How China Turned Prize-Winning iPhone Hack: China’s Winning Profile

How China Turned Prizewinning iPhone Hack

In China, a group of hackers started discovering hidden weak areas in the latest technologies around the year 2017. iOS devices, MS Windows OS ,Google Chrome browser were the main targets. Although, nobody broke the laws because they were trying to win the hacking competition organized by the Pwn2Own to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

How China Turned Prize-Winning iPhone Hack: China's Winning Profile

The competition gives a huge sum of money to the winners and hands over the software vulnerabilities to the company so that they can fix them. Chinese hackers have always dominated this competition and earned a lump sum of money every time they participate but in 2017, everything stopped when a Chinese elite hacked an iPhone. You might be wondering how china turned prizewinning iPhone hack. Is it even possible to hack such a secured device? Well! Sit and relax because, in the upcoming sections of this, you’ll get the answers to all the questions that are popping up in your mind.

Chinese hackers participated in an annual tournament named Tianfu Cup and hacked the iPhone 13 Pro, which was launched in September by Apple. We are here to explain you about how china turned prizewinning iPhone hack.

Is It Possible To Hack An iPhone

Israeli spyware compromised the safety of iOS devices in the year 2023. Apple security researchers found out that there’s a malware named ‘Pegasus’ that is infecting all iOS devices through a ‘zero-click exploit’ and empowering the spyware of controlling the user’s device.

Is It Possible To Hack An iPhone Camera

There are no chances of hacking a camera of an iPhone. Therefore, you can’t determine which way to proceed. The newest developed software to hack an iPhone has been completely erased, that’s why nobody knows whether the software can be further utilized or not.

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iOS 15 Was Hacked

Out of the 15 targeted products, Chinese hackers could hack only three of them which were Microsoft Exchange servers, Google Chrome browser, iOS 15, and Microsoft Windows 10. Winners were awarded a lump sum of $2.5 million.

iPhone 13 Was Hacked

An international hacking tournament was organized in the year 2017. A team named ‘Team Pangu’ hacked iPhone 13 Pro

and won a huge amount of money as their winning prize for jailbreaking the iPhone 13 Pro services.

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iPhones Can Be Hacked

No, iPhones cannot be hacked. Apple will never compromise the security of its users. You don’t need to worry about your iPhone getting hacked.

Know The History Behind How China Turned Prizewinning iPhone Hack

  • The Tianfu Cup Contest was organized on 16 &17 Oct 2017. Chinese hackers participated in this contest and hacked the iPhone 13 Pro that was released in September.
  • Google researchers tried to find out the commonalities between the prevalent chaos in the world and the attack done by the Chinese hackers. After long research, the identities of the hackers and the victim are revealed along with the Chinese language authorities and uygar Muslims.
  • It’s been 7 years since the suppression campaign started. China has violated human rights in opposition to numerous minority enterprises and uygar.
  • Organized torture, detention camp, pressured contraception, rape, pressured exertions, etc. are a few documented aspects of this campaign.
  • The government of Bejing has claimed that China is working to fight extremism and terrorism but for the other nations, the U.S. has referred to this movement as genocide. Such abuses are the reason for organizing ‘massive-tech campaigns of repression’ that are dependent on the same hacking competitions which are controlling the existence of the uygar’s.
  • China is turning out to be merciless when it comes to hacking the uygars that are very powerful all across the globe. It usually targets journalists, protestors, and the ones who question the honesty of the officials of the Beijing government.
  • After the identification of the attack by Google researchers and proof provided by the media, hackers, and uygar were identified as the main targets of the campaign that can benefit the market from the chaos.
  • Apple wrote a blog for confirming that the attack occurred within a month or so after gixon won the Tianfu Cup and provided Apple with the software vulnerabilities for its maintenance.
  • The U.S. stated that using chaotic exploitation against their opposition i.e. the UIG is wrong. The surveillance of the government was traced to report their activities to Apple.
  • The American Authorities gave a conclusion that China is following a strategy made by ‘Jihu Hongi’. The tournament was just a way to get through it and the Chinese intelligence discovered the exploitation and the uygars identified it.
  • The U.S. collected all the information related to the hacks that were used to hack the uygars and matched it with the hack discovered in the Tianfu Cup. It was found that both hacks had similar characteristics. The company favored the debugging that was more difficult.
  • Tianfu and Kihu 360 didn’t respond to the request. Gioxn Zhao denied all the claims stating that he was involved. Along with this, he also said that he is unaware of the fact of who wrote the codes. He suggested that maybe anti-uygar exploitation could do this.
  • On the contrary, Apple and Google documented how this exploit took place before January 2019. The hacker who wrote the code ‘Chaos’ discovered the fact that it was shared with other hackers.
  • Gioxn writes on abuses and stated that there’s no such proof claiming that he was included in the events that occurred after the Tianfu Cup scandal. That’s the complete history behind how china turned prizewinning iPhone hack.

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The trick to hack an iPhone survived a long journey with scandals and suppression campaigns. But the conclusive answer to the question how china turned prizewinning iPhone hack is the Tianfu Cup tournament that was organized by Pwn2Own on 16 and 17 October 2017.

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