10 Best WhatsApp Tracker Free & Paid Available In 2024

WhatsApp Tracker Free & Paid

In the age of the interconnected world, our phones have become essential in the way we live and communicate – with social media apps like Facebook (Meta) or Instagram being very popular among the masses. But perhaps the most widely used app among them all is WhatsApp, providing users with a way to effortlessly communicate through end-to-end encrypted text messages, and with a host of other features such as voice messages, video calling, media sharing, business platform etc.

10 Best WhatsApp Tracker Free & Paid Available In 2024

However, in a time of widespread communication and interconnectivity, there also come some concerns, and thus the need for monitoring – such as for worried parents or friends. There are a variety of WhatsApp trackers free and paid available on both iPhones and Android phones, but finding ones that actually work and are useful can be a difficult task. This is why we have curated a list of best WhatsApp trackers, making your choice easy when it comes to monitoring your loved ones for safety.

10 WhatsApp Trackers {Android & iOS}

Let us see the top pics for the best WhatsApp trackers and compare their features in detail. Note that though many do have a price point, they feature return policies to give back your money or free trials.

mSpy – Most Versatile WhatsApp Tracker

This software is the top pick for WhatsApp tracking. It is a multifunctional tool and can track WhatsApp messages, call logs, multimedia files, and GPS locations. With more than 30 monitoring features, such as Web History, Geo-Fencing, and Keylogging, mSpy offers a complete solution, however, it does come at a high price.


  • Call and message recordings can be done.
  • Instant alerts when messages containing user-specific keywords are sent/received.
  • WhatsApp text messages can be easily accessed.
  • There is a convenient and easy-to-read map for location tracking.
  • Also tracks the time of each message sent.


  • Prevents enabling the remote camera
  • Each device tracking requires a separate payment.

Eyezy – Best For Device Tracking

This is a great option for WhatsApp tracking if you are more interested in device tracking and discovery. Additionally, it is also incredibly easy to operate with a simple user interface and features other staples of WhatsApp app tracking as well.


  • Can get real-time location and data of the device.
  • Tracks WhatsApp texts and their media, including group chats.
  • It can operate in stealth mode so the user of the device will not be notified.
  • It tracks the Wi-Fi networks of the device.
  • Can monitor multiple devices at the same time.

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  • Can get very expensive to track multiple devices.
  • Prone to occasional bugs and features not working.

ClevGuard – Exporting Data Made Simple

You can keep track of all of your WhatsApp calls, voice notes, group discussions, media files sent and received, and chats with ClevGuard, just as any other premium WhatsApp tracker. Additionally, you can easily export the chat data, and real-time tracking of call logs and text messages.


  • A limit set is available for children to stop WhatsApp after some time.
  • Can even retrieve deleted messages as long as they are backed up.
  • Contains advanced security features for complete privacy.
  • Has KidGuard feature for monitoring chats, status, media files
  • Available in multiple languages.


  • Can only monitor one device at a time.
  • Each KidGuard service is priced separately.

OverWatch – Front Camera Tracking

OverWatch is a great option for worried parents because of its many monitoring features. You can keep an eye on all WhatsApp activity with this app, including deleted messages, multimedia files, and chat conversations. It guarantees an all-encompassing monitoring experience with its sophisticated location-tracking features and call-recording capabilities and is well versatile in tracking 5 devices altogether with the basic plan.


  • Has camera access to track video calls and phone calls.
  • Instant alerts on messages with defined keywords.
  • Multimedia tracking on WhatsApp with multiple devices supported.
  • Can take screenshots from the device secretly.
  • Informs about suspicious activity
  • Can track devices even when there is no SIM card.


  • Requires installation in the target device.
  • Is a premium subscription.

uMobix – Best For Seeing Deleted Messages

uMobix is a pretty comprehensive WhatsApp tracker with all of the top features, such as social media monitoring, GPS tracking and tracking of all texts, call logs and multimedia in real time, including deleted messages. It is a great tracker for capturing all aspects of WhatsApp chats.


  • Can access deleted contacts from WhatsApp.
  • Easily accessible with a simple UI.
  • Can remotely restrict certain contacts to block messages.
  • Can access control of the device and block certain sites or even the Wi-Fi.
  • Can stream the microphone and camera for real-time monitoring.


  • A bit higher priced than its adversaries.
  • The iOS app has fewer functions compared to the Android app.

FlexiSPY – Top Choice For Advanced Tracking

With the help of FlexiSPY, you can remotely keep tabs on all WhatsApp activity on the targeted device thanks to a number of robust monitoring features. In addition to GPS tracking, the app offers access to calls, chats, and multimedia files. Users can also keep an eye on other popular social media apps on the target device by using FlexiSPY.


  • It sends an alert if your message is being used in any conversation
  • Has stealth mode features so the device user does not know they are being tracked.
  • Has advanced features such as remote camera access and keylogging.
  • Has notification alerts for specific keywords and works on PC, Mac as well
  • Has location alerts up to 10 kilometres.


  • Very pricey compared to other trackers.
  • The advanced features require rooting the phone, which can void it from warranty and is not something everyone wants to do.

PanSpy – Free Android Tracker

If you just want a free tracker without the hassle of free trials and return policies, then PanSpy is a good option for Android phones. It completely tracks device data and clearly conveys all information and has efficient features for spying on the device easily.


  • Is completely free to use.
  • Tracks all WhatsApp messages and multimedia.
  • Can track multiple devices and allows device switching.
  • Operation is very easy and user-friendly.
  • Does not require the device to be rooted to operate.


  • Basic tracker, does not feature complex tracking capabilities of paid software.
  • Only works with Android phones.

iKey Mobile – All In One Phone Tracker

If you have the budget for it, iKey Mobile offers a comprehensive experience in not just WhatsApp tracking but tracking the entire device, with capability to check all social media, photos, videos etc making it the ultimate phone monitoring app for worried parents.


  • Can read WhatsApp chats and multimedia
  • Tracks multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Aside from WhatsApp tracking, it offers tracking of entire phone apps.
  • Has the ability to block certain apps and restrict screen time.
  • Features advanced tracking features like surrounding noise tracking and keystroke tracking.


  • Highly costly.
  • Requires internet connection to track.
  • Free Trial is restrictive in usage.

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Highster Mobile – One Time Purchase For Lifetime Tracking

If you do not like paying for subscriptions, and want an affordable but reliable tracking software, then go no further than Highster Mobile. This software has the entire package, with advanced features and message logs, all for an initial price for a lifetime licence.


  • Is a one-time purchase to use the software forever.
  • Has an online control panel for easy access to device info.
  • Tracks deleted messages through its messages log.
  • Additionally, tracks outgoing and incoming calls and multimedia.
  • Very easy to install and operate.


  • Does not feature some of the advanced features of other trackers.
  • No free trial or return policy.

xMobi – Best Free WhatsApp Tracker

There is no other option to consider when looking for a free WhatsApp tracker if you exclude free trials – xMobi is the very best out there. With robust features and easy control, you can easily keep track of the device discreetly and for free.


  • Very simple to use, it is an online tracker.
  • Completely secure with 100% encryption.
  • Has access to deleted WhatsApp texts.
  • Can access and monitor all call logs, texts and media on WhatsApp.
  • Get details as to when the account has been active for the last 10 minutes.


  • Does not feature advanced features such as recording or screen time restriction.
  • Prone to occasional bugs and errors.

Best WhatsApp Trackers Free & Paid: Comparison Table

NamePriceMoney Return/Free Trial Policy
mSpyRs 969 (USD 11.66) per month14-day Money Return
EyezyRs 827.88 (USD 9.99) per month for yearly plan14-day Money Return
ClevGuardRs 2070.95 (USD 24.99) per month30-day Money Return
OverWatchRs 827.88 (USD 9.99) per month3-Day Free Trial
uMobixRs 1035.06 (US 12.49) per month for the yearly plan14-day Money Return
FlexiSPYRs 2067.40 (USD 24.05) per month7-10 days Refund Window
iKey MobileRs 4156.65 (USD 49.99) per monthFree Version With Limited Capability
Highster MobileRs 5819.64 (USD 69.99) one-time purchaseNo free trial

How Do WhatsApp Trackers Work?

Having explored the top free WhatsApp trackers and chosen one, it’s essential to understand their functioning. These trackers discreetly access the target device, initiating a process that unveils crucial information about its location. To begin,the tracker app is installed on the desired phone (not all trackers require this). Once installed, the app operates covertly, gathering diverse data from WhatsApp, including call logs, messages, media, and other significant details. Advanced trackers offer real-time tracking, providing up-to-the-minute insights into the tracked device’s activities. This seamless process allows users to monitor the target device effectively and stay informed in real-time.

WhatsApp Tracking & Privacy Ethics

Knowing about the WhatsApp free and paid trackers is crucial, but ethical considerations are very necessary. While these tools offer valuable insights, their use must align with privacy and consent. Using trackers without approval, especially in personal contexts, breaches ethical boundaries. Responsible usage entails obtaining consent before installation, fostering openness and transparency. Whether monitoring family or employees, striking a balance between protection and privacy is key for trust in relationships. We strongly advise seeking consent before deploying these trackers to maintain ethical standards in both personal and professional spheres.

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Final Words

In our digitally connected world, WhatsApp plays a vital role in communication, necessitating monitoring solutions for security. Featured trackers like mSpy and xMobi offer flexibility and ease of use, with xMobi being free. OverWatch assures parents peace of mind, while Eyezy provides covert tracking. For amazing features, FlexiSPY is available at an extra cost, while uMobix excels in recovering deleted messages. Choosing the right tracker depends on personal preferences and budget considerations. These evolving trackers adapt to technology, providing diverse options for navigating WhatsApp monitoring complexities. Make informed decisions aligning features with your monitoring priorities, always respecting privacy and seeking consent before tracking.

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