Apple Pay Not Working On iOS 15: Methods to Fix

Apple Pay Not Working On iOS 15: Methods to Fix

You must have used many different apps which would facilitate and make your online payment easy and cashless. If yes then there is one more way to pay your expenses. Apple which is commercially famous for its work has recently launched an Apple pay app that would remove the tension of handling cash, and cards. As it’s a one-way platform for you to fulfill your expenses healthily, you can use it wherever you want without any objection like sending money to your friend, buying an online dress for your mom, etc. It’s a worthy app for all these uses. But nowadays problems are rising with this app in its installation. There are a few smartphones that aren’t able to install the app. Among them, the famous name is iOS 15. No need to worry as in this article we’ll be covering up the methods that will fix the issue of ‘Apple pay not working on iOS 15’.

Apple Pay Not Working On iOS 15: Methods to Fix

Methods To Fix ‘Apple pay not working on iOS 15’

Because of the safest security mechanism and a trend, many people have updated their phones to Apple iOS 15 but now they are facing trouble while starting the app. If you are facing the same issue, then we are here to solve your query. Come let’s fall into the pool of fixes to solve the problem.

Check The Server

Before launching the app, do check whether the server is stable or not because sometimes the issue rises because of server connectivity. Sometimes, it might occur due to numerous ongoing transactions and the site falls.

Restart Your Phone

We have normally found that if something doesn’t work appropriately then we try a simple method of switching on and off the phone. You can try this method with this app and notice the result. If this method doesn’t work, you can try out the other mentioned methods.

Verify Your Card Details

If the Apple pay of a person standing next to you is working properly, then you should try again. Just check your credentials details before making any payment because at times the wrong details can lead to a transaction failure.

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Keep Your Phone Fully Charged

In the case of the iPhone, it has been noticed that low power charging causes problems in fulfilling the payment. So it is always mandatory to charge your phone. If your phone battery percentage is just 10, there is no need to take a risk as your payment will not process in this case.

Reinstall The Apple Pay App

Internet trafficking and storage in your phone can cause problems for the server to handle payment issues. To resolve it, you can Reinstall the app and make suitable storage space in your phone to reinstall the Apple pay app.

Maintain A Proper Lock System

Many of you are aware of the fact that the iPhone has a good password system. Therefore, if you have kept a password in your system, please update it at equal intervals of time to avoid this problem.

Make A New Id

Due to a lack of information, the user can make a mistake while making an Id on the app that further leads to the problem in the future. To avoid this mistake, you can contact someone who knows well about it. If you are still facing any problems, then you can make a new ID on the app.

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Maintaining a proper knowledge of the device will help you to facilitate good work with the app and enjoy the work of the app with ease in seconds. We hope these steps would help you to resolve your problem as soon as possible and you won’t face any issues in the future while using the Apple Pay app.

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