, making your messages visually distinct.
  • Visual Appeal: Creative formatting, emojis, and hidden text add a visual appeal to your messages. This not only captures attention but also makes your conversations more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Enhanced Storytelling: Text tricks provide additional tools for storytelling. Whether you’re quoting messages, using hidden text for suspense, or creating visual patterns, these tricks help you craft narratives that captivate your audience.
  • Fun and Playfulness: Mastering text tricks injects an element of fun and playfulness into your conversations. Animated emojis, upside-down text, and supersized emojis create a lighthearted atmosphere, making interactions more enjoyable for everyone involved.
  • Digital Creativity: Text tricks turn your messages into a canvas for digital creativity. From word art to rainbow text, you can explore various artistic expressions, turning your conversations into digital art.

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The world of WhatsApp text tricks is a captivating realm where creativity and communication intertwine. From basic formatting to artistic expressions, these tricks empower users to transcend conventional messaging. WhatsApp has become a platform for communication and a canvas for self-expression. As we unlock the secrets of playful emojis, hidden text, and unique formatting, let each message be a testament to the imaginative possibilities within our digital conversations. Embrace these tricks judiciously, striking a balance between creativity and clarity, and continue to shape the narrative of your digital interactions with a touch of innovation and flair.

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