How To Record WhatsApp Call On Android & iOS Devices: Informative Step-By-Step Guide

How To Record WhatsApp Call

WhatsApp – Isn’t this the most used social media tool in the 21st generation? Since the evolution of this versatile social media tool, people have been going gaga about it. From sharing pictures, videos, contacts, and documents to connecting with your loved ones through WhatsApp messages, voice or video call there’s so much this global app offers to people. With the implementation of so many advantageous features, WhatsApp has now become the most used social networking platform worldwide.

How To Record WhatsApp Call On Android & iOS Devices: Informative Step-By-Step Guide

When it comes to calling purposes, WhatsApp has become almost everyone’s favourite. It’s used both for voice & video calls globally. Recording WhatsApp calls wasn’t feasible earlier but now with the evolution of third-party apps & advanced technology, there are numerous ways through which one can learn about how to record a WhatsApp call seamlessly. In brief terms. This article is all about how to record WhatsApp call on iOS & android devices hence if you’re someone who’s struggling with this issue then reading this article would surely benefit you.

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Ultimate Guide: How To Record WhatsApp Voice Calls

The dilemma of recording WhatsApp calls comes was quite confusing in the initial days but now it’s quite simple due to the implementation of third-party applications. Moving further we’ll now explain to you the procedure of recording a WhatsApp voice call in a stepwise manner.

Record On Android

  • Step 1: You have to download the Application Call Recorder: Cube ACR from the Play Store
  • Step 2: Now open WhatsApp once Cube ACR gets downloaded on your android device.
  • Step 3: Dial a call to someone from your recent call logs. You’ll see the Cube Call Widget on the Whatsapp app which means that your current call is being recorded by this third-party application.
  • Step 4: (For Rare Conditions): Follow this app, in case, the Cube Call widget is not displayed on the screen or if there’s any kind of error. Open the Cube Call app & select the option of Force VoIP call in the voice call to avoid errors.
  • Step 5: All your WhatsApp calls will be automatically saved in the internal storage with a specific file name.
Note: The Cube Call Widget is shown both to the sender & the receiver. Whether you’re answering the call or making the call you’ll get to see this icon on the WhatsApp app throughout the entire call duration.

Record On iOS

As a device, iPhone comes along with lots of advantages & versatile features but at the same time it’s quite tricky to record WhatsApp voice calls on this device. It can be done but only if all the guidelines are followed precisely. This method is a boon for you if are an iPhone user & are looking for methods through which you can record WhatsApp calls on your device. For this, all you need is a MacBook that’s it.

  • Step 1:The first step deals with downloading the QuickTime application.
  • Step 2: Proceed further & open the Quick Time application.
  • Step 3:With the help of a lightning cable connect the iPhone to the Mac.
  • Step 4: Choose the “Trust This Computer” option displayed on the iPhone screen
  • Step 5: Select ‘New Audio Recording Option’ from the list of File options.
  • Step 6: You need to now choose iPhone as the option before clicking on tap the record button in QuickTime.
  • Step 7: Make a WhatsApp call from iPhone to your phone & tap on add user icon once the WhatsApp voice call gets connected.
  • Step 8: Now call someone on WhatsApp with whom you wish to record the conversation and start talking with them.
  • Step 9: Your call will now start getting recorded automatically. Once the call gets disconnected move towards the Quick Time & stop the recording procedure.
  • Step 10: Save the recording on your MacBook.

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How To Record WhatsApp Video Calls: Follow These 7 Simple Steps

Record On Android

If you’re an Android user, you have the big advantage of recording WhatsApp video calls along with the audio. There are plenty of third-party applications ( screen recorder) using which one can record WhatsApp video calls very easily. Out of all the most common is the AZ Screen Recorder about which we have described below. Follow the steps mentioned below to record a WhatsApp call on your Android device.

  • Step 1: Download the AZ Screen Recorder app from the App store
  • Step 2: On opening the application you’ll see a pop-up widget displayed on the notification panel.
  • Step 3: Before recording your WhatsApp voice call remember to toggle the ‘Enable Audio Recording’ option.
  • Step 4: Move further and open the WhatsApp app on your device
  • Step 5: Make the WhatsApp video call to the person whom you wish to speak
  • Step 6: Click on the ‘Tap the Record Button’ displayed in the AZ Screen Recorder Widget once the call gets connected
  • Step 7: Upon disconnecting, all you need to do is stop the recording. The WhatsApp video call will be instantly saved on your device. You can also rename these files with any specific name if you wish to in order to avoid confusion.

Record On iOS

For recording video calls on WhatsApp you can use the built-in screen recorder feature which is very convenient and is preferred by most of the iOS users. Follow the steps mentioned below to use this feature and record a WhatsApp video call hassle-free.

  • Step 1: Open Control Centre from the Settings option of your iPhone.
  • Step 2: Click Customise Controls.
  • Step 3: Now add a screen recording option in the active controls list
  • Step 4: You need to open the Control Centre once again and click on the Screen Recording option to initiate the recording procedure on the iPhone.
  • Step 5: Open WhatsApp & make a call to the person with whom you wish to talk and record the conversation
  • Step 6: Once the call gets disconnected, you need to stop the recording and save the video recording file on your device

Note: While recording the WhatsApp video call on iPhone make sure that your microphones are enabled & call volume is set at the highest volume. This results in crystal clear WhatsApp video call recordings & files that are much more transparent.

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In today’s busy schedule, most of us are staying far away from our dear ones & that’s where voice & video calls come into play. From connecting over video calls with your parents to discussing your reunion plans with friends over voice calls, WhatsApp is a powerful bundle for all. With this concept of recording WhatsApp calls tech has done things much easier for everyone. Now you can easily record WhatsApp Calls using these techniques & rewind them on your phone whenever you miss your loved ones. We hope this article has answered all your queries on how to record WhatsApp calls through different methods. Do let us know which method worked out for you & why?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) How to know if my WhatsApp call is being recorded?

Ans: To find out if your WhatsApp call is being recorded or not you have to check whether there are cube call widgets on the WhatsApp app. If it’s getting displayed on the screen then it means that your call is getting recorded. The person on the other side must have downloaded this app. You can ask them not to do so if you don’t find it comfortable.

Q) Are WhatsApp calls 100% safe & secure? Do they violate privacy concerns?

Ans: You can completely rely on WhatsApp calls as they’re secured with end-to-end encryption through strong technical security measures. With this encryption feature, everything is confidential between the sender & receiver whether it’s a picture, video, document, call or any other kind of document.

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