Guide For Apple Watch Series 3 42mm Screen Replacement

Apple Watch Series 3 42mm Screen Replacement

Apple introduced Apple watches as wearable devices in 2015 and since then there has been no turning back for this famous brand. Sale season has also been favourable for the brand as most Apple lovers tend to purchase the device during that era. The Apple watch works on the OS system. This watch can sync with other iOS services and Apple products. Some of the functions include tracking fitness, wireless communication and many more. With each passing year, a new series of Apple Watches have been released with some up-gradation in memory, storage etc & colour changes.

Guide For Apple Watch Series 3 42mm Screen Replacement

>Apple series 3 was released in the year 2017, around four years ago and has not been discontinued yet by Apple Inc. The apple watches of this series run on a 32 bit dual-core CPU and have 768Mb DRAM providing a memory of 8GB(GPS) and 16GB (cellular). The screen size available in this series is 42mm and 38mm. As we all know how delicate touch screens are and so is the case with smartwatches like Apple watches. In this article, we will discuss various solutions which can be implemented for the Apple Watch Series 3 42mm screen replacement seamlessly.

Steps For Screen Replacement

  • Step 1: Remove the charger and switch off your Apple watch.
  • Step 2: To remove the screen use an opener or hair dryer to heat the screen till it’s slightly hot to touch.
  • Step 3: Heat will loosen the adhesive that glues the screen to the watch body.
  • Step 4: Use a sharp blade to remove the screen as the gap between the watch body and screen tends to be very less.
  • Step 5: Move up the screen by inserting the blade from the corner. Don’t insert it from more than the 2mm range.
  • Step 6: Use an opening tool and lift the display to 45 degrees to avoid strain.
  • Step 7: Slowly increase the angle & disconnect the battery.
  • Step 8: With the help of a pair of tweezers, revive the tape covering the display cable connectors.
  • Step 9: Unlock the ZIP connectors one by one starting from the first to the third.
  • Step 10: Disconnect display flex cables, remove the display and replace it with the new one.
  • Step 11: During reassembly make sure you have ZIP flaps open before reinserting the cables.

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Alternative Solutions to Fix Apple Watch 3 (42mm) Screen

Contact Apple Support: Apple has started a screen replacement programme for> Apple watches of series 2 and 3. Under this programme, the cracked screen of your Apple watch will be replaced by the company free of cost under certain terms and conditions.

  • Go to the nearest Apple service centre. Your device eligibility will be checked and it will be submitted for screen replacement. You will get your watch back in around 5 days.
  • Fix the screen that is replaced on your own. This option requires expertise and involves a huge risk. You might end up damaging the other parts of the watch. So it’s better to take it to the authorized service centre for the replacement of the screen.

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Eligible Apple Watch Models Under this Scheme

  • Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS)
  • Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS+ Cellular)38mm and 42mm Space grey, gold, and silver aluminium
  • Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 (GPS)
  • Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 (GPS+ Cellular)

Preliminary Steps to Follow Before Replacing Apple Watch Series 3 42mm Screen

Update your watch OS to >watch OS 5 or more. Delete all the pay accounts of apple pay as this function does not work after screen replacement. You can log in again with all the credentials after the replacement. These steps are for GPS only watches. Although cellular watches are also the same.

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The Series 3 is a very popular series of apple watches. Cracking and breaking the touch screen is one such issue that always happens with smart devices. If you have an apple watch with a broken 42mm screen then you can use these tips to fix it at the earliest. Here we have discussed various solutions to the broken screen of the apple watch. You can get it repaired under the apple screen replacement scheme which we have also discussed in the article.

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