Systematic Approach For Apple Watch Series 5 Teardown

Systematic Approach For Apple Watch Series 5 Teardown

The New Apple Watch Series 5 is in huge demand. Though it is hard to differentiate between the S5 and S4 unless you flip and see the “Series 5” printed on the bottom, people still find them easily. The beginning also remains the same as one needs some heat to soften the adhesive and a precise knife to separate the display.

Systematic Approach For Apple Watch Series 5 Teardown

The significant up-gradation in the Apple Watch Series 5 is creating confusion among the users whether to buy Series 4 or 5. To clear out your thoughts, we will be explaining the teardown of the Apple Watch Series 5 that will highlight the exciting features it offers. But before that, we will be discussing its features for the sake of its users in a detailed manner.

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Astonishing Features Of Apple Watch Series 5

  • The features comprise a sensor that includes Accelerometer, barometer, compass, natural language commands dictation, and Emergency SOS.
  • If you want to use an emergency SOS on your Apple Watch without cellular, keep your phone in a nearby position.
  • If your phone is not in your reach, connect the Apple watch with a known Wi-Fi network and then you can set up the feature Wi-Fi calling.
  • Apple Watch S5 is resistant to water up to a depth of 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010 which means the user can use it in shallow-water activities like in a swimming pool or riverside.
  • Users should not use it for water skiing, scuba diving, or other such activities that involve high-velocity water or submersion below shallow depth due to certain reasons. In this watch, the user needs a wireless service plan to access cellular service.

Systematic Approach For The Apple Watch Series 5 Teardown

Step 1:

  • The LTE i.e. Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide comprises an antenna connector that spots a slight difference from the factor that doesn’t allow the display to work interchangeably.
  • Resistant to water up to 50 meters depth. It has a 64-bit-dual-core S5 System in the Package and comprises ECG and Heart rate sensors.
  • It comes up with ground elevation and compass along with GPS or GPS + LTE.
  • The dimensions and resolution on both the watch i.e. S4 & S5 are the same i.e. 368 X 448 pixels that cover 977 sq mm.

Step 2:

  • To check if it is a new watch, check the model number.
  • The heat and slice action of the Apple Watch Series 5 shows the display.
  • The watch should be clam-shelled and a little tighter too.
  • The Force Touch gasket connector is placed at the corner behind the display cables and is relocated with the last repetition.

Step 3:

  • The battery is glued down due to which firstly you need to extract the battery before disconnecting the power.
  • The energy source labelled this year is ‘A2181’ providing 1.129 Wh i.e. 296 mAh at 3.814 V.
  • There’s just a difference of 1.44% from the earlier battery that was 1.113 Wh. Hence, the user can observe that the enhancement in the battery can’t make us switch to the 18-hour always-on display.

Step 4:

  • While cutting the 40 mm Apple Watch S5, we can observe a new design of the battery that has a capacity boost of 10%. This up-gradation cannot be seen in the 44 mm Apple Watch S4.

Step 5:

  • The careful tweezing of the ‘Taptic Engine’ away from the antenna connector can make a closer comparison.
  • Superficially, we can see similarities in the looks but the connectors are re-engineered. Therefore, there is no sign of compatibility with the previous year’s model.

Step 6:

  • It includes a new compass along with 32 GB onboard storage; many integrated circuits are entombed under resin (a solid layer) that is out of our reach.
  • There are a few chips present above the surface that includes : Skyworks 229-15 465371 1918 MX, at the front module, 16 CJ, API 924 920 and YY NCJ 7NE (Gyro sensors + acceleration).
  • After observing and comparing the display flex cables, the plugin at the mid has 4 pins while the plug at the bottom has 2 pins that do not allow any interchangeability with S4.

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The series 5 is the only apple watch that offers an always-on display which means that the screen will remain on and dimmed even when your wrist isn’t up which is only possible because of the low-temperature polysilicon and oxide display that is absent in S4. The arrival of the compass sensor and a dedicated app will let you see richer mapping features that improve tracking. To look out for the built-in storage in the series, physically you can’t add more apps and music, although S5 is the best deal for better storage. Also, International emergency calling is available for the Apple Watch S5 users with an 18-hour battery life which sounds truly commendable.

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