Electric Vs Petrol Scooters | Quick Comparison For Better Assistance

Comparison Between Electric Scooters Vs Petrol Scooters

There are tremendous advancements in two-wheeler technology within a previous couple of years. The introduction of electrical scooters has given prospective customers an array of two-wheelers to settle on from as the market continues to be dominated by petrol scooters.

Electric Vs Petrol Scooters | Quick Comparison For Better Assistance

Increased fuel costs along with the series of government subsidies prominently focused on the adoption of electric scooters from last year. Only a few electric scooters were seen on the road before this year. Within 24 hours of the booking window opening over 1 lakh bookings are received with the likes of the Ola S1 and S1 Pro.

Quick Comparison For Better Assistance


  • Electric scooters are available at a premium cost compared to the cheaper petrol version and even though being eco-friendly comes at a big cost. Numerous best-rated electric scooters run on expensive lithium-ion batteries.
  • However, the government of India is trying to make the use and adoption of e-scooters and has therefore raised the cap on the incentives to Rs. 15,000 per kWh that’s ready to cover almost 40% of the two-wheeler’s total cost.
  • The consumer’s interests are generally price-conscious, petrol scooters and are best aligned with their interests.
  • The models available within this segment are significantly large at varying price points counting on the capacity of the engine. It is said that an outsized number of consumers are switching to electric scooters due to the recent hike in petrol prices.


  • There are not any fuel costs related to electric scooters.
  • On the other hand, it offers an equivalent mileage as a petrol model at 15% of the value of 1 litre of petrol at the end of the day.
  • Electric scooters are more economical.
  • The government of India is additionally incentivizing entrepreneurs who provide self-charging devices / found out charging stations for EVs, thereby making this particular issue smaller every day.
  • Petrol scooters on average deliver around 50 to 60 km per litre. However, select models that are fuel-efficient are going to be ready to deliver up to 100 km per litre.

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  • An electric scooter is an ideal choice if you want to travel only shorter distances. The limited availability of the charging stations makes your travel risky if you cover longer distances.
  • However, the longer rides are not too far away as the newer electric scooter models are now available with self-charging solutions.
  • Petrol scooters have no such restrictions as electric scooters due to the large availability of the fuel stations. Due to this reason, you will be able to cover longer distances without any problem.


  • An electric scooter maintenance costs are lower as compared to the petrol scooters. Except, charging the battery regularly and cleaning the vehicles at frequent intervals nothing much maintenance is needed.
  • Regular servicing of the petrol scooters is mandatory especially if the parts of the vehicle are worn out.


  • An electric scooter takes at least two hours to get fully charged. It becomes very difficult if you reside in an apartment block as charging stations can be difficult to access. Anyhow, most of the electric scooters have removable batteries which can be charged within the home.
  •  Petrol scooters can be fueled at gas stations at any time and anywhere. This gives an advantage that adds a needed layer of convenience when driving around different places.


  • It has been estimated that you make up for the additional cost of an electric scooter and its predictable shorter shelf life by saving enough in the ongoing costs.
  • The price gap between the electric scooter and petrol scooter is due to the battery costs dropping annually.


  • An electric scooter does not produce much noise as compared to petrol scooters.
  • Significantly the residents would be benefitted from these electric scooters as they used to suffer from excessive noise pollution which often leads to certain kinds of mental disorders.
  • The use of electric scooters can also increase people’s quality of life.

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After reading this article you get a brief idea about the electric scooter and petrol scooter’s price, efficiency and other necessary things. Electric scooters maintain air quality at optimum levels in the cities. But everything depends on you which one you want to buy according to your requirements. Anyhow, make sure that you wear helmets while riding or travelling on motorcycles and follow the traffic rules strictly to make our roads safer for all.

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